Last years names

The names of loved ones remembered last year are shown below.

Click the a letter to take you to the start of the corressponding surnames:-

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Abbey Don Abbey - Missing U, Dad & Grandad
Abley Dorothy Abley - Dot
Abley Robert Abley - Bob
Adams Edie & Fred Adams - Mom & Dad
Adams Glenys Adams
Adams James Adams - Jim
Adams John & May Adams - Loved and Remembered
Adams John Adams
Adams Phillip Richard Adams - Son & Brother
Adams Sidney John Adams - John (Dad)
Adams Sidney John Adams - John (Husband)
Addison Ronnie Addison - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Adjei Awuraama Adjei
Adomako Kwaku Adomako
Ainsworth Beatie & Ted Ainsworth - Mom & Dad
Ainsworth Brian Ainsworth - Brother
Albert Roderick Albert - Joe
Alcock Thomas Alcock - Tommy
Aldridge Val Aldridge - Mom & Nanny
Alexander Audrey & Jack Alexander - Mum & Dad
Alexander Eileen & Sid Alexander - Dear Aunt & Uncle
Alexander Maureen Alexander - Mo
Alford Isabel Alford - Mom & Christine
Alford James Alford - Dad & Jimmy
Allbutt Alfred Allbutt
Allbutt Elsie Allbutt
Allden Derek Allden - Brume
Allen Bernard Allen - Brother
Allen Charles & Lilian Allen - Dad & Mom
Allen David Allen - Dave
Allen Family Allen - Mom, Dad & All
Allen Geoff & Mabel Allen
Allen Graham Allen - Nackernut
Allen Helen & Bill Allen - Mom & Dad, Nan & Grandad
Allen John Allen - Brother & Uncle
Allen Lewis Allen
Allen Olive & Herbert Allen - Mum & Dad
Allen Robert Allen
Allford John Edward Allford
Allford Margaret Allford - Sister
Allinson Arthur Allinson - Thinking of you Grandad
Allinson Geoff Allinson - To Daddy with all our love Xxx
Allistone Dot & Leslie Allistone
Allport Ada Allport - Mom &Nan
Allport Mary & Fred Allport - Mom & Dad, Nan & Grandad
Allworth Stan Allworth
Ambrose Charles George Ambrose
Amias Brian Amias
Anderson Gisela & Bill Anderson
Anderson Kefi Anderson
Anderson Phyllis & Bill Anderson - Forever in our hearts and minds
Anderton John & Elizabeth Anderton - Betty and Jack
Anderton Patricia Anderton - Pat
Andrews Margaret Andrews
Andrews Roy & Margaret Andrews
Andrews Sylvia Andrews - Once a Fairy, now an Angel
Anslow Adrian Anslow - Our Hero
Anslow Carol Ann Anslow - Caz
Anslow Carol Anslow - Caz
Anslow Doreen Anslow
Anslow Ern Anslow
Anslow Gordon Anslow
Anslow Margaret Anslow
Anslow Reg Anslow - Beloved Grandad & Great Grandad
Anson John Anson
Appleby Stan Appleby
Appleby Terri Appleby - Love you Grandma, Always x X x
Apted Philip Apted - Phil
Aramjo Carlos Araujo - Junior
Archer Bernard Archer
Archer Dennis Archer
Archer William Archer - Nink
Arden Joyce Arden
Arkinstall Jude Arkinstall - Mother & Nan
Armitage George William Armitage - Dad & Grandad
Armstrong Ross Armstrong
Arnold Frank Arnold - Sadly Missed By All The Family
Arrowsmith Harold John Arrowsmith - Jack
Arrowsmith Irene & Horace Arrowsmith - Sister & Brother in Law
Arrowsmith James Arrowsmith
Ash Anthony Ash - Tony
Ashby Amy & William Ashby - Amy & Bill
Ashcroft John Ashcroft
Ashcroft Victor Ashcroft
Ashdown May Ashdown - Always remembered.
Ashen Jim & Rene Ashen - Mom & Dad
Ashford Christopher Ashford - Chris - Dad
Ashford Joan Ashford - Missed & Loved Always, xxx
Ashford Sarah Ashford - Sister, Daughter & Mum
Ashley Brothers Ashley
Ashley Doris Ashley
Ashley Edna & Horace Ashley
Ashley Gill Ashley - Beloved Wife & Mom
Ashley Ronald Ashley - Ron
Ashley Sam & Alice Ashley
Ashmead Gordon & Elsie Ashmead
Ashmore Harold Ashmore
Aslam John Aslam
Aslam Mohammed Aslam - David
Astbury Tina Jane Astbury - Daughter
Astley Sylvia Astley - Forever in our Hearts
Aston Alan & Kate Aston
Aston Emily Aston
Aston Ina Aston
Aston Nora & Jack Aston
Aston Pauline Aston
Aston Roy & Joyce Aston
Aston Ted & Gert Aston
Atkin Arthur Atkin - Lou
Atkin Elsie Atkin
Atkins Albert W.R. & Mary W. Atkins - Bert & Wyn
Atkins Charles Atkins
Atkins Edie Atkins
Atkins James Atkins - Jim
Atkins Martha Atkins - Aunt Pat
Atkins Stanley & Mabel Atkins - Stan & May
Atkinson Edward Atkinson - Teddy
Atkinson John Atkinson - Gentleman John
Atkinson John Atkinson - Light of My Life
Atkinson Mark Atkinson
Atkinson Mark Atkinson - Brother
Atkinson Norah Atkinson - Nanny Nor-Nor
Attrill Alec & Elsie Attrill
Attrill Derek Attrill
Austin Bill Austin
Austin Graham Austin
Austin Joan Austin
Austin Lily Austin
Austin Lily Austin - Nanny Lily
Averley Leslie Averley
Avery Harry & Joan Avery-Dad,Mum,Love & Miss You
Avis Carol Avis
Avis Laurie Avis
Ayling Dave Ayling - Dad
Ayling Tyler Ayling - Grandson
Bacon Arthur Harris Bacon - Arthur
Badger Leslie Badger - Joe
Bagnall Heather Bagnall - Friend
Bagshaw Oliver Bagshaw-Son,Grandson, Nephew & Cousins
Bailey Bailey - Mum & Dad
Bailey Agnes Bailey
Bailey Angela Bailey
Bailey Bill & Edie Bailey
Bailey Brenda&Howard Bailey-Always Loved & Remembered
Bailey Caroline Leah Bailey - I Will Always Love Mum
Bailey Caroline Leah Bailey - Miss you, Martin
Bailey Caroline Leah Bailey - Missing you always, Chad
Bailey Christy Amy Bailey - Mom (Chris)
Bailey Cliff Bailey - Much Loved Husband, Dad, G'ndad & G't G'ndad
Bailey Dave Bailey - To Dad love from Kerry
Bailey David Bailey
Bailey David Bailey - Dave
Bailey Ernest Bailey
Bailey Florence Bailey - Flo
Bailey Harold Bailey
Bailey Herbert Bailey - Herb
Bailey Horace Bailey
Bailey Jean Bailey
Bailey Jessica Bailey
Bailey John Bailey
Bailey Nina Bailey
Bailey Peter Bailey - Pete
Bailey Peter Graham Bailey - Dad & Grandad
Bailey Philip Bailey - Phil
Bailey Samuel & Beatrice Bailey - Dad & Mom
Bailey Sarah Ann Bailey - Nancey
Bailey Sean Harvey Bailey - Miss you always Cath x
Bailey Vern & Joan Bailey - Mum & Dad
Bailey William & Merle Bailey
Bailey William Bailey - Bill
Baillie Mary Baillie - Missed & loved by all Merry Christmas Mum x
Baines Irene & Arthur Baines - Mum & Dad
Baines Ken Baines - Brother
Baker Ellen Baker - Wife , Mum & Nan
Baker Glenys Baker
Baldock Trevor Baldock - Trev
Baldwin John & Betty Baldwin-Missed Parents and Grand Parents
Baldwin William John Baldwin
Ball David Ball - Foggy
Ball Laurence (lol) Ball - Loving Husband & Dad Miss you Always Lynn x
Ball Laurence (lol) Ball-Dad/Grandad Love Samantha, Mark, Ryan & James
Ball Muriel & Eric Ball
Ball Norman Ball - Dad
Ball Robert Ball - Son
Ball Thomas Ball - Tom
Ball William Ball - Gordon
Ballantyne Ronald Ballantyne
Balsom Beryl Balsom
Balsom Sidney James David Balsom
Bancroft Amy Bancroft
Bancroft Ronald Bancroft
Banford Ida & Cliff Banford - Mom & Dad
Banks Alice & Bertram (Bob) Banks
Banks Arthur Banks
Banks Beatrice Banks - Beattie
Banks Doreen Banks - Dor
Banks Gertrude Banks
Banks Harry Banks
Banks Kathleen Banks - Katey
Banks Norman Banks
Banks Pauline Banks
Banks Robert Banks-Jim Loving Husband, Dad and Grandad
Banner Charlotte Banner - Nan, We carry you in our hearts
Bannister Isa Bannister
Barber George Barber - Haralda, dearly loved Grandad & Great Grandad
Barber George Barber - Haralda, dearly loved Husband & Father
Barber Jim Barber
Barber Leslie Barber
Barber Ronald Barber - Ron-Dearly Loved Husband
Barlow Amber-Louise Barlow
Barlow Anastasia Barlow
Barlow Bill Barlow
Barnard Alan Barnard - Barny
Barnes Barry Alan Barnes - Tears still flow
Barnes Jane and Reg Barnes - Mum and Dad
Barnes Janet Barnes - Bakewell Tart
Barnes John Barnes - Geoff
Barnes Percy & Ivy Barnes - Dear Parents & Grand Parents
Barnes Richard Barnes
Barnes Ron Barnes - Loving Husband, Father & Grandad
Barnes Rtn David Barnes
Barnett Alan Barnett - Dave
Barnett Brian William Barnett - Barney
Barnett Charles Barnett
Barnett Dennis Barnett - Husband & Father
Barnett Dorothy Barnett - Bella
Barnett Joyce & Bill Barnett
Barnfield Colin Barnfield - Dad/Grandad
Barnfield Colin Barnfield - Husband
Barnsley Noreen Barnsley - Sadly missed
Barraclough Elizabeth Barraclough - Dear friend
Barrett Carole Ann Barrett - Golden Wife, Mom & Nan
Barrett John Barrett-John the Pipe, love Wife & Family
Barrow Peg Barrow
Bartlett Ronald Bartlett-Ron, Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
Bartlett-Smith Della Bartlett-Smith
Bartley John Bartley
Bartley Lilian Bartley - Mrs.B.
Bassett Cyril Bassett - Pod
Batchelor Mary Batchelor
Bates Barbara Bates
Bates Bill Bates
Bates Dennis Bates
Bates Dennis Ronald Bates
Bates Eric Bates - Dad
Bates Ivy Muriel Bates
Bates Kathleen Bates - Kath
Bates Paul Bates - Beloved Husband
Bates Paul Bates - Son-in-Law
Bates Paul Bates - Special Dad
Bates Paul Bates - Special Mate
Batley Charles Batley - Dad, Grandad & Gt.Grandad
Baugh Olive & Fred Baugh - Beloved Gran and Grandad
Baumber James Baumber - Jim
Baxter Christine Baxter - Chris
Bayley Andrew Bayley
Bayley John Bayley
Bayley Lilian Bayley
Bayliss Ivy Bayliss - Mum
Bayliss Margaret Bayliss
Baynham Fred Baynham
Baynham Martin Baynham
Beach Fred Beach
Beach John & Liam Beach
Beach Mary Beach - Sister/Auntie
Beach Simon Beach
Beacham Ben & Mo Beacham - Dad & Mum
Beamson Wendy Beamson
Beard Arthur (Art) Beard - Miss you Dad
Beard Bob & Dilys Beard
Beard Maud & Len Beard - God Bless
Beard Robert Beard - Bob
Beard Suzanne Beard
Beardall Graham Beardall
Beardsmore Brian Robert Beardsmore
Beattie Jock Beattie - Husband & Dad
Bebbington Arthur Bebbington - Dad & Grandad
Bebbington Maggie Bebbington - Mum & Grandmother
Becker Herbert Becker
Beckett Christopher Anthony Beckett - Chris, a Loving son, Brother&Uncle
Becousse Michael Becousse
Beddall Sylvia & Peter Beddall - Much Loved & Missed Parents & G'dparents
Beddoes Archie Beddoes
Beddoes Hilda Irene & Philip Beddoes - Mum & Dad
Beddoes Hilda Irene Beddoes - Darling Mum
Beddoes Janet Beddoes
Beddoes Kyle Beddoes
Beddoes Philip Beddoes - Darling Dad
Beddow Albert Beddow - Dad
Beddow Mary Annie Beddow - Mom
Beddows Denis Beddows - Den, Special Dad, Grandad&Greatgrandad
Beddows Doreen Beddows - Dor, Special Mom, Nan&Greatnan
Beddows Rene Beddows - Mom
Beddows Wilf Beddows - Dad
Beech Harry Beech - Laurence. Loving Husband Dad & Grandad
Beech Tom Beech - Dad
Beesley Elizabeth V. Beesley - Vera
Beeston Don & Mona Beeston
Beeston Sue Beeston - Grandma & Mum
Bell Barbara Christine Bell - Barb, Wife,Mom,Nan
Bell John Bell
Bell Winifred Bell - Still remembered
Bellett Debra Bellett - 2013 Dear Daughter-in-Law (50)
Bellett Debra Bellett - Debbie
Bellett Ian Bellett - 2014 Ian (53) - Dear Son
Bellringer Richard Bellringer
Bench Albert & Joan Bench
Benford Steve Benford - Dear Son
Bengree Anthony Bengree - Tony
Bengree Ronald Bengree
Bengry Jack & Connie Bengry
Bennett Audrey & Frank Bennett
Bennett Betty May Bennett
Bennett C.M.L. Bennett - CML
Bennett Christine Bennett - Chris
Bennett Dolly & Jack Bennett - A Wonderful Mum & Dad
Bennett Edward & Evelyn Bennett - Ted & Eve
Bennett Eric & Barbara Bennett - Dad & Mom
Bennett Eric Bennett - Dearest BB
Bennett George & Norah Bennett - Mom & Dad, Nan & Grandad
Bennett Jane Bennett - Remembered by Laura, Millie. Vic & Bella
Bennett Jane Bennett - Remembered by Nicky, Rob & Family
Bennett Jane Bennett - Remembered by Ron
Bennett Jane Bennett - Remembered by Sally, Trevor & Family
Bennett Jane Bennett - Remembered by Sarah, Glenn & family
Bennett Jane Claire Bennett - Jane The Pain
Bennett Joan Bennett
Bennett Ken Bennett
Bennett Mary Bennett - Mary
Bennett Norman & Lily Bennett
Bennett Sidney Bennett - Sid
Bennett Stephen Bennett - Brother
Bennett Suzanne Bennett - Mum, Grandma, Belle-mere
Bennison John Bennison
Benson Kevin Benson
Bent Gordon Bent - "The General"
Bent Gordon Bent - Dad-Grandad
Bentham Angela Bentham
Bentham Paul Bentham
Bentham Peter Bentham
Benting Brian David Benting
Bentley Suzanne Bentley
Bernardes Jack and Joyce Bernardes - Fondly Remembered
Berry Arthur & Dot Berry - In our thoughts always.
Berryman Charlie Berryman
Bessant Sylvia Bessant - Sylv
Betts Evelyn Betts
Betts Robert Betts - Bob
Bevan Len & Iris Bevan-Brother in Law & Uncle, Sister & Aunty
Bevan Ol Dad Austin Bevan
Bevan Ol Mum Rejean Bevan
Bevin Alan & Olive Bevin
Bevin Gerald George Bevin
Bevin Gerald Jnr. Bevin
Bevin Joseph & Lily Bevin
Beynon George Beynon - George
Bick Lilian Bick - Nee Fox
Bidder George Bidder - Uncle George Bidder
Bidder Millie Bidder - Auntie Millie Bidder
Biddulph Kathleen & Eric Biddulph
Biddulph Winifred & James Biddulph - Mom & Dad
Biggs Arthur & Louie Biggs
Biggs Clark Biggs - Much loved & missed Son & Brother
Biggs Philip Biggs - Phil
Biggs Philip Biggs - Philly
Bigler Frieda Bigler - Auntie & Godmother
Billinge Douglas Billinge
Bingham Kenneth Bingham - Ken
Bingham Wendy & George Bingham - Geordie
Binnersley Norman Binnersley - Loved & Missed forever
Binns Arthur Binns
Binsley Dave Binsley - Much missed Dad & Grandad
Birbeck John Birbeck - Brother
Birch Florence Birch - Florie
Birch Harold Birch - Birchie
Birch Norman & Ivy Birch
Birch Paul Adrian Birch - Birchie
Birch Paul Birch - Birchie
Birch Peter Birch - Missed & Loved Always, xxx
Birch William Birch - Bill
Bird Fred & Vera Bird
Birks Annie Birks
Birks Robert Birks - Rob
Birks Stephen Birks
Birrell Janet Birrell
Bishton Ron Bishton
Blackburn Isaac Blackburn - Uncle
Blackburn Jane Elizabeth Blackburn - Grandma
Blackham Albert Blackham - Ted. Always in our hearts.
Blackham Tony Blackham
Blackhurst Kenneth Blackhurst - Ken
Blagbrough Alex Blagbrough
Blagbrough Rosealeen & George Blagbrough
Blair Gary Blair
Blair Gary Blair - Godfather
Blair Gary Blair - Son
Blair Gary Blair - Uncle
Blair Rita Blair - Grandma
Blair Rita Blair - Mother
Blair Rita Blair - Wife
Blake Ann Blake
Blakemore Alfred Blakemore - Much loved Dad & Grandpa
Blakemore Elizabeth Blakemore - Much loved Mum & Grandma
Blakemore Susannah Blakemore - Nan, Always in my Heart
Blakeway Jack Blakeway-Husband,Father,Gr'dfather & Gt.G'dfather
Bland Edward Bland - Ted
Blasczyk Rebecca Rose Blasczyk
Blinkhorne Joan Blinkhorne - Dear Sister
Bliss Jack Bliss - John - Dad
Bliss Kathleen Bliss - Kath-Mom
Blockley Harry & Patty Blockley
Blockley Sheila Blockley
Blocksidge Alice Blocksidge - Maud
Blocksidge Clifford & Flora Blocksidge
Blocksidge John & Joan Blocksidge
Bloor Keith John Bloor
Blower Denise Blower - Daughter
Blower Graham Blower - Husband
Blundell Peter Blundell - Dad
Board Charles Board - Dad & Grandad
Board Lilian Board - Mum & Nana
Board Ray Board - Brother & Uncle
Boddison David Boddison
Boddison Joyce Boddison
Boddison Marjory Boddison - Beloved wife,Mum & Nan
Boddison William Boddison
Boden Edith Boden - Dear Wife & Mom
Boden Eileen & Bill Boden - Love from their 3 loving daughters
Boden Freda Boden - Much loved Mom & Nan
Boden Henry Boden - Father
Boden Ron Boden - Dad & Grandad
Boden Ronald Boden - Ron - Husband
Boden Wilfred Boden - Much loved Dad & Grandad
Bogdan Kazymyr Bogdan
Bolas Jean & Harry Bolas - Dear Parents
Bolas John Bolas
Bolesworth Josephine Patricia Bolesworth
Bolt Derek Bolt
Bolton Robert Bolton - Bob
Bond Pauline Bond - Liz
Bonell Ann Bonell - Sister
Bookham John Bookham - Grandson
Booth Audrey Booth
Booth Lesley Booth
Booth Thomas Booth - Tom
Booth William & Dora Booth - Bill
Boothman Douglas Boothman - Doug
Booton Bertha & Tom Booton - Dearly Loved Mum & Dad
Borland Jock & Mary Borland - Dad & Mom
Borrett Jack Borrett
Borrett Keith Borrett
Bostock Edith & John Bostock - Kath & Ossy
Bothwell John Bothwell - Husband, Father & Grandfather
Bouckley Arthur & Edith Bouckley
Boughey John Boughey
Boughey William Boughey - Bill
Bould Doris Bould
Bould Joseph Bould
Boulter Rosalie Boulter - Beryl
Boulter Thomas Boulter - Tom
Bourgaize Adolphus Bourgaize
Bourgaize Josephine Bourgaize
Bourne Doris Bourne
Bourne John Bourne
Bowater Adi Bowater - Mucker
Bowen Mick & Nora Bowen - Dad & Mum
Bowen Pete Bowen - With love today and always XX
Bowen William(Bill) & Winifred(Win) Bowen
Bowman Mary Diana Bowman
Bowyer Enid Bowyer - Loving Mom
Bowyer Helen Bowyer - Beloved Niece
Boxall Audrey Boxall
Boyden Eric Boyden
Boyle Frrancis Boyle - Nell
Boyle Jack Boyle
Boynton Arthur & Elsie Boynton
Bradburn Cyril Bradburn
Bradburn Janet Bradburn
Bradburn Jean,Norman&Jane Bradburn - Uncle, Aunty & Cousin
Bradburn Joe Bradburn - Friend
Bradbury Gordon Bradbury - Dad
Bradley Anne Bradley
Bradley Joey Bradley - of Church Stretton - Forever Loved
Bradley John Bradley
Bradley Michael Bradley - Mike
Bradley Owen Bradley
Bradley Roger Bradley
Bradley Sylvia Bradley
Bradshaw Edith Bradshaw
Bradshaw Jenny & Joe Bradshaw - Mom & Dad
Braggins Ben Braggins
Braid Peter & Ellen Braid
Brain Pauline Diana Brain - Still in our thoughts & still in our hearts
Braisdell Simon Braisdell - Beloved Son
Braley Lynda Braley - Daughter
Brant Ron Brant - Dad Grandad & Great Grandad
Brasenell Sid Brasenell - Siddy
Bray Colin Reuben Bray - Dad
Bray Ernest & Brenda Bray - Dad/Grandad-Mum/Nan
Bray Leslie& Diana Bray - Les & Sylvia
Brayne Lol Brayne
Brayne Margaret Brayne
Brayne May & Billy Brayne - Billy
Brayne Pat Brayne
Braziel Mary & Gerald Braziel
Brazier George Brazier - Pop
Brazier Lilian & Ben Brazier - Mother & Father
Brazier Ronald Brazier - Ron, Loving Husband,Dad,G'dad&Gt Grandad
Breakwell Dennis Breakwell
Breakwell Patricia Breakwell - Patty
Breeze George Breeze
Bremmell Leslie & Eileen Bremmell
Brennan Barbara Brennan - Miss you Nanny Baba xx
Briarwood Alfred Briarwood - Eddie
Briarwood Kath Briarwood
Brice Jan Brice - Mom
Brice Mary Ethel & Cyril Brice - Cannock
Brickley Kathleen & Kenneth Brickley
Bridgman Margaret Bridgman - Wrekin Inner Wheel Club
Bridgwater Elsie May Bridgwater
Bridgwater Grace & Mac Bridgwater
Bridgwater Patricia Bridgwater - Sister & Aunty
Brierley Mary & Ernie Brierley - Loved, Greatly Missed Parents & Grandparents
Briggs David Briggs
Briggs Joe & Eve Briggs - Mom & Dad
Briggs Lily & Jack Briggs - Nan & Grandad
Briggs Percy & Marg Briggs - Dad, Mom & Grandparents
Brigham Graham Brigham - Wonderful Husband & Father
Bright Colin Bright - Skip
Bright Phyllis Bright
Bright Roy Bright
Bright Ted Bright - Skip
Brightley Trevor Brightley - Father & Grandfather, Loved by all x
Brinkler Christine Brinkler - Sister
Briscoe George & Florence Briscoe
Briscoe John Briscoe - Brian, Dad
Bristow Barbara Anne Bristow
Bristow Tony Bristow
Britnell William Britnell - Bill
Brittain Margret & Jack Brittain
Brittle Phyllis Brittle
Broad Dorothy Broad - Grandma to Anna & Jason
Brogan Debbie Brogan - Debs
Bromage Edith A Bromage
Bromage Frank J Bromage
Bromley John Bromley - Dennis
Brooke Mick Brooke
Brookes Colleen Brookes
Brookes Harold Brookes
Brookes Hilda Brookes
Brookes Lilian Brookes
Brookes Lilian Brookes - Lily
Brookfield Lilian Brookfield
Brookstein Maureen Brookstein - Beloved Wife,Mum,Nan
Brookstein Violet Brookstein - Beloved Mum & Nanny B.
Broome Benjamin. A. Broome - Ben
Broome Grenville Richard Broome - Dickie
Broome Lillian Mary Broome - Lil
Broome Raymond Broome
Broome Sylvia Broome
Broomhall Barry Broomhall - Baz
Brophy Des Brophy
Brophy Nellie Brophy - The worlds best Nan
Brotherton Robert Brotherton - Bob
Brothwood Ada Brothwood
Brothwood Gordon Brothwood
Brothwood Horace Brothwood
Brothwood Irene Brothwood
Brothwood Reginald Brothwood
Brough Gary Brough - Gaz
Brown Alice & Albert Brown
Brown Christina Brown - Sister
Brown Derek Brown - Grampy
Brown Dotti Brown
Brown Enid Brown
Brown Fergus Brown - Great friend and cousin, sadly missed x
Brown Florence Brown
Brown Garvey Brown - Beloved Son
Brown Geoffrey Brown - Geoff
Brown Gerald Brown - Gerry We always love You
Brown Harry&Berryl Brown - Dad & Mum
Brown Joan Brown - Joan Banks
Brown Keith Brown - Dear Husband
Brown Robert Brown
Brown Roy Brown - Husband
Brown Sid and Wendy Brown
Brown Tom Brown
Brownhill-Dyson William Brownhill-Dyson - Will, Much loved Son
Browning David Browning - Bisto
Broxton Ronald Broxton - simply The Best
Broxton Ronald Broxton - Love & Miss You, Carol, Rose & Wendy
Brueton James Brueton - Dad & Grandad
Bryan Walter Bryan - Treasured Memories
Buchanan Andrew Buchanan - Dad & Grandad
Buchanan Jessie Logan Buchanan - Mum & Gran
Buckley Terry Buckley
Buckley-Golder Mark Buckley-Golder - Husband
Bucknell Arthur Bucknell - Love & miss you loads your loving partner Wendy
Bucknell Fred & Vi Bucknell
Bufton David Bufton - Buffers
Bufton Graham Bufton - Brother
Bufton Graham Bufton - Husband
Bullock Bert Bullock
Bullock Olive Bullock
Bunce Edward Bunce - Ted. Dearest Husband Father & Brother
Bunning Peter Bunning
Burford Dennis Burford - Dear Husband, Dad & Grandad
Burgess Albert Burgess - Brother
Burgess Arthur Burgess - Father
Burgess Helen Burgess
Burgess Hobby Burgess
Burgess Iain Burgess
Burgess Laura Burgess - Mother
Burgess Ronald Burgess - Always remembered
Burgess Sophie Burgess
Burgess Sophie Burgess - Mummy to Oliver & Evie , daughter, sister,
Burley Beryl Burley - Bez
Burn George Burn - Grandad
Burnett Archie Burnett
Burnett Dylis Burnett
Burnett Keeli Burnett
Burns Alan Burns - Bruno
Burns Brian Burns - Gis
Burns Pat & Frank Burns - Together forever
Burns Roy Burns - Husband,Father & Pops
Burrows Donald Burrows - Don
Burrows Jack & Edith Burrows - Loving parents
Burton Edna Burton - Sister
Butler Baby Ryan Liam Butler
Butler John Butler
Butler Liz Butler
Butterly Rosanna Butterly
Butters Susan Butters - Susan
Buttery Douglas Buttery
Buttery Frederick Buttery - Fred
Buttery Reg & Alan Buttery - Husband & Son
Buttery Reg Buttery - Dad
Byrne Joan Byrne - Devoted Wife, Mum & Grandma
Bytheway Marion & Frank Bytheway
Cadman Alfred & Gwendoline Cadman - Fred & Gwen
Cadman Dianne Cadman - Granny Di
Cadman Janet Cadman
Cadman Thomas & Lillian Cadman
Cadwalleder Gill Cadwalleder
Callaghan Alf Callaghan
Callear Louisa Callear - Louie
Callear Slaney Callear
Calvert Antony Calvert - Dad
Cameron Sarah Cameron - Mom and Granny
Campion Brian Campion
Canner Harry Canner - Dear Dad of Sue
Canner Mary Canner - Wonderful Mum of Sue
Cantrell Pauline Cantrell - Mum & Nan
Cantwell Ron Cantwell
Care Thomas(Tom) & Sylvia Care
Carey Catherine Carey - Cath, Nan
Carey John Carey - Grandad
Carey Michael Carey - Mick, Dad
Carline Derek Carline
Carline George Carline
Carline Gordon & Sheila Carline-Dad, Grandad,Mum, Nan
Carline Harold Carline - H
Carline Ian Carline - Brother & Uncle
Carline Mabel Marjorie Carline
Carpenter Sheila Carpenter
Carr Derek Carr - Dad & Grandad
Carr Derek Carr - Husband
Carr Harold Carr - Brother
Carr Kathleen Carr - Mother
Carr Sydney Carr - Syd
Carrington Fred Carrington
Carrington Gerald Carrington - Jess
Carrington Phyllis Carrington
Carrington Sandra Carrington
Carter Albert, Ruby & Simon Carter
Carter Colin Carter
Carter Gordon Carter
Carter Leslie Carter
Carter Lillian & Stan Carter
Carter Michael Carter
Carter Rebe Carter
Carter Roy Carter - Dad
Cartwright Alfred (Fred) & Sarah Ellen (Nellie) Cartwright
Cartwright Alfred Cartwright - Dad & Grandad
Cartwright Andrew Cartwright - Drew
Cartwright Arthur Cartwright - Art, Special Husband, Dad & Grandad
Cartwright Beryl Cartwright - Mum
Cartwright Bob & Sybil Cartwright
Cartwright Caroline Cartwright - Dixie
Cartwright Charles Cartwright - Dad
Cartwright Edna Cartwright - Mum & Nan
Cartwright George Henry Cartwright
Cartwright Gerald Cartwright
Cartwright Gerald Cartwright - Husband
Cartwright Lee Andrew Cartwright-Husband, Dad, Son, Brother & Friend
Cartwright Margery & Bert Cartwright - AHC & Bert
Cartwright Olive Cartwright
Cartwright Pat Cartwright - Dear Friend
Cartwright Paul Cartwright
Cartwright Paul Cartwright - Son
Carvell Alan John Carvell
Carvell Jean Carvell
Carver Charles Carver
Cash Janet Cash - Sister
Cashmore Peter Cashmore - Bouff
Castle James Castle - Jim
Caswell Gary Caswell - Gazzer
Caswell Gordon Caswell - Dad
Caswell John Caswell
Caswell Mary Caswell
Catling Albert Catling - 'Bert'
Catt Sophia Catt
Causer Cliff Causer
Causer Joan Causer
Causer Terry Causer
Cawthorne Marg Cawthorne
Chambers Nigel Chambers - Derek
Chambers Patrick Chambers - Paddy
Chapman Dorothy Chapman
Chapman Dorothy Chapman - Mom, Nan, Great Nan
Chapman Eddie Chapman
Chapman Eddie Chapman - Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad
Chapman Graham Chapman
Chapman Gwen & Bill Chapman - Mom & Dad
Chapman John Chapman
Chapman Kenneth Chapman - Much Loved Dad & Grandad
Chapman Mick Chapman - Twin
Chapman Sarah Chapman - Nan
Chard Frank Chard- Remembered by Sarah, Glenn & family
Charles Leslie Charles
Charles Mary Charles - Sister
Charles Vera & Harry Charles - Mum & Dad
Chatfield Rex Chatfield
Chatter Brian Chatter
Chatter Ellen Chatter - Nellie
Chatter Tom Chatter
Chebsey Eileen Chebsey - Mom & Gran
Checkley Beryl & Flora Checkley - Sisters
Checkley Bill & Alice Checkley - Mom & Dad
Cheesman John Cheesman
Chell Elvie Chell - True lady
Cheshire Bert & Nell Cheshire
Cheshire Gail Cheshire
Cheshire Harold Cheshire - Jim (Dad)
Cheshire John Cheshire - Husband, Brother, Grandad
Cheshire Shaun Cheshire - Son, Brother, Uncle
Cheshire Stephen Cheshire - Son, Brother, Uncle
Chesters George Chesters - Harry
Chesters Jane Chesters
Chesters John Chesters - Jack
Chesters Len Chesters
Chetwood Derrick Chetwood
Chetwood Edith Chetwood - Edie
Chetwood Richard Chetwood
Childs Cecil Childs - Cis
Childs George & Lilian Childs
Childs George Childs - Father, Grandfather & Gt. Grandfather
Childs Gladys Childs
Childs Gladys Patricia Childs - Formerly Duddell
Childs Jack & Brenda Childs
Childs Lilian Childs - Mother, Grandmother & Gt Grandmother
Chinn Lucy Chinn - Flo
Chinn Wally Chinn
Chipp Kenneth Chipp - Ken
Chissell Helen Chissell - A Very Dear Friend
Christie Robert Christie - Dad & Grandad
Christie Susan Christie - Mom & Grannie
Churm Cliff Churm - Sam
Churm Connie Churm
Churm Gavin Thomas John Churm - Gav
Churm Ron Churm
Churm Tim Churm-Loving Husband Dad & Grandad loved always
Clancy Anne Clancy - Special Nana & Loving Friend
Clancy John Clancy - Special Papa
Clarence Chris Clarence - A wonderful son in law
Clarence Chris Clarence - Daddy
Clarence Christopher Clarence - Always Remembered, Lovely Man
Clarence Harris Clarence - Remembered always, Forgotten never
Clark George Clark
Clark Jonathan Clark - Husband
Clark Tony Clark - Dad
Clarke Albert Clarke
Clarke Ann Clarke
Clarke Arthur Clarke
Clarke Avis & Graham Clarke - Friends
Clarke Dave Clarke
Clarke David Clarke - Dave
Clarke Edward Clarke - Ted
Clarke Enid Clarke
Clarke Florrie & Arthur Clarke - Never forgotten
Clarke George & Eileen Clarke
Clarke Iris Clarke
Clarke Iris Mary Clarke - Mom, Nan always in our hearts
Clarke John W J Clarke - Snowy,RememberedWithLove&Pride
Clarke Joyce Clarke
Clarke Muriel & Dennis Clarke
Clarke Rose & Joe Clarke
Clarke Sylvia Clarke - Friend
Clarke Tom & Phyllis Clarke
Clarke Trevor Gordon Clarke
Clay Peter Clay - Pete Paddon
Cleary Peter Cleary - Dad & Grandad
Cleary Theresa Cleary - Mum&Nan
Clements Reginald & Joan Clements
Clemson Amy Clemson
Clemson Frank Clemson
Clewes Jennifer Clewes
Clews Robert Clews - Bob
Clifford Peter Clifford
Clift Ian Clift
Clift Marjorie Clift - Queenie
Clinch Evelyn & Perce Clinch
Clinch Evelyn Clinch - Eve
Cloete Reginald Cloete - Reg
Clowes Iris & Maurice Clowes
Clyne Gladys Clyne - Ciz
Cocking Betty Cocking - Flo-BelovedSister&Aunty
Coldicutt Lyn & Rupert Coldicutt
Cole Charles Victor (Vic) & Gladys Cole
Cole Peter Cole
Cole Rathbone Cole - Norman Henry & Leah
Cole Sheila Cole
Coles Gary Coles - Garf
Coles Robert Coles - Bob
Coles Tracey Coles
Colley Albert Colley
Colley Charles & Joyce Colley
Colley Cyril Colley
Colley David Colley
Colley Lester Colley - Brother & Uncle
Colley Lilian Colley - Lily
Colley Pat Colley - Dear friend
Colley Pat Colley - Wife, Mum, Nan xx
Colley Paul Colley
Colley Raymond Colley - Dad & Grandad
Collingham Alf Collingham
Collingham Violet Collingham - Jinks
Collins Jean Collins - Sister
Collins John Collins - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Collins John Henry Collins - "Harry"
Collins Leighton Collins - Baby L
Collins Maud & Sydney Collins
Collins Maud Collins
Collins Peter James Collins
Collins Robert Collins
Collins Sarah Collins- Mom,Daughter in Law,Sister in Law
Collins Sydney Collins
Collumbell Vicky Collumbell - Vick
Compton Dilys Compton
Connolly Shirley Connolly
Conway John Conway - Jack
Cook Reg Cook - Dad & Grandad
Cook Sophie Cook - Mum & Granma
Cooke Elizabeth Cooke - Liz - Mom
Cooke Flo & Jack Cooke - Mom & Dad
Cooke Gordon Cooke - Brother
Cooke Gordon Cooke - Husband
Cooke Kay-Leigh Cooke - Always in our thoughts. Gran & Grandad Lineton
Cooke Liz Cooke - Sadly missed
Cooke Mary & Tom Cooke - Mam & Popsi
Cooke Peter Cooke - Cookie, Much missed Husband,Dad,G'dad
Cooke Vic Cooke - Sadly missed
Cooke Victor Cooke - Vic. - Dad
Cookson Eric & Olwen Cookson - Dad & Mum
Cookson John Cookson - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad.
Coomber Bert & Ellen Coomber - Dad & Mum
Cooper Brian Cooper
Cooper Diane Cooper - A very dear friend xxx
Cooper Edward Cooper - Teddy
Cooper Frank Cooper - Dad
Cooper Iris Cooper - Mum
Cooper Lilian Mary Cooper
Cooper Neville Cooper - Dear Husband,Dad&Grandad
Cooper Rosemary Ann Cooper - Anny
Cope Ron Cope
Copeland William Copeland - Bill
Coppage Terry Coppage - God Bless
Copperwaite Hubert & Annie Copperwaite
Corbett Barbara & Claude Corbett - Mom & Dad
Corbett Bill & Audrey Corbett
Corbett George & Hilda Corbett - Nan & Grandad
Corbett Harry Corbett
Corbett Jean Corbett - Auntie
Corbett John Corbett - Husband/Dad
Corbett Robert William Corbett - Rob
Corbett Samuel Corbett - Sammy
Corbett Victor Corbett - Vic
Corbishley Gladys & Horace Corbishley - Nan & Gr'dad, Mom & Dad
Corbishley Jane Corbishley - Mom, Nan
Corbishley Reg Corbishley - Dad, Grandad
Cord June Cord
Corley John Corley
Corrall Dennis Corrall
Cosco Angelo Cosco
Cosco Angelo Cosco - Father in Law & Grandad
Cosco Gino Cosco
Cosco Gino Cosco - Dad & Husband
Cottle Reg & Muriel Cottle
Cotton Albert Cotton
Cotton Ethel & Albert Cotton - Telford
Cotton Ethel Cotton
Cotton Evelyn Louisa Cotton
Cotton Josie Cotton
Coulbeck Ken Coulbeck - Missed by all the family xx
Cousins Terry Cousins
Cowling Florence Cowling
Cowling Harry Cowling - Mick
Cox William Cox - Bill - Husband
Crabtree Harry & Frances Crabtree - Reunited
Craig James Craig - Jim
Craig Peter Craig - Much Loved Daddy
Craig Vera Craig
Crampton Albert Crampton - Jim
Crane Cyril & Joyce Crane
Crawford Lawrence Crawford - Joe
Croft Gloria Croft - Sister
Crosbie Jessie & Bill Crosbie
Cross May & Harry Cross - Mum & Dad
Cross Sheila Cross
Crossland Colin Crossland
Croudace Margaret Croudace
Crowhurst Eleanor Crowhurst - Our Dear Grandaughter
Cruise Daisy Cruise - Mother & Nanny
Cruise Emily & John (Jack) Cruise - Dear Parents & Grandparents
Crutchley William Crutchley - Bill
Csernikovics Claudio Csernikovics
Culling Annie - Emma Culling
Cummings Ernest Cummings - Ernie
Cureton Alfie Cureton
Cureton Paul Mathew Cureton
Curle Joan Curle - Digger
Curry Martin Curry - Dad
Curry Michael Curry - Mick
Curtis Annie Curtis - Mom & Nan
Curtis Charlie Curtis - Father-Grandad
Cutting Les Cutting - Father
Cutting Les Cutting - Korky & Big Grandad
Cutting Marjorie Cutting - Gran & Big Gran
Cutting Marjorie Cutting - Mom
Daker Harry Daker - Dad
Daker Phyllis Daker - Mom
Daker Robert Daker
Dale Jeffrey Dale - Jeff
Daniel Graham Daniel - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Daniel Norah Daniel
Darby Joan Darby
Darby Tim Darby
Darlington Maurice Darlington
Darrall Anne Darrall - Matron
Darrall Emily Darrall
Darrall Gordon Darrall
Darrall Lesley Darrall - Les
Darrall Pat & Rick Darrall - Daff & Dicky
Darrall Samuel Darrall
Darricott Fred Darricott - Darry
Darricott Queenie Darricott
Darville Joe & Molly Darville - Mum & Dad
Darville Joseph Darville - Brother
Davenport Anita Davenport
Davenport Bryan Davenport
Davey Eileen Davey - Aunt Eileen
Davey Major Robert Davey - Father and Husband
Davey Paul William Davey - Son & Brother Loving memories
Davies Davies - Alice & Bill
Davies Alfred & Jessamine Davies - Alf & Jess
Davies Alice Davies
Davies Ann Davies
Davies Beryl & Gerald Davies
Davies Bob Davies - Dad
Davies Dan Davies - Danny
Davies Ena & John (J.B) Davies
Davies Ernest & Fanny Davies - Mom & Dad
Davies Florence Davies - Mum & Grandma
Davies Frank Davies - Dad & Grandad
Davies Geoffrey Allan Davies
Davies George Davies
Davies Gill Davies
Davies Gillian Davies - Much loved Sister and Auntie x
Davies Glyn Davies
Davies Gwyn Davies - Brother
Davies Hannah Davies - A gift to the world
Davies Harry Davies
Davies Helen Davies - Mom & Nanna
Davies Herbert Davies - Bert, Husband, Dad & Grandad
Davies Horace Davies - Bob
Davies Ivor & Marion Davies
Davies Jack & Winifred Davies
Davies Jack Davies
Davies Jim & Ann Davies
Davies Jim & Mabel & Son James Davies
Davies Joan Davies - Sister
Davies Julie Davies
Davies Ken Davies
Davies Kenneth W C Davies - Miss you Dad, love you always, Mandie
Davies Leonard & Gwendolin Davies - Len & Gwen
Davies Leonard Davies - Len
Davies Leslie Davies - Taid
Davies Mary & Fred Davies - Dearest Mom & Dad
Davies Mary Davies - Mum
Davies Michael Davies
Davies Myra Davies - Nain
Davies Naomi Davies
Davies Noel & Lillie Davies - Dad & Mum
Davies Norman & Janet Davies
Davies Patrick Davies - Husband & Dad
Davies Peter Davies
Davies Priscilla Davies - Pat
Davies Ray & Gwen Davies - Mum & Dad
Davies Rhys John Davies
Davies Rose & Howard Davies
Davies Ruby Davies
Davies Sarah Davies
Davies Thomas Davies
Davies Tillie Davies - Daughter
Davies Trevor Davies - Randolph, Husband
Davies Vera Davies
Davies William Davies - Bill
Davies Winifred Davies
Davies Winifred Davies - Dear Mother & Grandmother
Davies Yvonne Davies - Cousin
Davis Alan Davis
Davis Carole Davis - Mum & Nan
Davis Gill Davis - Mom, Love from Alison x
Davis Ivy Davis - Mompie
Davis John Davis
Davis Joyce & Ernest Davis
Davis Leslie Davis - Pompie
Davis Marcella Davis
Davis Vera Davis - Mum
Davis Walter John Davis - Jack
Davison William Davison - Billy
Davy Josie Davy
Dawes Brian Dawes-Loved, wife Maureen,Daughters Carol&Julie
Dawes Cliff Dawes - Loved & Remembered Always
Daws Ernest Daws
Dawson Arnold Dawson
Dawson Beattie & Albert Dawson - Auntie & Uncle
Dawson Irene & Eric Dawson - Mum & Dad
Dawson John Dawson - Uncle
Dawson Ralph T. Dawson - Loving Brother, Uncle
Dawson Ralph Trevor Dawson
Dayus Alice Dayus - Mom & Nan
Dayus Bill Dayus - Dad & Grandad
de Freitas Joseph de Freitas - Joe
de Mendonca Franscico(Frank)&Edna(nee Dargan) de Mendoca
Deakin Archie Robert Deakin
Deakin Carolyn Deakin - Daughter
Deakin Charles Deakin - Sonny-Special Dad xx
Deakin Diane Deakin - Di
Deakin Edwin Deakin - Ed, Very Special Friend
Deakin Edwin Deakin - Ed-My Darling Husbandxx
Deakin Eileen Deakin - Special Mum xx
Deakin Gordon Benjamin Deakin - Husband
Deakin Henry Deakin
Deakin Norman Robert Deakin
Deakin Stan L. & Nora Deakin - Nan & grandad
Dearlove Eddie Dearlove - A Stalwart Lancer
Delaney Elsie Delaney - Love and miss you always.
Delves Vera Delves
Delves William Henry Delves - Harry
Dempsey Martin Dempsey
Dennis SRN Irene Dennis SRN
Denton Audrey Denton - Sleep tight
Denton Brian Denton - Reunited
Denton Coulson & Jean Denton
Denton Paul Denton - Little Pooh Bear
Denyer Trevor Denyer - Trev, Son-in-Law
Derrington Chris & Roland Derrington - Dearest Parents
Derry John Derry
Desanders Rita Desanders - Nan & Mum
Devine Jim Devine - Dad & Grandad
Devine Sue Devine - Mom & Nan
Dhanoa Amerjit Singh Dhanoa
Dhanoa Chanan Singh Dhanoa
Dhanoa Tarsem Singh Dhanoa
Dicken Basil Dicken - Bas
Dicken Frances Dicken - Fran
Dickie Lily Dickie - Lillian
Differ Harriet Differ - Mom,Grandmother,Grt.Grandmother
Differ Peter Differ - Dad, Grandad, Grt.Grandad
Dinsdale Jean Dinsdale - Mum & Nan
Diss Flo & George Diss - Dear Parents
Dixey Kevin Dixey - Dear Son & Brother
Dixon Julia Dixon - Always in our thoughts
Dixon Ken Dixon - Grandad
Dobson Ray Dobson - Dear Brother, Dobbo
Dodd Brian Dodd - Dad & Grandad
Dodd Gordon Dodd
Dodd Hazel Dodd
Dodd Ileen Dodd - I
Dodd Lee Dodd
Dodd Mary Dodd - Always in our hearts
Dodd Mary Dodd - Friend
Dodd Roger Dodd - Doddy
Dodd Ruth Dodd - Rupert
Dodd Valerie nee Thomas Dodd - Mom & Nan
Dolphin Lily & Bill Dolphin
Donaldson Ross Donaldson - A Much Loved Son, Brother & Uncle
Donaldson-Wood Jenett Donaldson-Wood
Doodson Kenneth & Nancy Doodson - Your eyes are now stars in the night sky
Doody Gilbert Doody - Gilly - Never Too Old To Dream
Doody Lucy Margaret Doody - Madge
Doody Marie & Tom Doody - Mum & Dad
Dorricott Albert Dorricott
Dorricott Mary Dorricott
Dorricott Minnie & Francis Dorricott - Mum & Dad
Dorsett Ernest Dorsett - Ernie
Doveston Brian Doveston - Brother
Doveston Ern Doveston - Dad & Grandad
Doveston Mary & Ern Doveston - Mom & Dad
Doveston Mary Doveston - Mom, Grandma & Great Grandma
Dowell Michael Dowell - Mick
Dowling Alice Dowling
Dowling Iris & Bob Dowling - In our hearts forever, missed by all
Downing Annie Downing - Dear Mum
Downing Ray & Marion Downing - Grandad & Nan
Downing Ted Downing - Dear Dad
Downton John David Downton
Downton Sean Peter Downton
Downward Norman Downward - Nobby
Drake Sir Francis Drake
Drew John Drew - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Drown Joyce & Billy Drown
Duce Frank Duce
Duckett Daphne Duckett
Duckett Ethel Duckett
Duckworth Eric Duckworth - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad Bradford
Duddell Cecil & Jessie Duddell
Duddell Evelyn Duddell - Mum
Duddell Howard Duddell - Dad
Duddell John Duddell - "our John"
Duddell Muriel Duddell
Duddell William George Joseph Duddell - Died August 1991, ex RAF
Dudfield Cath & Frank Dudfield - Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandad
Dudfield Cath & Frank Dudfield -Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandad
Dudley Ben & Mary Dudley
Dudley Bill Dudley
Dudley Elsie Dudley
Dudley Harold & Bertha Dudley
Dudley Val&Graham Dudley-Never Forgotten, John, Chris, Simon, Mandi & Boys
Dummer Maria Dummer
Duncan Kathleen Duncan - Kay
Duncan Margaret Duncan
Dunn Michael Dunn
Dunn Raymond Dunn - Ray
Dunn Robert Malcolm Dunn - Loving Husband, Dad and Grandad. never forgotten
Dunn Ronald & Lilian Dunn
Dunn Tom Dunn
Dunn William (Bill) & Joyce Dunn
Dunwell Heather Dunwell
Durbridge Donald Durbridge - Don
Durbridge Donald(Don) & Margaret Durbridge
Durbridge Margaret Durbridge
Dury Keith E Dury - "Fish" Forever loved, always in our thoughts
Duthie John Duthie - J.D.
Dyas Derrick & Brenda Dyas-A precious couple, missed every day. Sleep tight
Dyer Ruth Dyer
Dyke Arthur & Mary Dyke
Dyke Doris May Dyke
Dyke Dorthy May Dyke
Eagleton Rosie May Eagleton
Earp Freda & Alan Earp
Easter Dennis Easter - Den
Easton Margaret Easton
Eaton David Eaton
Eaton Elizabeth Eaton - Liz
Eatough Geoff Eatough
Eatough Janet Eatough
Eccleston David James Eccleston - A Dear Husband & Dad
Eccleston Edward Eccleston - Husband Eddy
Eccleston Edward Eccleston - Dad & Grandad
Edden George & Jean Edden-Dad, Grandad & Mum, Gran
Edgar Donald Edgar - Bill
Edgar Mabel Edgar - Anne
Edge Bert & Ethel Edge
Edge John Richard Edge - Remembered with love
Edge Malcolm Albert Edge - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Edgell Mike Edgell
Edgerton Alice Edgerton
Edgerton Barbara Edgerton
Edgerton Frank M.M. Edgerton - Loving Husband Dad & Grandad
Edgerton Gordon Edgerton - Dad & Grandad
Edgerton Gordon Edgerton - Husband
Edgerton Mary & Jack Edgerton - R.S.M. W.W.1
Edmunds Elise Edmunds - Elise Lily
Edmunds William Edmunds - Bill
Edwards Allan Edwards
Edwards Annie Edwards
Edwards Annie Edwards - Thinking of you Mum love Nigel &family
Edwards Barbara Diane Edwards - Mom
Edwards Chris Edwards - Dearly Missed Husband,Dad & Grandad
Edwards David Edwards - Dave
Edwards Douglas & Susan Edwards - Doug & Sue
Edwards Frank & Marie Edwards
Edwards Grace Edwards
Edwards Graham Allen Edwards
Edwards Gwendoline Edwards - Much missed Nan X
Edwards Harry & Phyllis Edwards
Edwards Harry Edwards
Edwards Horace Edwards - "H" Beloved Grandad & G't Grandad
Edwards Jack Edwards
Edwards Joan Edwards
Edwards Joe Edwards
Edwards Johnnie Edwards
Edwards Kath Edwards
Edwards Lola Edwards - Auntie
Edwards Lola Edwards - Mom, Nan
Edwards Lola Edwards - Sister & Aunty
Edwards Lola Edwards - Wife
Edwards Louisa Edwards-Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother
Edwards Margaret Edwards - Marg-Wife Mom & Nan
Edwards Margaret Edwards - Mi
Edwards Marjorie & Albert Edwards
Edwards May Edwards - Mom & Nan, Always in our Hearts
Edwards May Edwards - Mom Loved Always
Edwards Michael Edwards
Edwards Muriel Elizabeth Edwards - Mom & Nan
Edwards Olive Edwards
Edwards Roger Edwards
Edwards Ronald Edwards
Edwards Sybil & Bob Edwards - Loved and missed
Edwards Thomas Edwards - Father, Grandfather & Great Grandfather
Edwards Thomas Edwards - Tom
Edwards Tom & Ann Edwards - Much loved Parents & Gr'dparents
Edwards Wally & Kathleen Edwards
Edwards William Edwards - Bill
Edwards William Henry Edwards - Dad & Grandad
Eggerton Marjorie Eggerton - Mother
Egginton Mary & Joseph Egginton - Mum & Dad
Elcock Bill & Winnie Elcock
Elcocks Debbie Elcocks
Elks Tony Elks
Ellam Barry Ellam - Love always
Ellams Doris Ellams
Ellams Keith Ellams
Ellams Marie Ellams
Ellams Reginald Ellams - Reg
Elliot Joseph Elliot - Joe
Elliott John Elliott - Cherished Dad & Granddad
Ellis Gerald Ellis
Ellis Marie Ellis - Dear Aunt
Ellis Olive Ellis
Ellison Ian Ellison - Wacko
Ellison Roy Ellison - Dad
Elwell Valerie Elwell - Val
Emery Hilda Emery - Mum & Nan
Emonson James David Emonson
Emonson John Emonson
England Freya England
Erskine Valerie Erskine
Evans Agnes Violet Evans - Agnes
Evans Alan Evans
Evans Albert & Marjorie Evans
Evans Alice Maud Evans - Loved and remembered
Evans Barbara Evans - Loving Wife, Mum & Grandma
Evans Betty & Leslie Evans - Mum & Daddy
Evans Bill & Lill Evans - Dad & Mom
Evans CVF Fred&Nora Evans-A Dearly Loved Mum Dad Nan&G'dad Sadly Missed
Evans David Evans
Evans Doris, & Arthur Evans-Mom and Dad, Love from the family
Evans Evelyn Grace Evans - Grace
Evans Florence Evans - Loving Mum & Grandma
Evans George & Marian Evans
Evans George Henry Evans
Evans Graham Evans
Evans Graham Evans - The Little Butcher
Evans Jamie William Evans
Evans Jean Victoria Evans - A treasured friend
Evans Joan & John (Jack) Evans
Evans John Evans - Loving Son in Law
Evans Joshua Evans
Evans Joyce & Dennis Evans
Evans Kathleen Evans
Evans Keith Evans - Husband & Father
Evans Lawrence Evans - Lol; Love you always, from wife Joan
Evans Leanard Mark Evans - Len
Evans Linda Evans
Evans Linda Evans - Dear sister/ Auntie xxxx
Evans Louisa Evans - Mom
Evans Margaret Evans
Evans Nancy & Vernon Evans
Evans Nigel Evans - Nige
Evans Norman & Betty Evans
Evans Norman & Dorothy Evans - Brian & Dot
Evans Paul Evans
Evans Ralph Evans
Evans Ralph Evans - Cherished Memories of Husband, Father & Grandad
Evans Ray Evans
Evans Stanley & Mazie Evans
Evans Sylvia Evans
Evans Thomas Evans - Tom
Evans Tom Evans
Evans Tom Evans - Dad
Evans Vajah Kyah Evans
Evans Verlie & Albert Evans - Together for Eternity
Evans William Joseph & Lilian Evans - Bill & Lily
Everitt Abbie Everitt
Everson Bob & Amy Everson - Mom & Dad
Everton Ron & Mary Everton - Beloved Nan and Grandad
Everton Ted & Mary Everton - Mom & Dad
Everton Winifred Everton - Janet
Ewings Robert Ewings - Bob - Dad
Fallon Paul Fallon - Grandad
Falshaw Audrey & Victor Falshaw
Falshaw Peter Falshaw
Farlow Florence & Alfred Farlow
Farmer Barry Farmer-Son, Still loved & missed so much
Farmer Kieran Farmer - Brother
Farmer Kieran Farmer - Dad
Farmer Kieran Farmer - Great Uncle
Farmer Kieran Farmer - Son, Forever in our Hearts
Farmer Kieran Farmer - Son-in-Law
Farmer Kieran Farmer - Uncle
Farmer Tom Farmer
Farmer Tom Farmer - Rotary Club of Wellington
Farnelly John Farrelly
Farrell Kenneth Farrell - Ken
Faulkner Andrew Faulkner
Faulkner Charles Frederick Faulkner - Fred
Faulkner Edna Annie Faulkner - Aggy
Faulkner William Faulkner - Bill
Fear David Fear - Dave
Fear Mike Fear
Fellows Helen Fellows
Fellows Leslie & Nancy Fellows - Les & Ann, Father & Mother
Fellows Robert Fellows - Bob
Fellows Tony Fellows
Felstead Connie Felstead
Felton Edna & Norman Felton - Mum & Dad
Felton Violet Felton
Fernley George Fernley - Dad
Ferriday Brenda Ferriday
Ferriday Derek Ferriday - Dad
Ferriday Derek Ferriday - Father
Ferriday Derek Ferriday - Husband
Ferriday Edgar & Margaret (Margo) Ferriday
Ferriday Ern & Mary Ferriday-Uncle Ern & Auntie Mary
Ferriday Harold & Dorothy Ferriday
Ferriday Tom & Nancy Ferriday
Ferry May Ferry - Granny
Fidler Jack Fidler - Dad & Grandad
Fidler John Fidler - Jack, Husband, Father & Granddad
Field Frank Field
Field Mary Field - Mom
Field Peter Field
Field Victor Field - Dad
Fieldhouse Reg & Irene Fieldhouse - Beloved Grandad & Grandma
Finch Graham Finch - A Beloved Husband and Father
Findlay Pat Findlay - Mom
Finnigan Alfred Finnigan - Alf
Finnigan James Finnigan - Jim
Finnigan Joseph Finnigan - Joe
Firmstone Christine Firmstone
Fisher Alan Fisher - Grandsons&Granddaughters XX
Fisher Alan Fisher - Love & miss you Kathy
Fisher Alan Fisher - Special Dad, Helen,Vicky & Liz
Fisher Frank Fisher
Fisher Len Fisher
Flatt David Flatt - Flatty
Fletcher Daisy Fletcher
Fletcher Edwin & Lilian Fletcher
Fletcher George Fletcher - (Ex T.D.C.)
Fletcher Gloria Fletcher - Glo, Loving Sister
Fletcher Josie & Bill Fletcher-Mum & Dad, Nan & Grandad
Fletcher Mary Fletcher
Fletcher Sarah Fletcher - Miss You-Mom&NanBilly
Fletcher Stanley Fletcher - Ted
Fletcher Teigan Fletcher - The brightest star forever in our hearts
Fletcher Tony Fletcher - We love and miss you
Flowers Sarah Flowers - Always in our Thoughts
Floyd Cath Floyd
Flude Richard Peter Flude
Follows Roy Follows - Dad
Follows Royston Follows - Beany
Ford David Ford - Dave
Ford Dawn Ford - Grandma & Mum
Ford Dorothy & James Ford - Dot & Jim
Ford Jack & Mabel Ford - Dad & Mom
Ford Jillian Ford
Ford John Ford - Loved Husband, Dad & Grandad
Foreman Claire Foreman - Sadly missed, never forgotten, forever loved
Forgacs Istvan (Steve) Forgacs - Dear Husband of Ann
Forrest Vic Forrest
Forrester Bill Forrester - Beloved Husband of Joy
Forsyth Dave Forsyth
Foskett Colin Foskett
Foskett Jamie Foskett - Jamestar 10months
Foster Colin Foster - Loving Son
Foster Dorothy Foster
Foster John Foster - Best Dad in the World
Foster Kath Foster
Foster Ken Foster
Foulkes Edward Foulkes - Ted
Foulkes Ethel Foulkes
Foulkes Marjorie Foulkes
Fowler Pauline Fowler
Fox Barbara Fox
Fox Geoff Fox
Fox Graham Fox - Foxy
Fox Sylvia Fox - Mom, Nan, Silv
Fox Vera Fox - Always in our thoughts & hearts
Frain Tom Frain - Rotary Club of Wellington
Frances Edna Frances
Francis June & Bill Francis - Mom & Dad
Francis Oswald Francis - Ossy
Francis Sarah Francis
Francis William Francis - Billy
Frane David Frane - Dave
Frane Dennis Frane - Den
Franks Albert Franks - Beloved Husband.miss you Mary
Franks Albert Franks - Dad, Grandad simply the best XX
Franks Jean & Norman Franks
Freeman Hazel Freeman
Freeman John Freeman - Jack
French Albert French - Bert
French Ethel & George French
French Megan French - Meg
Frith Betty Frith
Frost Leslie Frost - Les
Frost Mary Frost
Fry Henry Fry - Harry
Fry Raymond Fry - Ray
Fullard Jean Fullard
Furber Ron Furber
Furness Phil Furness
Furness Thel Furness
Furnival Alan Furnival - Al
Fursey Mary Fursey
Gallier David Gallier - Dave
Gallier Michael Gallier - Husband
Galloway Jim Galloway
Gamble David Gamble-Thinking of you from your loving wife Pat &family
Gammon Daniel Gammon - Special Little Boy
Gampf Julian Gampf - Godfather xxx
Garbett Iris Garbett
Garbett Edward Garbett - Ted
Garbett Harold Garbett - Grandad
Garbett Ida Garbett - Nan
Garbett Jeffery Garbett - Jeff
Gardener Jill (Dee) Gardener - Beloved sister & auntie
Gardner Bob Gardner
Gardner Carol Gardner
Gardner Donald Gardner
Gardner Evelyn Gardner
Gardner Hilda Gardner
Gardner John Gardner
Gardner Robert Gardner - Bob
Garmson Mavis & Jack Garmson
Garner Alan Garner
Garner Luke Garner
Garner Olive Garner
Garside Oliver Garside
Garvey John & Catherine Garvey - Forever in my thoughts. Love Katie
Gaston Christopher Gaston - Chris
Gater Alison Gater
Gater Ann Gater - Everson
Gauntlett Emma Gauntlett - Ema G
Gaut Doris & Jim Gaut
Gaut Jan Gaut
Gaut Neville Gaut-Dad,Love Always GN&GB Love Mirjana & Ian
Gaymer David Gaymer
Gears Ian Gears
Gears Vic Gears
George Jean George
Gernon Gwendolene Gernon - Gwen
Gethin Edith Gethin
Gettings Christine Joan Gettings
Gibbons Albert Gibbons
Giblin Thomas Giblin - Dad
Gibson Anne Gibson
Gibson Ken & Jo Gibson - Beloved Parents, Gr'dparents & Gt-G'dparents
Gilbert Anthony & Beryl Gilbert
Giles Arthur & Gladys Giles
Giles Arthur & Mary Giles
Giles Doris Giles - Mom
Giles Edward Giles - Eddy
Giles Graham & Cynthia Giles - Grandad & Nan
Giles John & Gladys Giles
Gill Emmie Gill - Mother
Gill Lisa Gill
Gill Louisa Gill - Louie
Gill Norman Gill - Brother
Gill Norman Gill - Father
Gillespie Marjorie Gillespie
Gillis Marilyn Gillis - Dear Friend
Gilmer Doreen & Harry Gilmer - Mum, Dad, Grandma & Grandad
Gilson Dennis Gilson
Gilson Robert Gilson - Bob
Gittens Geoffrey Gittens - Grandad
Glaze Leah & Evan Glaze - Mom & Dad
Glaze Steven & Ronald Glaze - Steve & Ron
Glaze Steven Glaze
Gleave Olive & Noel Gleave - Mum & Dad
Gleeson Kathleen Gleeson
Gleeson Thomas Gleeson
Glover Jack & Connie Glover
Glover Richard Glover - Dick
Gobby Walter & Jean Gobby - Sadly missed by all the family x
Godbert Albert Edward Godbert - Dad
Godbert Winifred Margaret Godbert - Mum
Godding Maggie Godding
Godman Charles & Margot Godman
Godman Susan Godman
Goff Ivy Edith Goff
Goff Teresa Goff - Terri
Goffin John Goffin
Golder Kate & Mark Golder - Mom&Dad
Golder Mark John Golder - Brother
Goldring Jeanette Goldring - Wife, Mum & Nanny
Golling Pat & Rob Golling
Gooch Edith Gooch - Mom
Gooch Ernie Gooch - Dad
Goodall John & Lill Goodall - Grandparents
Goode Gladys & Stan Goode - Mom & Dad
Goode John Richard Goode - Jack
Goode Violet Elizabeth Goode
Goodenough Alfreda Goodenough - Toots
Goodwin Norma Goodwin
Gordon William Gordon - Bill,(Beloved Husband)
Gordon-Jones Norma Gordon-Jones
Gorka Gwen Gorka - Mom
Gorman Beryl Gorman
Gosnell Jean Gosnell
Gough Annie Gough - Bod
Gough Bernice, Joe & Robert Gough
Gough Cherry Gough - Sister
Gough George & Flip Gough - Dad & Mum
Gough George & Flip Gough - Grandad & Nan
Gough Granny Gough
Gough Horace John Gough - Johnnie
Gough Jeanette Gough
Gough John Clifford Gough - Cliff
Gough Kenneth Gough - Ken
Gough Leslie Gough - Sadly Missed
Gough Patricia Gough - Pat
Gough Theresa Gough - Beloved Wife,Sister,Mother,Nan&Grandma
Gould David Mark Gould
Gould Gladys & Thomas Gould - Glad & Tom
Gould Harry Gould - Harry Boy
Gould Marjorie Gould - Mom
Goulding Jane Goulding - Jenny
Goulding John Goulding
Goulty John Victor Goulty - Brother
Goulty Olive Agnus Goulty - Mum
Goulty Victor Thomas Goulty - Dad
Grace Doreen Grace
Graham Darrel Graham - Father in Law
Graham Jack & Doreen Graham-Much loved, Mom, Dad, G'dma & G'dad
Graham Lia Graham - Miss You Mum xxx
Graham Olive & Alex (Jock) Graham
Graham Olive & Alex Graham
Grainger Colin Grainger - Dad
Grant Adam Robert Grant - Thinking of you dad love Sarah&family
Grant Stuart Grant - Dad
Grant Stuart Grant - Husband
Grantham George Grantham
Grass Dorothy Grass - Beloved Mom & Nan
Gray Peter Robert Gray - Dad
Greatbatch Thomas George Greatbatch - Tom (Dad)
Greaves Evie Greaves - Remembered by Sarah, Glenn & family
Green Barry Green
Green Douglas Green - Dad, Grandad
Green Eva Green - Eva
Green Gwen, Jim & Trevor Green - Dearest Sister
Green Herbert Green - Bert
Green Jim Green - Jimmy
Green Joan Green - Nannan Green
Green John Green
Green June Green
Green Rose Green
Green Stan Green - Grandpa Green
Green Tim Green
Green Walter & Lily Green
Green William(Bill) & Frances Green-Loved Mum,Dad,Nan,Gran,G'dad
Greenbrook Ralph Greenbrook
Greenfield Isabel & Nancy Greenfield
Greensill John Greensill - Yogie
Greenwood Florence Greenwood - Floss
Greenwood George Greenwood
Gregg Meta & Jim Gregg - Loved Parents & Granparents
Gregory Mary Gregory
Gregory William & Doris Gregory - Bill & Dolly
Gregson Eva-Maria Lilli Gregson
Grey Reg Grey
Grice Albert Edward Grice - Dad
Grice Brian Grice
Grice James Grice - Jim
Grice Michelle Grice - Shell
Grice Sharna Adele Grice - Missed
Griffiths Fredrick Griffiths
Griffiths Gwladys Griffiths
Griffiths Hilda Griffiths
Griffiths James Griffiths - Jim
Griffiths Michael John Griffiths - Much loved Husband & Dad
Griffiths Pete Griffiths - Dad & Grandad
Griffiths Pete Griffiths - Husband
Griffiths Pete Griffiths - Much Loved Husband, Missed So Much
Griffiths Ted & Mary Griffiths - Mum & Dad
Griffiths Thomas Griffiths
Griffiths Winifred & William Griffiths
Griffths David Griffths - Dave
Grimley Margaret Grimley
Grimley Vic Grimley
Grindley Marion Grindley
Gripton Jean Gripton
Groom Ray Groom
Groucott John Groucott-Much loved Husband,Dad,Grandpa & Gt.Grandpa
Groucott Marion Groucott
Growcott Doris Edna Growcott - Dolly
Grubert Paul Grubert
Guest Alice Guest
Guest Herbert Guest
Guest Kenneth (Ken) & Grace Guest
Guest Len Guest
Guise Edna & Alf Guise
Gulliver Jack Gulliver - Sadly missed
Gunby Kathleen Lynn Gunby
Gunby Tanya Gunby
Guy Bertha & Cyril Guy - Sister & Brother-in-Law
Guy Betsy Elizabeth Guy
Guy Derrick & Valerie Guy - Jim & Val
Guy Elsie Guy
Guy Fred Guy - Husband
Guy James Guy - Jim
Guy Kenneth Guy
Guy Norman Hubert Guy
Gwilliam John Gwilliam - Simply the Best Husband, Dad & Uncle
Gwilt Raymond Gwilt - Darkie, Dad
Gwilt Thomas Richard Gwilt - Richard
Gwilt Vera Gwilt - Mum
Gwynfryn William Gwynfryn
Gwynfryn Williams David Gwynfryn Williams
Hach Walter Hach - Always in our hearts
Hackman Christopher Hackman - Chris
Hackman Mabel Hackman - May
Haden June Haden
Hadfield Amy&Harold Hadfield-Nothing can replace our memories
Hadfield Paul Hadfield - Nothing can replace our memories
Hadley Doris Hadley
Hadley Doris Lilian Hadley
Hadley Doris Lillian Hadley - Loving Mum, Grandma
Haigh Arthur Haigh - Dad
Hail Charles Hail - Charlie
Hailey Jayne Hailey - Sadly Missed Daughter
Hale Carolyn Hale - Daughter in Law
Haley Monica Haley - Missing you everyday
Halford Freda Halford
Halford Janice Elizabeth Halford - Jan
Halford John Howard Halford - Pete
Halford Wilf Halford
Hall Charlie Hall
Hall Daisy Hall
Hall David Thomas Hall
Hall Derek Hall - Never forgotten
Hall Doreen Hall - Mum
Hall Fred Hall
Hall George Hall
Hall John Hall - Husband, Father & Grandad
Hall Laura Hall - Loved Always
Hall Len Hall - Never forgotten
Hall Leonard Hall - Dad
Hall Lucy Hall
Hall Margaret Hall
Hall Matthew Hall
Hall Rebecca Hall - Becky, Our Beautiful Girl
Hall Stuart Hall
Hall William Hall - Loving Grandad
Hall William Hall - Bill
Hallewell Edgar Hallewell - Eddie
Hamer Edie Hamer - Mom & Nan
Hamer Ron Hamer
Hamilton Edna Hamilton
Hammond Maurice Hammond - Beloved Father of Steven, Sandra & Shaun
Hammond Maurice Hammond - Beloved Husband of Margaret
Hammond Maurice Hammond - Dearest Grandad of Amy & Luke
Hammond Ron Hammond-miss you more as each year passes
Hammond Susan Hammond - Sue
Hammonds Charles F Hammonds - Loving Dad & Grandad
Hampton Betty & Fred Hampton - Nan & Grandad
Hampton Mick Hampton - The Wellington Mod
Hancock Stanley Hancock - Stan
Hancox Lynda Elizabeth Hancox
Hancox Michael John Hancox
Hand David Hand - Bimbo
Hand Maisie Hand - Joan
Handford YatesLeslie Leslie Handford Yates - Les
Handley Kelly Handley - Nee Jones
Handley Kenneth Handley - Beloved Husband of Bel
Handley Kenneth Handley - Dear Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Hankinson Michael Hankinson
Hankinson Thomas & Nellie Hankinson
Hannah Gwen & Norman Hannah
Hannington Ken Hannington
Hannington Neville Hannington - Nev
Hannington Winston Hannington
Hanscombe Dagmar Hanscombe
Hanscombe Derek Hanscombe
Hanson Larry Hanson - Grandad,Forever in our hearts xx
Hanson Lillian & Harry Hanson - Nan & Grandad
Harbour Jean Harbour - Mum & Sister
Hardeman Nigel Hardeman - Brother, Uncle, Brother-in-Law
Hardeman Nigel Hardeman - Nigs
Hardie Robert Hardie - 'Bob'
Harding Celia Harriet Harding - Mom,Nan & Great Nan
Harding Dennis John Harding - Dad,Grandad & G't Grandad
Harding Eric Harding - Beloved Husband
Harding Irene Harding - Special Friend XXX
Harding John Harding
Harding Monty, our boy Harding - Mummy, Daddy Lee & Jodie X
Harding Nell, Stan & John Harding
Harding Peter Harding
Harding Sam & Vera Harding
Harding William Harding - Bill
Hardman Barbara Hardman
Hardman Keith Hardman
Hardwick Doris Hardwick
Hardwick Luther Hardwick
Hardy Irene Hardy
Hardy Williamena(Ena) & Arthur Hardy
Hargreaves Bill, Gwen & Tom Hargreaves - Parents & Brother
Harley Wendy Harley
Harper Charles Harper - Charlie
Harper Chris Harper - Unk
Harper Doris & Alfred Harper - Brother & Sister in Law
Harper Edith & James Harper - Mom & Dad
Harper Elizabeth Harper - Nan - Never Forgotten
Harper Elizabeth Harper - Nan Always Loved & Missed
Harper Graham Harper
Harper Harry Harper - (Baby)
Harper Laurie Harper - Husband & Dad
Harper Mary Harper - Mom x
Harper Rebecca Harper - Becky
Harper Tess & Mo Mo Harper - Our babies X
Harper Walter Harper
Harper Yvonne Harper - Von X
Harrington Sandra Harrington - Sister
Harris Andrew Harris
Harris Charles Harris
Harris Clarence Harris - Missed always, forgotten never
Harris Danielle Harris - Dani
Harris Dannielle Harris - Dan, Love & Miss You Mom
Harris Dannielle Harris-Love You so Very Much, Grandpa
Harris Enid & John Harris - Mom & Nan, Dad & Grandad
Harris Eva & Jack Harris - Mum & Dad
Harris Family Harris - Of Madeley
Harris Henrietta Harris - Dolly
Harris Ian & Rachel Harris - Much loved Parents & Gr'dparents
Harris Ian & Rachel Harris-Much loved Sister & Brother-in-Law
Harris Jim & Sylvia Harris
Harris Kathleen & Arthur Harris - Mother & Father
Harris Les Harris - Much missed Father-in-law,Dad,Gramps
Harris Les Harris - Pops
Harris Malcolm Harris - Les
Harris Maureen Harris - Mom
Harris Norman Harris
Harris Olive Harris
Harris Patricia Harris
Harris Raymond Kenneth & Sharon Ann Harris
Harris Roy Harris
Harris Sam Harris
Harris William & Mary & Son Albert Harris
Harrison Audrey Harrison
Harrison Barbara Harrison
Harrison Christopher Harrison - Husband, Dad. Gr'dad, Gt Gr'dad, with love
Harrison Jenny Harrison - Auntie
Harrison Muriel Harrison
Harrop Barbara Harrop - Wife & Mother
Harrop David Harrop
Harrop Derek Harrop
Harrop Edward Harrop - Dad
Harsant Frederick Harsant - Fred
Harsant Norah Harsant
Hart John Hart
Hartland William & Flora Hartland - Bill & Flo
Harvey Catherine Harvey - Chat
Harvey Danielle Harvey
Haseley Charles Haseley - Grandad/Great Grandad
Haseley Doug Haseley
Haseley Fred & Iris Haseley - Dad & Mom
Haseley Peter Haseley - brother
Haseley Tom Haseley
Haskew Callum Haskew
Hassell Florrie Hassell - Nan X
Hatch Gerald & Betty Hatch-Dad, Mom, Grandad & Nan
Hatcher Eric Hatcher
Hatfield Betty Hatfield
Hattle Angela Hattle - Ange
Hatton Bill & Edie Hatton - Dad, Grandad & Mum, Nan
Hatton Jack & Hazel Hatton - Nan & Grandad Jack
Hatton Michael Hatton - Mick
Haughey Annie Haughey
Hawkins Charles Hawkins
Hawkins Dennis & May Hawkins - Father, Mum
Hay Malcolm Hay
Hay Mary Hay - Mum
Haycock Basil Howard Haycock
Haycock Kenneth Haycock - Kenny
Haycock Mary Ester Haycock
Haycock Vic & Rene Haycock - Mom & Dad
Hayes Edmund Hayes
Hayes Margaret Hayes
Hayles Clive W Hayles - Dad & Grandad
Hayles Esmie Hayles - Mom
Haylor Haylor - All our beloved Family
Haynes David Haynes - Big Dave
Haynes Nelson Haynes - Dad, G'dad, GtG'dad & Husband
Haynes Roma Haynes
Haytree Robert Haytree - Bob
Hayward Mary & Dave Hayward - Special parents
Hayward Ann & Ted Hayward
Hayward Dave Hayward
Hayward Doug Hayward
Hayward George & Muriel Hayward - Forever in our hearts
Hayward Horace & Gwen Hayward
Hayward Kathleen Hayward - Kath
Hayward Kenneth Hayward - Ken
Hayward Liz & Bill Hayward
Hayward Malcolm John Hayward
Hayward Martin Hayward - TOG
Hayward Muriel & George Hayward
Hayward Muriel Hayward - Little sister
Hayward Noah Hayward - Jonesy
Hayward Norman & Olive Hayward
Hayward Ralph & Jean Hayward - Dad & Mom
Haywood Paul Haywood
Hazell Celia Hazell - Nanny/Gran
Hearing Dog Nevis Hearing Dog Nevis - Nevis my Beautiful Boy
Heath Ernest Heath - Ern
Heath Lucy & Laurie Heath
Heaven Christopher Heaven - Chris
Heaven Dorothy Heaven - Dot
Hector Sidney&Joycelyn Hector-Sid & Joyce, loved&remembered
Hedges Stephen Hedges
Heeley Harry Heeley - Lichfield
Heenan Anne Heenan - Annie
Heenan Wendy Ann Heenan - Ann
Heffer Minnie & Frank Heffer
Heighway Alan Heighway - Always in our thoughts
Heighway Alan Heighway - Father
Heighway Alan Heighway - Grandad
Heighway Alan Heighway - Husband
Heighway Archibald Heighway - Archie
Heighway Dennis & Peggy Heighway
Heighway Derrick Heighway - Dad - Miss You
Heighway Derrick Heighway - Dad Always Loved & Missed
Heighway Derrick Heighway - Grandad - Loved Always
Heighway Derrick Heighway - Loved & remembered forever
Heighway Graham Heighway - Uncle, Always Remembered
Heighway Ken Heighway
Heighway Ken Heighway - A Dearly Loved Brother
Heighway Ken Heighway - Aitch
Heighway Ken Heighway - Uncle Ken & Great Uncle Ken
Heighway Mary Heighway
Heighway Sarah Louise Heighway
Helliwell Michael Helliwell
Helliwell Michael John Helliwell - Beloved Dad
Hems Aileen Hems - Loved Sister
Henderson Ian Henderson-Always in our minds & hearts, Jan & Kids
Henson Beryl Henson - Bel
Henson Ronald Henson - Ron
Herring Edward Cecil Herring - Cec
Hester Jess Hester - Father, Grandfather & Gt. Grandfather
Hickey Kate Anne Hickey
Hickey Thomas Hickey
Hickin Andrew Hickin - Andy
Hickin Andy Hickin
Hickman Ann & Mike Hickman
Hickman Charles, Florence Hickman
Hickman Elizabeth Hickman
Hickman Geoff Hickman - Dad & Grandad
Hickman John Hickman
Hickman Julie Hickman
Hickman June Hickman
Hickman Lillian Hickman
Hickman Thomas Hickman - Tom
Hickman Tom Hickman
Hicks Irene & William Hicks - Beloved Mum & Dad
Hidden Derek Hidden - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Higgins Agnes & Albert Higgins - Mac & Gaffer
Higgins Harold Higgins - "H"
Higgins Harold Higgins - "Hurricane"
Higgins Harold Higgins - Grandad
Higgins Patrick Higgins - Paddy
Higginson Arthur Higginson
Higginson Gordon Higginson - "G.W"
Higginson Hannah & Bert Higginson
Higginson John Higginson
Higginson Lily Higginson
Higginson Martha Ellen Higginson - Nell
Higginson Martha Higginson - "Nan"
Higgs Dorothy Higgs
Higgs Joe Higgs
Higley George Higley - Beloved Dad,G'ndad,G't Grandad
Higley George Higley - Dad
Higley George Higley - Husband
Higley Ron & Hilda Higley - Much loved/missed grandparents, Happy Xmas, D&Mx
Hiles nee Palin Eva Hiles nee Palin
Hill Brian Hill
Hill Edith & John Hill
Hill Emily Hill - Mum
Hill Leonard Jon Hill - Len
Hill Louis Hill
Hill Margaret Hill
Hill Mom & Dad Hill
Hill Nicholas Hill - Always in our thoughts, Love Mum & Dad
Hill Nicholas Hill - Nick, loved & missed, Malcolm & Family
Hill Peggy & Charlie Hill
Hill Peter Hill
Hill Terry Hill - Dad
Hill Tyron Mansell Hill - Ty
Hillsley Thomas Hillsley - Tom
Hilton Jean Hilton
Hindes Edna Hindes - Mom
Hindes Fred Hindes - Dad
Hindley Alf & Mary Hindley
Hindley Dereck Hindley - Dear Friend
Hine Elsie Hine
Hinton Edith Hinton - Nan
Hinton Edward Hinton - Grandad
Hinton Eileen Hinton
Hinton Lorraine Hinton - Mom
Hinwood Helen Hinwood
Hipkiss Benjamin Hipkiss
Hipkiss Elsie Hipkiss
Hipwell Hettie Hipwell
Hipwell William Hipwell - Bill
Hirst Joseph Hirst - Len
Hiscock Joyce Hiscock
Hitchin Heather Jean Hitchin - Jean
Hitchin Sybil Hitchin
Hobbs John Hobbs - Grandad
Hockenhull Rupert & Ivy Hockenhull - Mum & Dad
Hocking Alfred & Lilian Hocking - Alf & Lily
Hodge Josiah & Mary Hodge-Beloved Grandad & Grandma
Hodges Jayne Hodges - Much Loved Sister
Hodgetts Dorothy Hodgetts - Wife,Mother,Nan
Hodgetts Valerie Hodgetts
Hodgkinson Dawn Hodgkinson
Hodgkiss Peter William Hodgkiss
Hodgson Angela Hodgson - Wife, Mother, Nanny, not forgotten
Hodgson Christine Hodgson - Loved Daughter ,Sister, Auntie
Hodgson Eileen Hodgson - My Mum
Hodgson Jack Hodgson - My Dad
Hodgson Nanny & Grandad Hodgson - In my heart&dreams always
Hodson Betty & Bob Hodson - Mom & Dad xxx
Hodson Betty & Frank Hodson
Hoggins Carol Hoggins
Hoggins Doreen Hoggins
Hoggins Robert Hoggins - Gaffer
Holbrook Tomas & Evaline Holbrook - Tom & Eve
Holcroft Nellie & Frank Holcroft
Holden Donald Holden - Don
Holding Graham Holding - Tin-Can
Holding Leslie Holding - Les
Holding Leslie Holding - Sam
Holding Roy Holding
Holding Thomas Holding
Holding Winifred Holding - Molly
Holford Austin Holford - Aust
Holford Austin Holford -Nothing can replace our memories
Holford Charles John Holford - Charlie, Dad
Holland Denis Holland
Holland Jean Holland - Sister
Hollaway Frank Hollaway
Holleyhead Harry & Marjorie Holleyhead
Hollins Monique Hollins - Mags
Hollis Alice Hollis - Mom
Hollis Alice & Don Hollis - Mom & Dad-Love Always
Hollis Don & Alice Hollis-Love Always, Mandi, Simon, Joel & Drew
Hollis Don Hollis - Dad
Hollis Jane Hollis - A Special Friend
Hollis Jane Hollis - My Darling Wife
Hollis Jane Hollis - sister-in-law, always missed
Hollis Jane Hollis-Miss you Mom, Love Mandi, Simon, Joel & Drew
Hollis Stanley Hollis - Stan
Holloway Caitlyn Holloway
Holloway Edgar & Marjorie Holloway
Holloway Eileen Holloway - Sister
Holloway Ethel & Alfred Holloway
Holloway Gloria & Alan Holloway - Mum & Dad, Nan & Grandad
Holloway Heather & John Holloway
Holloway Heather Holloway
Holloway Sophie Holloway
Holloway Powell Matthew James Holloway Powell - Son, Brother, Grandson, Nephew
Hollyhead Glen Hollyhead
Holm Jennie Holm - Sister
Holmes Derrick Holmes
Holmes John Holmes - Jack
Holmes Vic & Hazel Holmes
Holroyd Iris &Bill Holroyd-Mom & Dad, in my thoughts every day
Holt Grace & John Holt - Always Remembered
Holt Grace & John Holt - Loving Parents & Grandparents
Holt Grace and John Holt - Mom and Dad
Holt Rodney Holt - Rod Rodders
Holtom Bernard Holtom - Dad
Holtom Evelyn Holtom - Mother
Holtom Peter Holtom - Brother
Holyhead Bob Holyhead
Holyoake Frank & Ruth Holyoake - In our thoughts always.
Honey Chris Honey
Honeychurch Laura Honeychurch
Hoof Betty Hoof - Mom & Nan
Hoof Bill Hoof - Dad
Hoof Bill Hoof - Grandad
Hoof Bill Hoof - Husband
Hoof Cedric & Margaret Hoof
Hoof Cyril Hoof - Dad & Grandad
Hoof Ellen & Elijah Hoof
Hoof John Hoof
Hoofe Margaret Hoofe - Little Marg
Hoofe Tom Hoofe
Hoofe Trev Hoofe - Toot
Hoofe Trevor Hoofe
Hope Gwen Hope
Hope May Hope - Missed & Loved Gran
Hope Nancy & Sam Hope
Hope Ronald Hope - Ron
Hopkins Judith Hopkins - Mum, Nan & Wife
Hopkinson Jack Hopkinson
Hopkinson Philip Hopkinson - Phil
Horne Ian Horne
Horochiwskyj Mary Horochiwskyj
Horochiwskyj Michael Horochiwskyj
Horton-Darby (Mum & Nan) Rita Horton-Darby (Mum & Nan) - Loved&Missed, Jacqueline&Toni
Hotchkiss George Hotchkiss
Houlston Don Houlston
Houlston Elsie & Norman Houlston
Houlston Florence Houlston - Mum & Nan
Houlston Harold Houlston - Dad & Grandad
Hounsell Bill Hounsell - Dad & Grandad
Hounsell Mary Hounsell - Mom & Nanny Mary
Hounsell - Howell Chloe Hounsell - Howell - Daughter & Sister
Howard Alison Howard - Loved Wife, Mom and Gramma
Howard Bill & June Howard-Nan & Grandad,Forever in our hearts
Howard James Howard - Jim
Howard John Howard - Brother
Howard Len and May Howard - Mom & Dad
Howard Maud Howard - Molly
Howard Robert Howard - Bob
Howard Toby Howard - Grandson
Howdle Agnes Howdle
Howdle RAF Dennis Howdle RAF
Howells Audrey Howells - Mum & Nan
Howells Bert Howells - Dad & Grandad
Howells Eddie Howells
Howells Edward Howells - Ted
Howells Geoffrey Howells
Howells Graham Howells - Always remembered.
Howells John Howells - Dear Husband
Howells Minnie Howells
Howells Nancy Howells - Nan
Howes Kathleen Howes - Daughter
Howes Laurence Howes - Husband, Dear Dad & Grandad
Hubble Phyllis Hubble - Mother
Huda Wasyl Huda - Harry
Hughes Alan David Hughes - Much Loved Dad & Grandpa
Hughes Arthur Hughes - Grandad Hughes
Hughes Arthur, Sue & Ivor Hughes
Hughes Barrie Hughes - Will Never Be Forgotten
Hughes David & Winifred Hughes
Hughes Derek Hughes
Hughes Douglas Edward Hughes - Eddie
Hughes Elsie M. Hughes
Hughes Emyrs & Joyce Hughes
Hughes Gavin Michael Hughes - Gav
Hughes Harry Hughes - Pops
Hughes Hazel & Terry Hughes - Together again
Hughes Jane Hughes - Sister
Hughes Jim & Joyce Hughes
Hughes Jim Hughes - Dear Brother
Hughes Keith Hughes - Dad & Grandad
Hughes Keith Hughes
Hughes Leslie Hughes - Brother
Hughes Maire Hughes
Hughes Marc Hughes - Nephew
Hughes Muriel Hughes - Grandma Hughes
Hughes Rob Hughes - Husband & Dad
Hughes Terry(Badger) & Hazel Hughes - Dad & Mum
Hughes Tom & Betty Hughes - Gramps & Gramma
Hughes Tom Hughes - Gone but always in our hearts xxx
Hull Frank Hull - Husband & Dad
Hulme David & Mavis Amy Hulme
Humble Christopher Humble
Humble Cliff Humble
Humphries Danny Humphries
Humphries Eric James Humphries
Humphries Gladys Humphries - Mom
Humphries Humphrey & Maud Humphries
Humphries Humphrey Henry Humphries - Harry
Humphries William Humphries - Bill - Dad
Humphryes William (Bill) & Brenda Humphryes
Humpreys Lewis Humpreys
Hunt John Hunt - Arty
Hunt Marjorie Hunt
Hurle Allan Hurle - Much missed
Hutchison Elizabeth Hutchison
Huxley Ena & Wilfred John Huxley - Mum & Dad
Huxley Ena Huxley - Mum
Huxley John (Jack) Huxley - Brother
Huxley Wilfrid John Huxley - Dad
Hyde Edna Hyde
Hyde Leslie Hyde
Hyde Mary Hyde
Hyde Michael Hyde
Hyde Nathan Hyde - Loving Son
Hyelman Alice & Christian Hyelman
Hyelman Marjorie Hyelman
Hyland Kathleen Hyland
Ince David Ince
Inch Elizabeth Inch - Liz
Ingham Claude & Jennie Ingham-Much Loved&Missed Mum & Dad
Ingman Gerald Ingman - Uncle
Ingman Jack Ingman - Dad & Grandpa
Ingman Joan Ingman - Mum & Nan
Ingram Alfred & Ellen Ingram - Mom & Dad I love & miss you both loads, Wendy
Ingram Mary Ingram
Inions Gordon Inions - Loved & Remembered Always
Inions Philip Inions - I will always love you
Inkson Helen Inkson
Insall Jack & Molly Insall
Insley Arthur & Ethel Insley - Grandad & Nan
Ironmonger John Ironmonger
Isaac John & Mary Isaac - Treasured memories
Ive Ronald & Margaret Ive - Mr & Mrs Ron & Peggy Ive
Ivey Richard Ivey - Brother
Ivey John & Janet Ivey - Dad & Mum
Jackson Doreen Jackson
Jackson Eleanor Catherine Jackson - Ellie
Jackson Florence Jackson
Jackson George Jackson
Jackson Harry Jackson
Jackson Hilda Jackson
Jackson Jackie Jackson
Jackson Jean Jackson
Jackson Paul Jackson - Loving Father & Devoted Husband
Jackson Sheila & Gordon Jackson
Jackson Stuart Jackson
Jackson Thomas (Tom) Jackson - Husband
Jacob Bo Jacob
James Annie James - Nancy
James Gloria James - Love forever, Ray
James Harold James - H
James John & Daughter Joanne James
James Mary & Alan James - Mum & Dad
James Pete James - Loved & Missed
James Ronnie James - Ron, Always in Our Thoughts
James Roy James - Dad - Grandad-Great Granddad
Janke Edmund Janke
Janke Ethel Janke
Janke Leon Janke
Jaques Kevin Jaques - Kev - friend
Jarman David Jarman - Dave, A Wonderful Son, Brother & Uncle
Jarvis Annie May Jarvis - Nancy
Jarvis Frederick Jarvis - Fred
Jarvis Patricia Jarvis - Pat
Jarvis Philip Jarvis - Phil
Jefferies Evelyn Jefferies - Ella
Jefferies Tony Jefferies - Dad & Gr'dad, Husband & Brother in Law
Jefferson Eric Jefferson - Much Loved Husband
Jefferson Eric Jefferson - Loving Father
Jefferson Florence Jefferson - Mother in Law
Jefferson William Jefferson - Father in Law
Jenkins Elizabeth(Lizi) & William(Bill) Jenkins
Jenkins Freddie Jenkins - Uncle
Jenkins George & Ellen Jenkins - Grandfather & Grandmother
Jenkins George Jenkins
Jenkins Maldwyn Jenkins
Jenkins Robert Jenkins - Brother
Jenkinson Rain Jenkinson - Dad and Grandad
Jenner Frederick & Hilda Jenner - Dad & Mum
Jennings Albert, Jean Jennings - Good Friends
Jennings Deborah Jennings - Mum
Jennings Doris Jennings - Loving Sister
Jennings Richard Jennings
Jervis Jeffrey Jervis - Jeff
Jesse David Jesse - Dad
Jesser-Norton Ellen Jesser-Norton - Mum & Nan
Jesson Allan Jesson - Dad
Jinks Gillian Jinks - Gill
Jinks John Jinks - Loving Husband, Father & Grandfather
Job Samuel Job - Sammy
Johnson Andrew Davy Johnson
Johnson Arthur Johnson - Dad, love & miss you every day
Johnson Arthur Johnson - Dad, Somewhere over the rainbow
Johnson Bert Johnson
Johnson Carol Anne Johnson - Niece
Johnson Darren Roy Johnson - Daz
Johnson Ernest Johnson - Dad - "Johnny"
Johnson Gloria Johnson
Johnson James Joseph Johnson - Jim - Dad, Grandad & Husband
Johnson Jean Johnson - Mum
Johnson Keith Johnson
Johnson Lou Johnson - Mom
Johnson Patricia Johnson - Loving wife, mum & nan
Johnson Viv Johnson
Jones Adrian Paul (A D) Jones - Son
Jones Agnes & Ben Jones
Jones Alan & Maureen Jones
Jones Alan Jones
Jones Alan Jones - Dad/Husband
Jones Alf & Joyce Jones
Jones Alf Jones
Jones Alf Jones - Uncle Alf
Jones Alfred Henry Jones - Pete
Jones Alice Jones - Grandma
Jones Allan Jones - Brother
Jones Arthur Jones
Jones Bennie & Bonzer Jones - Bennie Boy Baby Bonzer
Jones Betty Jones - Mum & Grandma
Jones Bill & Ruby Jones
Jones Bob & Ethel Jones - Much loved Mom & Dad, Nan & Granddad.
Jones Brian Jones
Jones Bryn & Trude Jones
Jones Catherine Jones - Katie
Jones Christine Jones - Chris
Jones Clive Jones
Jones Craig Anthony Jones - Loved & Remembered Always
Jones David Jones - Dad & Grandad
Jones David Jones - Dai
Jones Deborah Jones - Debbie Ann
Jones Donna Jones
Jones Doris Jones - "Nan"
Jones Doug Jones-Joner, At Peace in your haven of rest. God Bless.
Jones Eileen & Thomas Jones-Molly & Tom, Always Remembered
Jones Eileen Jones - Mom
Jones Eileen Jones - Nan
Jones Elsie Jones
Jones Elsie Jones - Precious Mom & Nan
Jones Eric Jones - Uncle Ec
Jones Ethel Jones - Mom
Jones Eva Jones
Jones Florence Ivy and Cyril Howard Jones
Jones Florence Jones
Jones Frances Jones
Jones Frank Jones
Jones Frank Jones - Step Dad
Jones Freda & Horace Jones - Mum & Dad, Nan & Grandad
Jones George Jones - Dad/Tony
Jones George Jones - Poppa
Jones Gerald Jones - Gel
Jones Gladys & Martin Jones - Mum & Dad
Jones Gordon &Marjorie Jones - Mom& Dad
Jones Gordon Jones
Jones Gordon Jones - Precious Dad & Grandad
Jones Gordon W Jones
Jones Gwen & Eddie Jones - of Doseley, Wonderful Parents
Jones Harry (H) Jones - Husband
Jones Hilda M. Jones - Mum
Jones Jacqueline Jones - Formerly Duddell
Jones Janet Jones
Jones Janete Jones - Loving Nan
Jones Janette Jones - Loving Mum
Jones Janette Jones - Missed sister
Jones Jenny Jones
Jones Joanne Jones - Love Neil & Oliver xx
Jones Joanne Jones - Special Angel. Mum & Dad xx
Jones John Jones
Jones John Robert Jones - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Jones John Robert Jones - Father and Grandfather
Jones John Robert Jones - Husband
Jones Ken Jones
Jones Kenneth Jones - Earl, Husband
Jones Kenneth Jones - Father
Jones Lee Andrew Jones
Jones Len Jones
Jones Les & Molly Jones
Jones Les & Nancy Jones - Dad, G'ndad Les & Mom, Nan Nancy
Jones Leslie & Nancy Jones
Jones Linda Jones - Lil
Jones Lindsey Jones
Jones Margaret & John Jones
Jones Margaret Jones - Ray
Jones Mark Gwylliam Jones
Jones Mary Jones
Jones Mary Jones - Gran
Jones Mary Lillian Jones
Jones May Jones
Jones Michael Jones - Mick
Jones Mozart Jones
Jones Nancy Jones
Jones Natalie Emma Jones - Natty Em
Jones Nathan Jones - Tiggy
Jones Neil Jones
Jones Norman & Jessie Jones
Jones Norman Jones
Jones Olive Jean Jones - A Dear Mom & Grandmother
Jones Patricia Jones - Pat
Jones Peggy & Dick Jones - of Lawley Village
Jones Peter John Jones
Jones Phyllis Jean Jones - Phyl
Jones Ralph Jones - Dad
Jones Ray Jones
Jones Raymond Jones - Taffy
Jones Reg Jones - Dad
Jones Robert David Jones - Bobby
Jones Robert Graham Jones
Jones Ron Jones - Treasured & Beloved Husband & Dad
Jones Ron Jones-Treasured & Beloved Grandad & G't Grandad
Jones Sandra Jones - Precious Sister & Auntie
Jones Selina Mary Joan Jones - Beloved Mother
Jones Sharron Jones - Sis & Mom
Jones Stanley Jones
Jones Susan Jones - Beloved Wife, Mom, Nan & Greatnan
Jones Suzanne Jones - Dear Friend
Jones Tammy Jones
Jones Terry Jones - A true Gentleman
Jones Tom & Gwen Jones - Dad & Mom
Jones Tom, Gwen & May Jones - Dad, Mom, Nan
Jones Trish Jones - Sister
Jones Victor Gordon Henry Jones - Vic
Jones Winifred & Arnold Jones
Jones/Machin Doreen Jones/Machin
Jordan Joe Eric Jordan - Nunk,Still missing you,in our thoughts always
Jordan Ronald Arthur & Kathleen Jordan - Forever in our Hearts
Josey John Josey - Brother in law
Joyce Deceased Family Members Joyce
Joyce Julia Joyce
Kaczmarczyk Kuzma Kaczmarczyk - Chris
Kane Bob & Isabel Kane
Karoly Peter Karoly
Kaur Devinder Kaur
Kavanagh Ciara Kavanagh - Daughter
Kavanagh Ciara Kavanagh - Granddaughter & Niece, Always loved
Kavanagh Jack Kavanagh - Dad
Kavanagh Jack Kavanagh - Husband & Dad loved Always & Forever
Kearns Aidan Kearns - Always Remembered
Kearton Alan Kearton
Kearton Jennet Kearton
Kearton Kenneth & Gertrude Kearton - Mum & Dad
Keeffe Edna Keeffe
Keen Billy Keen
Keizer (nee Benford) Pat Keizer (nee Benford) - Dear Sister
Kellett Doris Kellett
Kellett Mavis Kellett - Mom, Nan,Great Nan
Kelly Alice Kelly - Our Little Angel
Kelly Henry Kelly
Kelly Jane Kelly
Kelly Richard Kelly - Dick
Kelly Sheila Kelly - Mom & Nan
Kelly Steve & Nora Kelly - So lovingly remembered
Kelly Thomas Kelly - Dad & Grandad
Kelsey Bill & Nora Kelsey - Mom and Dad
Kelsey Glenys Kelsey
Kelsey Noah & Annie Kelsey
Kelsey Norman Kelsey
Kendrick Cissie Kendrick
Kenley Ralph & Ethel Kenley - Dad & Mum
Kenny Edward Kenny - Ted
Kenny Elizabeth Kenny
Kent Gordon Kent - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Kent Irene Kent - Mum, Gran & Great Gran
Kenward Beryl Kenward
Keys Joseph Keys
Kibby David Kibby
Kimber Billy Kimber
Kimber Christine & Billy Kimber
Kimber Christine Kimber
Kimber Peggy Kimber - Mom
King Perce King - Percy
King Percy King
Kinsey Maureen Kinsey - Mo, Love & Miss You Always, All the Family
Kirby Desmond Kirby - Des
Knight Alan James Knight - Loved forever
Knight Alan Knight - Dad, Grandpops
Knight Dale Knight
Knight Harold & Florence Knight
Knight Johnny Knight - Dad & Grandad
Knight Sarah Knight
Knight Sarah Knight - Sally
Knight Walter Knight
Knott John Knott
Knott Leslie Knott - Lez
Knowles John & Lillian Knowles - Dad & Mum
Knowlton Faith Knowlton - Mom
Knowlton Tom Knowlton - Dad
Knowlton Tony Knowlton
Krein Heinz Krein
Krneta Angela Krneta-Mom,Love You Always GN&GB Love Mirjana & Ian
Krneta Mason Krneta - Son
Krneta Mason Krneta -Our Darling Nephew GN&GB Love Mirjana & Ian
Krneta Milan & Angela Krneta - Dad & Mom
Krneta Milan Krneta-Dad,Love You Always GN&GB Love Mirjana & Ian
Lacey Iris Lacey
Lacey John(Jack) & Dorothy Lacey - Dad & Mum
Lacey Llewlyn Lacey - Llew
Lacey Michael George Lacey - Brother
Laing Ivy Laing - Love & Miss You
Laing Jack Laing - Love & Miss You
Lamb Alfred Lamb - Alf
Lamb Gordon Lamb - Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandad
Lamb Robert(Bob) & Heather Lamb-Dad,Mum,G'dad,Nanny, Gt.G'dparents
Lamb Valerie Lamb
Lambert Doreen Lambert - Beloved Sister
Lampard Gwen Lampard - Sadly missed
Lampard Joseph Lampard - Joe
Lamsdell Gordon & Rene Lamsdell - Dad & Grandad, Mom & Nanny
Lanchbury Yvonne Lanchbury - My Wonderful Mum
Lane Adrienne Lane
Lane Beatty (Alice) Lane - Nan/Great Nan/Mum
Lane Charles & Edith Lane
Lane Danny Lane
Lane Dennis & Pat Lane - Uncle & Aunty
Lane Dorothy May Lane - Doris, Mum
Lane Edward Stanley Lane - Stan, Dad
Lane Harry (Henry) Lane - Grandad/Great Grandad/Dad
Lane Jean Lane
Lane John Lane - Taff
Lane Ken Lane
Lane Lisa Lane
Lane Lisa Lane - Beloved daughter and sister
Lane Peter Lane
Lane Terence Lane - Terry
Langford Jennifer Langford
Langford Stephen Langford - Husband & Dad
Langley Elsie Langley - Mum
Langley Vera Langley - Mum & Nan
Langley Wilfrid Langley - Dad
Latham Colin Latham - Dad & Grandad
Latham Cyril & Dolly Latham
Latham Dave Latham - Brother
Latham Peter Latham
Latham Susan Latham - Mum
Latham Sydney Latham - Syd
Lavender Dennis Lavender
Law Philip Law - Dad
Law Roy Law - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Lawledge Susan Lawledge
Lawley Derek Lawley - Bill
Lawrence Gladys Lawrence
Lawrence Kathleen Lawrence
Lawrence Samuel Lawrence - Sam
Lawrence William Lawrence - Bill
Lawrie Allan Lawrie - Much Loved brother. Miss you x
Lawrie Ronnie Lawrie - Much Loved twin brother, miss you x
Lawrie Thomas & Jessie Lawrie - Love and Miss you both
Lawson Kath Lawson - Wrinkle
Lazic Miodrag Lazic
Leach Barbara June Leach
Leach Dennis Leach
Leach Edna & Les Leach - Parents Grandparents G't Grandparents
Leach Gerald Leach - Uncle
Leach Jeannette Leach
Leach John Leach - Uncle
Leach Stuart Leach - Santa's Helper 49
Lecouteur Peter Lecouteur
Lee Alan Lee-Devoted husband & much loved Dad & Grandad
Lee John & Norma Lee
Lee Malcolm Lee
Leech Gilbert Leech - Gilbert
Leeney John Leeney
Lees Kev Lees - Kevin
Legg William Legg - Bill, Dad, Grandad
Legowski Hipolit Legowski - (Benny) Loving Dad
Legowski Leon Legowski - Loving Brother
Legowski Ursula Legowski - Loving Mom
Lennox Joshua Lennox - Gone but not forgotten.
Leo Michael Leo - Dave
Lester John Lester - Bootneck
Lesueur Joan Lesueur
Levett Michael Levett
Lewis Betty Lewis
Lewis Cy Lewis - A Beloved Husband
Lewis Cy Lewis - Dad & Grandad Cy
Lewis Cyril Lewis - Dad & Grandad Cy
Lewis Frank & Audrey Lewis
Lewis Geoff Lewis
Lewis Gerald Lewis - Gerry
Lewis Hazel Lewis
Lewis Keith Lewis - Lou,Sadly Missed By All The Family
Lewis Malcolm Lewis - Son,Father, Brother and best friend
Lewis Nancy & Raymond Lewis
Lewis Peter Lewis - Pete
Lewis Reg Lewis - Missed by all
Lewis Robert Lewis - (Bob) Loved Forever Sadly Missed, Dad & Husband
Lewis Ruth & John Lewis
Lewis Simon David Lewis
Lewis Thomas Lewis - Tommy
Lewis Vi Lewis
Lewty Patricia Lewty - Pat
Lindley Brian Lindley - Brian
Lindsay Sarah Lindsay
Line Francis & Hilda Line
Lineton Andrew Lineton - Always in our thoughts. Mum and Dad
Lineton Dub Lineton
Link Amy Link - Nee Hendy
Link Ann Link - Mom
Link John Link - Dad
Littleford Betty Littleford
Lloyd Catherine Lloyd
Lloyd Denis (Our Den) & Elsie Lloyd
Lloyd Dennis & Florence Lloyd
Lloyd Frank Lloyd - Happy
Lloyd Graham Lloyd
Lloyd Hazel & William Lloyd - Remembered with love
Lloyd Jack & Jessie Lloyd
Lloyd John R. Lloyd - Missed Greatly
Lloyd Julie Marie Lloyd
Lloyd Michelle Lloyd - Beautiful Daughter
Lloyd Molly Lloyd
Lloyd Paul Lloyd - Husband & Dad
Lloyd Terry Lloyd
Lloyd Walter & Rose Lloyd
Lochrie Mary Lochrie - A Dear Sister
Lock Victor (Vic) Lock - Loved & remembered always
Lockley Donald Lockley
Lockley Doris Lockley
Lockley Edmund Lockley
Locklin Harold Locklin - Brother & Uncle
Locklin Kate & Harold Locklin - Mom, Dad & Grandparents
Lomas Jack & Eunice Lomas
Lomas Pauline & Derek Lomas
Long Long - Mum & Dad
Long Irene Long - Mother
Love Dorothy Love - Renee
Love Eli Love
Loveday Maud Loveday - Merry Christmas Mom
Loveitt Barry Loveitt
Lovett Milly & Wes Lovett - Mom & Dad
Lowe Adam Lowe - Love & Miss You Always
Lowe Arthur Lowe
Lowe Gerald Lowe - Dad, Love you always, #1 Daughter
Lowe Gerald Lowe - Dad, Love you always, #1 Daughter xx
Lowe Gerald Lowe - Husband, Dad
Lowe Gladys Lowe - May
Lowe Joyce & John Lowe - Mum & Dad
Lowe Neville Lowe - Nev' Husband, Dad & Grandad
Lowe Reg Lowe
Lowe Reg Lowe - Dad
Lowe Reg Lowe - Grandad
Lowe Win Lowe - Mum
Lowthian Sherrie Lowthian
Lucas Dennis Lucas - Remembering you this Christmas, With Love
Lucas George & Francis Lucas - Dad & Mum
Lucas Jayne Louise Lucas
Lucas Maureen Lucas - Sister
Lucas Ron & Susan Lucas - Dad & Mom
Luck Frederick & Louise Luck - Dad & Mum
Lumbard Peter Lumbard - Husband
Luscott Martha Winifred Luscott - Pat
Luter Allan & Margaret Luter
Luter Dinah & Derek Luter
Luter William Luter - Bill
Lutman Beryl Lutman
Lutman Ken Lutman
Lye Mr & Mrs W.R. Lye - MAPREL
Lynem Eileen Lynem - sister
Lyons Joyce Lyons - Jo, Loved & not Forgotten
Lytollis Natasha Lytollis - Tash (Daughter - Nee Van-Cauter)
Lyttle John Michael Lyttle
MacArthur Catherine MacArthur - Mom, Nan, Great Nan
MacDonald Alexander MacDonald - John
Macdonald Debbie Macdonald - Mother, wife and best friend to us all
Macdonald John & Nalda Macdonald - My wonderful Mum & Dad x
MacDonell Kathryn MacDonell - Nee McLean
Macey(Baby) James Macey(Baby) - Jamie
Machin Dennis Machin-Adored Husband, Dad, G'dad & G't G'dad
Machin Mark Machin - Stick
Machin Marlene Machin - Loving Wife Mom & Nan
Machin Susan Jayne Machin - Cherished Daughter, Mom, Sister, Aunt & Nanny
Mackay Alec & Helen Mackay-In Our Thoughts at Christmas&Always, Mum&Dad
Mackenzie Lynda Joan Mackenzie
MacKenzie Mai MacKenzie - Mum & Nan
Mackleston Brian Mackleston
MacPherson Alexander MacPherson
MacPherson Donald & Annie MacPherson
Macrae Matthew & Hilda (Mary) Macrae
Maddison Leslie Gordon Maddison
Maddocks Robert & Doris Maddocks - Bob & Dot
Maddox Frank & Ellen Maddox
Maddox Gordon Maddox
Maddox Walter Maddox - Watty
Madeley Frederick Madeley - Granville
Madeley Gwen & John Madeley
Madeley Kathleen Madeley - Vera
Madeley Michael Madeley
Maden Neville Maden - Husband Dad & Grandad
Magness Edgar & Elsie Magness
Magrath Dante Magrath
Maguire Jimmy Maguire
Maholland Leonard Maholland - Len
Mahon Christine Mahon
Maiden David Maiden - Dave
Maiden George Maiden - Graham
Maiden James Maiden - Jim
Maiden Maureen Maiden
Maiden Myra Maiden
Maiden Thomas James Maiden - Pete
Maiden-Jones Susan Maiden-Jones - Sue - Daughter
Main Betty Main - Grandbee
Mainwaring Donna Mainwaring
Mair P.J. Mair - Pam
Major Peggy Major
Maloney David & Jim Maloney - Brothers
Maloney David Maloney - Friend
Maloney Jane Maloney - Friend
Maloney Jane Maloney - Mum
Maloney Jim Maloney - Dear Friend
Maltby Myrna Maltby
Malvern Lilian & Richard Malvern
Mander Brian Mander - Dad
Mannering Hal Mannering - Loving Husband,Dad,Grandad
Mannering Wendy Mannering - Much Loved Daughter in Law
Manning Ann Manning - Friend
Manning Gerry Manning - Wife, Mom, Nan
Mansell Benjamin Mansell-Benny, Forever in our hearts
Mansell Danny Mansell
Mansell David Mansell - Dad
Mansell Don & Gwen Mansell-Loving Parents & G'dparents, Missing you
Mansell Harry Mansell
Mansell Irene Mansell - Rene (Mum)
Mansell Joan Mansell
Mansell Leslie Mansell - Les
Mansell Peter Mansell - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Mansell Suzy Mansell
Mansell William & Grace Mansell
Mansfield Bob & Vera Mansfield - Dad & Mum
Mapp Raymond Mapp
Marchant Richard Marchant
Markus Bela Markus
Marlow Philip Marlow - Phil, a dearly beloved Son, Brother & Uncle
Marr Stanley Marr
Marsh Edna Marsh
Marsh Edward Marsh - Eddie
Marsh Sandra Anne Marsh
Marsh Sheila Eileen Marsh - Mom & Nan
Marsh Tim Marsh
Marshall Brian Albert Marshall
Marston Roseanne Marston
Marston Samuel Marston - Sam
Martin Audrey Martin
Martin Cliff Martin - Dad & Grandad
Martin Edward Martin
Martin George Martin - Dad & Grandad
Martin George Martin - Loving Husband
Martin James Martin
Martin Joan & Billy Martin - Mom Dad & Nan, Grandad
Martin Joan Martin
Martin John Martin
Martin Joseph Martin - Jo
Martin Mary Martin - Sister
Martin Sheila Martin - Auntie
Martin Shirley Martin - Mum & Nan
Martin Tom & Margaret Martin
Martin Walter & Alice Martin - John & Joan
Masefield Mick Masefield - Dad
Masefield Mick Masefield - Metal
Mason Betty Mason
Mason Doris & James Mason
Mason Frank Ernest James Mason
Mason Harry & Nancy Mason
Mason Lily & Charles Mason - Mom & Dad
Mason Mom & Freddie Mason
Mason Mont Mason - Monty
Mason Stella Mason - Mum & Gran
Mason Thomas Mason - Tom, Uncle
Mason William James Frederick Mason - Frederick
Massey Albert & Louisa Massey - Dad & Mum
Massey Chloe Elizabeth Massey
Massey Chloe Massey-Granddaughter, Always in our Hearts
Massey Elsie Massey - Aunty
Massey Tony Massey - Wonderful Dad & Husband
Masterman Alice & Harry Masterman - Mum & Dad
Matthews Albert Matthews - Al
Matthews George Edward Matthews
Matthews Sandra Matthews - San
Matthews Tony Matthews - Dad & Grandad
Mawer Mary Mawer - Mum & Gran
Mawer Roy Mawer - Dad & Grandad
Maxwell Susan Maxwell
May Estella May - Much loved Mom, Nan & Greatnan
May Marjorie May
May Maurice May - Mo
Maybin Jim & Jean Maybin - Mum & Dad, Granny & Grandad
Maybury Henry Maybury - Harry
Maybury Margaret Maybury - Meg
Mayes Jane Mayes
Mayhew June Mayhew
McAndrew Gerry McAndrew
McAndrew Jimmy McAndrew
McAndrew Johnny McAndrew
McAndrew Peter McAndrew
McAndrew Vincent McAndrew
McCallin Ed McCallin - Dad
McCallin Joan McCallin - Mum
McCarthy Gladys McCarthy
McCarthy Ken & Pauline McCarthy - Dad & Mum
McCarthy Ken & Pauline McCarthy - Mum, Dad & Grandparents
McCartney Rita McCartney
McClelland Robert McClelland
McCollum Tom & Joan McCollum
McConachie Teen McConachie - Mum & Nana
McConnell Kim McConnell - Much Loved Sister, Aunty & G't Aunty
McCormick Stanley McCormick
McCormick Terence McCormick - Terry, Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
McCormick Vera & Mervin McCormick
McCoy Thomas McCoy
McCracken Alan McCracken
McCrea Frank McCrea
McCrea Antony McCrea
McDonnell Irene McDonnell - Partner
McDowell Linda McDowell - Mum, Miss You so Much
McDowell Thomas McDowell - Brother, Missed so Much
McGee {nee Lawrie} Violet McGee {nee Lawrie} - Much Loved sister, miss you x
McGladdery William McGladdery - Bill
McGlue Helen McGlue - Mum, Grandma
McGlynn Francis McGlynn - Frank
McGlynn Gill McGlynn
McGough Marilyn McGough
McGrath Kenzi McGrath - Our brave wee soldier
McGreevy Michael McGreevy
McGregor Bob McGregor - Friend
McGuinness Peter McGuinness - Joe 90
McGuire Francis (Fran) McGuire - Loving thoughts of you
McGuire Francis McGuire - Fran
McGuire John McGuire - Remembered Always
McGuire Margaret McGuire - Forever in our hearts xxx
McKee Samuel McKee - Dad of Anna
McKee Samuel McKee - Dad of Sammy
McKee Samuel McKee - Grandad of Katie
McKee Samuel McKee - Husband of Hazel
McKinnell George & Connie McKinnell - Dad & Mom
McLeod Annie McLeod
McMahon Aris McMahon - Beloved Aunt
McMitchell Robert McMitchell - Roy
McMurtrie William McMurtrie
McNab David McNab - Cuz
Mcnamara James Mcnamara - Jim
McNaughton Ian McNaughton - Loved Cousin
McPartland Sharon McPartland - Shaz
Mcquiod Doug Mcquiod
McTigue Dax McTigue - Our beaufiful boy
McTigue Hugh McTigue - Dad & Grandad
Mead Alice Mead - Mom & Nan Nancy
Mead John Mead - Dad & Grandad
Meakin Peter Meakin - Grandad
Meakin Shirley Meakin - Nan
Mears Ingrid Mears
Mears John Mears
Medley Brian Medley
Medlicott George & Patricia Medlicott - Dad & Mom (Pat)
Medlicott Rachael Medlicott - Rach (Mom)
Meeson Edgar Meeson
Mellor Reginald Mellor - Reg
Menice Joan Menice
Meredith David William Meredith
Meredith Mary Meredith
Merrick Eddie Merrick
Merrick Paul Merrick
Merrington Eva Merrington
Merrington Gordon Merrington
Merrington Ken & Gladys Merrington
Merrington Margery & Bill Merrington - Mum, Dad, Grandad Bill
Merrit Katie Merrit
Merry Jean Merry - Mum & A Good Friend
Methven David Methven - Jock
Methven Elsie Methven - Molly
Methven-Johnson Allan Methven-Johnson
Methven-Johnson Duncan Methven-Johnson
Michael Harold & Norah Michael
Middle John Middle
Middle Vi & George Middle-Dear Parents & Grandparents
Middle Violet & George (Dode) Middle
Miles Bernard Miles
Miles Christopher Miles
Miles Michael Miles
Millar Thomas Millar
Millard Gladys Millard - Nan
Miller Ronald Miller - Ron
Millett Norman Millett
Millington David Millington - Son
Millington Harry Millington - Husband
Millington Irene & Cyril Millington - Sister & Brother in Law
Millington Margaret Millington - Sister
Millington Margaret & Roy Millington - Loving Mum & Dad, Nan G'dad
Mills Janet Mills - Dear sister / Auntie xxxx
Mills Sasha Mills
Millward Adam Millward
Millward Hilda Millward
Millward Ken Millward - Dear Husband
Millward Sandra & James Millward - Loving Parents and Grandparents
Millward Ted Millward - Major
Minards John G.C. Minards
Minshall Beatrice Minshall - Mum & Nan
Minshall Beatrice Minshall - Nan
Minshall Betty Minshall - Mom, Nan, Great Nan
Minton Joan Minton - To Mother Love from Mal & Frank
Minton Rhoda Minton - Mum
Minton Richard Minton - Dad
Minton Halstead Christine Minton Halstead - Chrissie, Loving Wife
Mitchell Barry Mitchell
Mitchell Celia Anne Mitchell
Mitchell Celia Mitchell
Mitchell Clarice & Raymond Mitchell
Mitchell Donald & Alan Mitchell - Brothers
Mitchell Fred Mitchell
Mitton Derek Mitton
Mitton Edith Mitton - Mum
Mitton Walter Mitton - Dad
Mobberley James Mobberley - Father
Mobberley Joyce Mobberley - Mother
Mobbs Kath Mobbs - Mom & Nan
Mobbs Peter Mobbs - Dad & Grandad
Molineaux Thomas Molineaux - Tommy
Molloy Desmond Molloy - Des
Molloy Nicola Molloy - Nicky
Molyneux Charlie Molyneux
Monaghan Michael Monaghan
Monaghan Mike & Bridgie Monaghan
Monks Howard & Nicky Monks - Mum and Dad
Montague Sidney Montague - Grandad
Montague Violet Montague - Nan
Moon Barry Moon - Baz
Moon Gladys Moon
Moon William Moon
Mooney David Mooney - Remembered Always
Moor Sue Moor
Moore Andrew Moore - Andy
Moore Arthur & Marjorie Moore
Moore Dennis Moore
Moore Dennis Moore - Dawley
Moore Florence & John Moore - Flo & Jack
Moore Florence Moore - Fluff, Mother
Moore George Moore
Moore John Moore
Moore Olive Moore
Moorhouse Betty Moorhouse
Moorhouse James Moorhouse - Jim
Moreton Donald Moreton - Don
Morey David Morey - Day
Morgan Annie Morgan - Ann
Morgan Arthur Ernest & Gladys Morgan - Grandpa & Dad, Mom & Nan
Morgan Arthur Morgan - George
Morgan Ashley Morgan - Dad & Grandad
Morgan Bill Morgan
Morgan Charles Morgan - Dad & Grandad
Morgan Clifford Morgan
Morgan Dorothy Morgan - Doll
Morgan Fanny Morgan
Morgan Frank Morgan
Morgan Fred Morgan - Dad & Grampy
Morgan Jack Morgan - Beloved Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Morgan Kath Morgan - Mom & Granny
Morgan Margaret Morgan - Beloved Mum,Gran & Diddy
Morgan Thomas & Eileen Morgan - Mick & Betty
Morgan William Morgan - Bill
Morgan William Morgan - Billy - Husband, Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Moroz Janina Moroz
Moroz Linda Moroz
Morris Avril Morris - God Bless, Love Bill xxx
Morris Bernard and Janet Morris
Morris Charles Morris - Charlie
Morris Cis Morris - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Morris Dennis Morris
Morris Dora Morris - Mom, Nan & Great Nan
Morris Dorothy (Dot) Morris - Mum, Nan, Great Nan
Morris Elsie Morris
Morris Freda Morris
Morris George Morris - Gem
Morris Harriet Morris - Hettie
Morris James Morris
Morris John Thomas Morris - Johnny
Morris Kathleen Morris - Katie
Morris Kathleen Morris - Molly
Morris Ken Morris
Morris Len, David & John Morris
Morris Lilian Morris - Mom & Grandma
Morris Luke Morris - Mozza
Morris Maureen Morris - Dearly Loved & Missed Wife & Mother, God Bless
Morris Maureen Morris - With Love Always Mom, Love Sam
Morris Muriel & Albert Morris - Bert & Mu
Morris Phillip Morris - Phill
Morris Steven Morris
Morris Tom & Josie Morris-Dearly Loved Brother & Sister in law
Morris William Morris - Bill
Morris-Roberts Hugh & Evelyn Morris-Roberts - Dad & Mum
Morton Sally Ann Morton - Daughter
Morton Sally Ann Morton - Mom
Morton Sally Ann Morton - Sister
Moss Amy Moss
Mott June Mott - Auntie
Mottram Dennis Mottram
Mottram Elsie Mottram
Mountford Brian Mountford - Husband & Soulmate
Mountford Dennis Mountford - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Mountford Dennis Mountford - Husband
Mountford George & Lil Mountford - Mom & Dad
Mountford Norman Mountford
Muir William Robb Muir - Jock
Mulholland Olive Mulholland
Mullard John Mullard - Forever Loved & Missed, Husband, Father & Grandad
Mulligan Barbara Mulligan - Babs
Mulligan Michael-James Mulligan - Baby Michael
Mullinder Evelyn (Eve) Mullinder-The Boys would have Loved You
Mumford Alf Mumford - Elf
Mumford Joan & Leslie Mumford - Mom & Dad
Munday Lynne Munday - Nan
Munnerly Judith Munnerly
Murawski Piotr Murawski
Murphy Betty & Gerald Murphy
Murphy Russel Murphy - Spud
Murphy Sandra Murphy - Nee Inions, I will always love you
Murray Frank Murray - Dad
Murray John N. & Kathleen M. Murray
Murray Kathleen A. Murray
Murray Michael & Kathleen Murray
Murray Milly Murray - Mam
Musgrave Stanley & Margery Musgrave-Lovingly remembered
Musgrove Allan & Joyce Musgrove - Dad & Mom
Musgrove Jack Musgrove - Special Nephew
Musgrove Jo Musgrove - Special Sister in Law
Musgrove Vic Musgrove
Nairn Derek Nairn - Husband/Father
Nash Clive Nash
Nash Clive Nash - Miss You
Nash George Nash - Dad
Nash Jennie Nash - Mom
Nash Joan & David Nash - Mom, Nan, Dad & Grandad
Nash Richard Nash
Naughton Anne Naughton - Mother, Gr'dmother & G't Gr'dmother
Naughton Anne Naughton - Wife
Naughton Pat Naughton
Neat Eileen Neat - Mum, nan
Neat Eric Neat - Dad, Grandad
Neat Glenn (Ben) Neat - Dad, grandad
Needle Les Needle
Nelson Bette Nelson - Remembered with love.
Nelson Fred Nelson - Dad & Grandad
Nelson Peggy Nelson - Mum & Grandmother
Neville Trevor Neville
Neville William Neville - Bill
Newbrook Cecelia Newbrook - Cis
Newbrook Fricted Newbrook - Fred
Newbrook Tina Newbrook - Daughter
Newell John Newell - Remembered with love
Newell-Hill Carl Simon Newell-Hill
Newey Michael Newey - Dad Grandad & Gt Grandad
Newman Andrew Newman - Smiley
Newman Donald Newman - Grandad
Newman Doris Newman - Nan
Niblock Robert & Margaret Niblock
Nicholas Dorothy Nicholas - Ena
Nicholl Molly Nicholl
Nicholl Nick Nicholl
Nicholl Robert & Margaret Nicholl - Nick & Molly
Nicholls June Nicholls
Nicholls Muriel Nicholls
Nicholls Percy Nicholls - Perce
Nicholls Roy Kenneth Nicholls - A Devoted Husband, Dad, Grandad & Friend
Nicholls Sarah(Sally) & Wilfred Nicholls
Nickless Arthur & Muriel Nickless
Nickless Dave Nickless
Nickless Lorraine Nickless - Loving Daughter & Sister
Nielsen Jack Nielsen
Nightingale Kenneth Nightingale - Ken
Nipe Derek Nipe - Dad
Noble John Noble - Dad & Grandad, Loving Husband
Nock Carol Nock
Nock David Nock - Dave
Nock Jim Nock - Husband & Dad
Nolan Kieran Nolan - My Man
Nolan Kieran Nolan - Our beautiful Angel
Noon Christopher Noon
Noon Irene Noon
Norcup Renee Norcup - Nanny Norcup
Norris Linda May Norris
Norry Keith Norry
Northall Jim & Harriet Northall
Northall Michael Northall
Northall Rose Northall
Northall Tom Northall
Northall Tony Northall - Husband/Dad
Norton Graham Norton
Norton Jane Norton
Norton Matthew Norton
Norton-Wilkes Ashley Norton-Wilkes - Ashley-love always
Notley Reg & Beulah Notley - Dad & Mum
Nunn Paula Nunn
Nuttall Edgar & Violet Nuttall
Nuttall James Nuttall - Nutty
Nuttall Pamela Nuttall - Pam
Nuttall Thomas Nuttall - Tommy
Nuttall Winifred Nuttall - Winnie
Oakes Arthur Oakes
Oakes Betty & Arthur Oakes - Much loved
Oakes Betty Oakes
Oakes Elizabeth Oakes - Betty
Oare David Oare - Greatly missed Dad
Oare David Oare - Much loved husband
Oare David Oare - Special Grandad
Oaten Jean Oaten
O'Brien Peter & Mary O'Brien
Offland John Offland - Dad
O'Hanlon Bryan O'Hanlon - Forever in Our Hearts
O'Hanlon Bryan O'Hanlon - To Grandpa with Love
O'Hara Ethel May & John Joseph O'Hara - Hoof
O'Hara Susan Marie O'Hara - Jaundrell
Oldcorn Dorothy Oldcorn - Dot
Oldcorn Ronald Oldcorn - Ron
Oldcorn Roy & Iris Oldcorn - Precious parents
Oldcorn Tom Oldcorn
Oldfield Nathan Oldfield - Love Always
Olivares Gus Olivares
Oliver George Edward Oliver - Husband, Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Oliver Joe & Sarah Oliver - Dear Parents
Oliver Joseph (Snr) Oliver - Dear Dad, Grandad & Gt. Grandad.
Oliver Joseph Jnr Oliver - Dear Brother & Uncle
Oliver Mair & Frank Oliver
Oliver Percy & Pagan Oliver
Oliver Sarah Jane Oliver - Dear Mom, Nan & Gt. Nan
Oliver Syd Oliver - Husband, Dad & Grandad
O'Neill Helen O'Neill
O'neill Irene O'neill - Miss you so much Mum, sleep well Tez
O'Neill John O'Neill
O'Neill Patrick O'Neill - Paddy
Onions Bill Onions
Onions Christine Onions
Onslow David & John Onslow
Onslow William & Doris Onslow - Much Loved Uncle & Aunt, Much Missed
Ordish Shelagh Ordish
O'Reilly Christopher O'Reilly - Dad, Uncle
O'Reilly Michael O'Reilly - Dad, Grandad
Orrey Sid & Val Orrey-BelovedParents & Grandparents
O'Sullivan Patricia O'Sullivan - Jean Mom & Nan always miss you
O'Sullivan Tim O'Sullivan - 'Mr Tim'
O'Sullivan Timothy O'Sullivan - Tim will always miss you
Overton Elizabeth & Andrew Overton
Overton Harold Overton - Loving Husband, Father & Grandfather
Overton Pauline Overton - Mum, Big Nan
Overton Samuel & Ellen Overton - Mum & Dad
Overy Roy Overy
Owen Betty Owen
Owen Bob Owen
Owen Clair Owen
Owen Dennis Owen
Owen Diane Owen
Owen Edward & Kathleen Owen - Eddie & Ciss
Owen Eric & Freda Owen
Owen Evan D. Owen - Always Missed
Owen Fred Owen
Owen George Owen
Owen Greta Owen
Owen Ivy & John Owen
Owen Jabez Owen
Owen Jenny Owen - Mum & Nan
Owen Joan Owen
Owen June Owen
Owen Leonard Owen - Angy
Owen Lois Owen
Owen Matthew Henry Owen - Matt
Owen Matthew Owen - Matty
Owen Phoebe Owen - Grandaughter
Owen Stanley Owen - SOS
Owen Steven Owen - Steve
Owen William Owen - Bill
Owens Robert & Peggy Owens
Owers Dean Owers
Packman Georgena Packman
Packman Herbert Packman - Bert
Packwood Bill & Rene Packwood - Mom, Dad & Grandparents
Paddington Avril Paddington
Paddock Brian & Evelyn Paddock - Together in eternity
Padmore Elsie May Padmore
Padmore Harry Padmore
Page John Henry Page - Jack
Pagett Hilda Pagett - Tilly
Pagett Ken Pagett - My Dad, Known as KP by Many
Pagett Margaret Pagett - Peggy
Pagett Tony Pagett
Paine John Thurston Paine
Palin Ann & Peter Palin - Mom & Dad
Palin Lily Palin - Special Auntie
Palin Lyn Palin - Linda
Palmer Alice Palmer - Mum & Nan
Palmer Dereck Palmer - Father
Palmer Kelvin Palmer
Palmer Leonard & Doreen Palmer - Len & Doe
Panasiuk Stefan Panasiuk - Steve, Husband
Parker Arthur Parker
Parker Eileen & Den Parker - Mum & Dad
Parker Ivy Parker - Auntie
Parker John Parker - Dad
Parker Marg & Harry Parker - Sister & Husband
Parker Mark Parker - Son
Parker Michael George Parker - Mike
Parker Virginia Parker - Ginny
Parker OBE Keith Parker OBE
Parkes Alma Mary Parkes - Wife, Mom, Nan & Grandma
Parkes Cyril Parkes - James
Parkes Ida Parkes - Muriel
Parkes Kevin Parkes - Forever in our thoughts, Mom & family x
Parkes Kevin Parkes - Kev, always in our thoughts xx
Parkhill Agnes Parkhill - Aggie
Parkinson Gerald Parkinson - Dad & Grandad
Parncutt Margaret Parncutt
Parnell Edith Parnell
Parr Bill Parr - Beloved Brother of Margaret
Parry Annie & Frank Parry
Parry Elsie Parry - Mom
Parry John Parry - Husband, Dad and Grandad
Parry Roger Parry
Parsons David Parsons
Parsons Micky Parsons - Dear Dad and Grandad
Parsons Raymond Parsons-Loving Husband, Devoted Dad & G'dad
Partington Adam Partington - A Never forgotten Brother
Partlow Stanley(Stan)& Margaret Partlow - Loved Mum&Dad,Nan&G'dad
Parton Bess Parton - Bessie Boo
Parton Cecil Parton - Ted
Parton Cil Parton - Ted, Remembered At This Time of Year&Always
Parton Derek George Parton
Parton Elizabeth Marie Parton - Loved Mom, Grandma, Gr't Grandma
Parton Fred & Nancy Parton - Loved & Remembered Always
Parton George Parton - Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather
Parton Kenneth Parton - Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad
Parton Peter Parton - Dad & Grandad
Parton Peter Parton - Loving Great Grandad, Grandad & Father
Parton Peter Parton - Loving Gr't Gr'dad, Gr'dad & Father
Parton Peter Parton-Husband, Father, Grandad & Great Grandad
Parton Ron Parton - Loved & never forgotten
Parton Sadie Parton - Budger
Parton William Parton - Bill - Miss You
Parton Zeus Parton - Bigman
Partridge Rene Partridge - Special Aunt
Pascall Clifford Pascall - Cliff
Pass Gerald C. R. Pass - Dad, Grandad & Husband
Paterson Charles & Elizabeth Paterson - Charlie & Betty
Paton Emma Louise Paton - Daughter
Patterson Amelia Patterson - Millie
Patterson Ernest Patterson - Ernie
Pattison Lilian Pattison - Lily
Pattison Percival Pattison - Pat
Payne Bert Payne - A much loved husband
Payne Bert Payne - Dad & Grandad
Payne Bert Payne-A Dear Dad & Grandad sorely missed
Payne David Payne
Payne Evelyn and Wal Payne
Payne Gertrude Payne - Gerty
Payne Kenneth Payne - Dad Ken
Payne Raymond Payne - Ray
Payne Violet & Ron Payne
Payton Mark Payton - Husband, Dad & Son
Payton Raymond Payton - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Peace Beatrice & Arnold Peace
Peace Val Peace - Wife, Mom & Nan
Peake Dorothy Peake
Peake Ethel Peake - Marg
Peake Frederick Peake - Eric
Pearce Brenda Pearce
Pearce David Pearce
Pearce Ernest Pearce - Uncle
Pearce Frances Pearce - Aunty
Pearce Sidney & Doreen Pearce - Dearest Mum & Dad
Pearce Stephen Pearce
Pearce Tommy Pearce
Pearce Tony Pearce
Pearson Barbara Joan Pearson - Mother, Gr'dmother,Gr't Gr'dmother
Pearson Geoffrey Noel Pearson
Pearson Kenneth Pearson - Father, Gr'dfather, Gr't Gr'dfather
Peart Harold & Florence Peart
Peate C.F. Peate - Willie
Peel Elsie Peel
Pegge John Pegge - Loved and missed very much
Pegge Joseph & Joyce Pegge
Pegge William (Bill) & Jean Pegge
Pendleton Maisie & Harry Pendleton
Penfold David Penfold - Remembered with love.
Penn Tom Penn - Daddy
Penson Doris Penson
Percival Delcie Percival
Percival Wayne Percival
Perkins Brian Perkins
Perkins Carol Perkins
Perkins George & Edith Perkins
Perkins Gerald Perkins - Much missed by all the family
Perks Alan Perks - Brother
Perks Joan & Charlie Perks - Dear Friends
Perks Joan & Charlie Perks - Nan & Grandad
Perks Sue Perks - Loving Sister
Perks Violet & Walter Perks - Mother & Dad
Perry Bill & Eve Perry - Mum & Dad
Perry Edith Perry
Perry John Perry
Perry Kathleen Joan Perry - Loving Wife & Mother
Perry Muriel & Percy Perry - Lou & little Percy
Perry Norman Perry - Dear Friend
Perry Norman Perry - Hello Again, Hello
Perry Tom Perry - Mr Tom
Peters Alan & Marie Peters
Peters Alan Peters
Peters Marie Peters
Petryk Margaret Petryk
Pheby Brian Pheby - Bri - Husband
Pheby Brian Pheby - Dad-Love from Joanne
Pheby Brian Pheby - Dad-Love from Michaela
Pheby Brian Pheby - Nothing can replace our memories.
Phillips Jason Phillips
Phillips Alan Phillips - Al
Phillips Andrew Phillips
Phillips Anthony Phillips - Paul
Phillips Bernard Phillips - Bert
Phillips Brian Phillips - Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandad
Phillips Dora Phillips
Phillips George Phillips
Phillips Harry Phillips
Phillips Jason Phillips - Grandson & Nephew
Phillips Jason Phillips - Missed Always, Love Mum & Dad
Phillips Joseph Phillips - Joe
Phillips Ken Phillips - Dad & Grandad
Phillips Marion Phillips
Phillips Michael Phillips - Mike
Phillips Peggy Phillips
Phillips Peter Phillips
Phillips Raymond Phillips - Ray
Philpott William Philpott - Jack
Phoenix Michael Phoenix
Phoenix Vera Phoenix
Pickard Michael Pickard
Pickavance Keith Pickavance
Picken David Picken - Dave, Husband
Picken Frank Picken
Picken Maurice Picken - Love you forever
Pickering Andrew Pickering - Andy
Pickering Brian & John Pickering - Special brothers
Pickering Doreen Pickering
Pickering Emily Pickering - Mum
Pickering Eric & Violet Pickering
Pickering Gabriel & Phylis Pickering
Pickering Gabriel & Phyllis Pickering
Pickering Jack Pickering
Pickering Mae Pickering
Pickering Tom Pickering
Pickering Wilfrid Pickering - Dad
Pickering-Taylor Georgina Pickering-Taylor
Pickford Douglas Pickford - Doug
Pickford Mandy Pickford
Pickford Roger John Pickford
Pickford Roger John Pickford - Fiance,Dad,Grandad,Uncle
Pickin Malcolm Pickin
Pidgeon Wilfred Arthur Pidgeon - Wilf
Pierce Alan Percy Pierce
Pierce Andrew Percy Pierce
Pierce Brian Pierce - Uncle
Pierce Elizabeth Pierce - Lizzie
Pierce Gertrude Pierce
Pierce Sally Pierce
Pierpoint Frederick Pierpoint - Fred
Pierpoint John Pierpoint - Husband & Dad
Pierpoint Kathleen Pierpoint - Kath
Pike Darren Pike - Dearest Brother, Uncle & Best Friend
Pike Darren Pike - Dearest Son
Pike Dennis Pike - Dear Dad, Grandad & G't Grandad
Pike Dennis Pike - Dearest Husband
Pike Harry & Lil Pike - Dear Grandparents
Pike Isabell Pike - Grandaughter
Pike Isabell Pike - Izzy
Pike Isabell Pike - Niece
Pike Noel Pike - Noel
Pincher George Pincher
Pinn Derek Pinn
Pinn Margaret Pinn - Meg
Piper Fred Piper - Dad
Pitchford Alan Pitchford
Pitchford David Pitchford - Phantom
Pitchford Don & Gladys Pitchford
Pitchford Don & Joyce Pitchford - Remembered by Amy & Andy
Pitchford Don & Joyce Pitchford - Remembered by Hannah & Dave
Pitchford Don & Joyce Pitchford - Remembered by Rob & Nicky
Pitchford Elsie Pitchford
Pitchford Gordon Pitchford - Grandad
Pitchford Maurice Pitchford
Plant Alfred & Edna Plant
Plant Ben Plant
Plant Enda &Bill Plant - Mom & Dad
Plant Frank & Maud Plant - Forever in our Hearts
Plant Gertie Plant
Plant Reginald Plant - Len
Plant Ruth Plant
Platt Michael Platt - Husband
Plimmer Hubert & Ethel Plimmer
Pohl Kay & George Pohl - Love Always, Wendy xx
Polden Phyllis Polden - Granny to Anna & Jason
Pomeroy Brenda & Fred Pomeroy - Nan & Pops
Poole Alan Poole
Poole Albert Poole - Grandad & Dad
Poole Charlie Poole
Poole Doris Poole
Poole Edith Poole - Grandma & Mom
Poole Grandma & Grandad Poole
Poole Mabel Poole
Poole William Poole - Bill
Pooler Ernald Pooler - A Dear Brother
Pooler Muriel&Bill Pooler-Dearest Mom&Dad always in our thoughts
Porteous James Porteous - Jim
Porter David Porter
Porter George Porter - Oscar
Porter Gertrude Porter - Gertie
Porter Harry & Ellen Porter
Porter Henry Porter
Postans Brenda & George Postans - Aunty & Uncle
Potter Brian William Potter
Potter Dennis Potter
Potter Elsie Potter - Ada
Potts Albert Potts - Alby
Potts Daniel Potts - Pottsy
Potts John Potts - Pops
Potts Rose Potts - Nan
Poulter Ronald Poulter - Beloved Husband, Dad, Grandad, & Gt. Grandad.
Poulton Hilda Poulton
Povey Paul Povey
Povey Vera Povey
Powell Annie & George Powell - Mum & Dad
Powell Elizabeth Joan Powell
Powell Grace Powell - Mom
Powell Jim Powell - From Wife Beryl, daughter Amanda & son Mark
Powell Joan & Stan Powell
Powell Les Powell
Powell May & Len Powell - Mom, Dad, Nan & Grandad
Powell Phillip Powell
Powell Phillip Powell - greatly missed.
Powell Raymond Powell
Power Bernadette Power - Bernie
Powers Cedric Powers - Husband, Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
Powis Edna Powis
Pratt Paul Pratt
Preece Brian Preece
Preece Emma Preece - Much Loved Daughter
Preston Lilian Preston
Prestwood Edgar & Anne Prestwood
Price Alan Price - Husband, Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Price Davey & Ruby Price - With love always, Steve, Barry, Jim and families
Price Graham Price - Grent
Price Harry Price
Price Jake Price - Forever in our heart xxx
Price Joan & Ernest Price
Price John Price - Johnny
Price Les Price -Nothing can replace our memories
Price Leslie Price - Les
Price Margaret Price - Madge
Price Mary Price - Molly
Price Patricia Price - Pat
Price Paul Price - The Corkman
Price Rosena Price
Price Tony Price
Priest Frank & Winnie Priest
Priest Ingeborg Priest - Inge
Priestley John Lewis Priestley
Priestley John Russell Priestley
Prince Edna Prince
Prince Martin Prince - loving memories of a wonderful son & brother
Prior Gillian (Jill) Prior - Much Loved Mum & Nanny
Pritchard Albert Pritchard - Dink
Pritchard Amy Pritchard - Beloved Mum-in-Law & Grandma
Pritchard Berris & John Pritchard
Pritchard Brian Pritchard
Pritchard Catherine Pritchard - Wife
Pritchard Evelyn & Herb Pritchard
Pritchard Garry Pritchard - Dearly Loved & Missed
Pritchard Gordon Pritchard - Loved, Sadly Missed Father & Grandfather
Pritchard Harry & Janet Pritchard - Husband & Wife
Pritchard Hilary Pritchard
Pritchard Ian Pritchard - Beloved Husband of Grace
Pritchard Jolene Pritchard
Pritchard Margaret Pritchard
Pritchard Martin Pritchard
Pritchard Michael Pritchard - Mike
Pritchard Norman & Leah Pritchard
Pritchard Olive Pritchard
Pritchard RoseMarie Pritchard - Rose
Pritchard Samuel Pritchard - Beloved Dad-in-Law & Grandad
Pritchard Shirley Ann Pritchard
Pritchard Shirley Pritchard-Loving Mom Nan & G't Gr'dma loved always
Pritchard Siobhan Pritchard
Pritchard Stuart Pritchard - Beloved Son of Grace & the late Ian & Brother of Andrew
Pritchett Nellie Pritchett - Mom & Nan
Profetto Vincenzo Profetto - Vince
Prosser Winifred & Albert Prosser - Winnie & Bert
Provan Peter Provan-Husband,Dad,Grandad,Gt.Grandad
Pryce Howard Pryce
Pugh Bill Pugh
Pugh Fredrick James Pugh - Fred
Pugh Kelvin & Joan Pugh
Pugh Lilian & Joseph Pugh
Pugh Walter - My dear friend
Pugh William Pugh - Bill
Pugh William Pugh - Dad,Bill
Pumford Brian Pumford
Purcell Alfred Purcell - Alf
Purcell Jack Purcell - Dad, Granddad
Purcell Joan Purcell
Purcell John & Evelyn Purcell
Purcell Martha Purcell - Nellie
Purcell Peggie Purcell - Mom, Nan
Pursell John Pursell - Miss You Loads
Pursey Joan Pursey - Friend
Pyatt Bill Pyatt
Quantock George & Sheila Quantock
Quinn Alex Quinn - Ali
Quinn Mary & Patrick Quinn
Quinn Thomas Quinn - Tom
Quint Susan Quint
Quirk Philip T Quirk
Radford Linda Radford
Raffe David Raffe
Raffe John Raffe
Raine Harry, Nora & John Raine - Dad, Mum & Brother
Raisewell Edward & Dorothy Raisewell - Ted
Ralphs John & Mary (Yar Yar) Ralphs
Randall Douglas Randall
Randell Doris Randell - Mum
Randle Lillian Randle
Rappitt Elsie Rappitt
Rappitt Len Rappitt
Rashid Margaret Rashid
Ratcliffe Bryan Ratcliffe
Ratcliffe Mary Ann & James Henry Ratcliffe-Polly & Harry
Rate Peter Rate - Husband, Father & Grandad
Ratheram Win Ratheram
Rawlings Bernard Rawlings - Loving Father & Gampa
Rawlings Thelma Rawlings - Loving Mother & Nan
Ray Ivy Ena Ray - Ivy
Ray Ronald Ray - Ron
Rea Brenda Rea - Mom & Nan
Read Ann Read - Sister,Aunty,Grt.Aunty
Read Graham Read - Brother in Law & Uncle
Reade Muriel Reade - Joy
Reade Patrick Reade - Pat
Redden Herbert & Phyliss Redden - Herbie & Phil
Redmile Ethel May Redmile - Mom, Nan & Grandma
Reece Paul Reece
Reed Tim Reed
Rees Roger Rees - Podgy
Reeves Michelle Reeves - Daughter
Regan Brendan Regan
Reilly Margaret Reilly - Maggie
Reilly Paul Reilly
Resoun Win & Bill Resoun - Mum & Dad
Reves Kathleen & Joe Reves - Mom & Dad
Rex Derek Rex
Reynolds Florence Reynolds - Pol, Nan
Reynolds John Reynolds - Jack, Grandad
Reynolds Mark II Reynolds
Reynolds Robert Reynolds - Bob
Reynolds Tony Reynolds
Rhoades Charlie Rhoades
Rhoades Doris Rhoades
Rhodes Elsie & Gilbert Rhodes
Rhodes John Rhodes-In Loving Memory of a Dear Husband & Dad
Rhodes Kathleen Rhodes
Rhodes Nicholas Adam Rhodes Age 12¾ - Trick, Our Special Little Boy
Rhodes Nicolas Rhodes
Rhodes Terry Rhodes - Loving Great Grandad, Grandad & Father
Rhodes Terry Rhodes - Loving Gr't Gr'dad, Gr'dad & Father
Rice Edna Rice
Rice John & Barbara Rice
Richards Alfred & Mary Richards - Dad & Mum
Richards Alfred Richards - Dad
Richards David W.J. Richards
Richards Eddie (Edwin) Richards-Wonderful Dad, Stepdad, Gr'dad & G't G'dad
Richards Gordon John Richards
Richards Gordon Richards - Husband
Richards Irene & Victor Cyril Richards - Mom & Dad
Richards Lillian May Richards - Lil
Richards Mary Richards - Mum
Richards Mary Richards-Wonderful mum & Nanny to Mason & Lily
Richards Porl Richards - Stoaty, Always Remembered, Love Lucy
Richards Ralph Richards
Richards Samuel & Malveena Richards
Richardson Dick Richardson
Richardson Harold & Betty Richardson
Richardson John Richardson
Richardson Leonard Richardson
Richie Matthew Richie - Matt
Rickers Dennis Rickers
Ricks Katherine Ricks
Rickus Alice Rickus
Rickus John Rickus - Jack
Ridgway Joyce Ridgway
Rigby Harry Rigby - Dad
Rigby John Rigby - Rigger
Rigby Lilly Rigby
Rigby Margaret Rigby - Marg, Mum, Nan & Great Nan
Rigby Norah Rigby
Rigby Roy Rigby
Rigby Stuart Rigby
Riley Floss & Tom Riley - Willenhall
Riley Margaret Riley
Rimington-Dean Joseph Rimington-Dean
Rivers John & Elizabeth Rivers
Rixom Shane Rixom - Rick
Roberts Alice Roberts
Roberts Anthony Roberts - Tony
Roberts Bella Roberts
Roberts Bess Roberts
Roberts Betty Roberts
Roberts Brian Roberts - Bri
Roberts David Roberts - Son, Brother
Roberts Don Roberts
Roberts Dorothy Roberts - Dot
Roberts Elizabeth & Geoffrey Roberts - Mam & Dad
Roberts Frank Roberts - The Barber
Roberts George Roberts
Roberts Grace Roberts - Nan
Roberts Heather Roberts
Roberts Hugh Roberts
Roberts Iris & Harold (H) Roberts
Roberts Jack & Vera Roberts
Roberts Jackie Roberts - Husband,Dad,Pop
Roberts Jazz Roberts
Roberts Jean Roberts
Roberts John Roberts - Chairman
Roberts Joseph Roberts - Joe
Roberts Les & Rita Roberts
Roberts Lillian Roberts - Lil
Roberts Meg Roberts
Roberts Peter Roberts
Roberts Richard Roberts - Dick
Roberts Thomas Henry Roberts - H'
Roberts Val Roberts
Robertson George & Pauline Robertson
Robertson Robert Robertson - Jock
Robertson Winnie Robertson
Robins Doreen Robins-Beloved Mom, Nan & Gr't Grandma
Robinson Betty Robinson
Robinson Ken Robinson
Robinson Kenneth Robinson - Dear Husband & Dad
Robinson Kenneth Robinson - Uncle
Robinson Marjorie Robinson - Nanny & Marj
Robinson Max Robinson - Jaffa
Robinson Michelle Robinson - Daughter & Sister
Robinson Rex Robinson - Sexy Rex
Robinson Samuel Robinson
Robson Ivan Robson
Rochelle Tom Rochelle
Rock Joseph Rock - Joe
Roden Brenda Roden
Roden Joan Roden
Roden Lily & Joe Roden - Mum & Dad
Rodgers Harold Rodgers - "H" Love Tana X
Rogan Patricia Rogan - Pat
Rogers Andrea Rogers - Andie
Rogers Arthur Rogers - Dad
Rogers Dennis Rogers - Always in my thoughts
Rogers Derek Rogers
Rogers Dorian Rogers - Don
Rogers Iris Rogers - Sister
Rogers John Rogers
Rogers Ken Rogers - "Our Kenny"
Rogers Lee Rogers
Rogers Marjorie Rogers
Rogers Phillip Rogers - Fudge
Rolls Dennis Rolls - Den
Rosarie Sister Mary Rosarie - Aunty Mary
Ross John Hall Ross
Rough Beatrice & Arthur Rough
Rough Beatrice & Arthur Rough - Mom & Dad
Rough Ivy Rough
Rough Ivy Rough - Sister
Roughton John & Jean Roughton
Round John Round - Cherished Husband
Round John Round - Greatly loved Dad, Brother & Grandad
Round John Round - Uncle & Brother
Round Maggie Round
Round Philip&Ethel Round-Nan & Grandad, Mom & Dad
Rowbotham Jan Rowbotham
Rowding Leslie Rowding - Les
Rowe Freda Rowe
Rowe George Rowe
Rowe Sylvia Rowe
Rowland Julie Rowland
Rowlands Jackie Rowlands
Rowley Alfred & Violet Rowley
Rowley David Rowley - Dazzer
Rowley Edwin Rowley - Ted
Rowley Horace Rowley - Ginge
Rowley Joyce Rowley
Rowley Linda Rowley
Rowley Mark Rowley - William. With Love from Mum
Rowley Susie, Beaut & Pepsi - Beloved Yorkies
Rudd Jim Rudd
Ruddlesdean Miriam Ruddlesdean - Min
Rudge Gorden Rudge - Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
Rudge Tania Rudge - Love Always Carla, Steve, Steph & Lance
Rudge Tania Rudge - Love You, Your HeartbrokenMum&Dad Mom & Dad
Ruff Albert Ruff - Dad
Rushton Bernard Rushton
Rushton Derek Rushton - Dad
Rushton Graham Rushton - Rocky, Husband, Dad & Grandad
Rushton Marion Rushton
Rushton Michael Rushton - Mike
Rushton Patricia Rushton - My big Sister
Rushton Robert Rushton - Bob
Rushton Thelma Rushton - Mom, Forever in my Heart, Love Sue
Rushton Thelma Rushton-Nan, Missed & Never Forgotten, Love Joan
Rushton Tracey Jane Rushton - Sister
Rushton Tracy Jane Rushton - Daughter & Sister
Rushton Tracy Rushton - Niece, Cousin
Russell Arthur Russell
Russell Norma Russell - Betty
Russell Paul Russell - Dad
Russell Robert Russell-Love & Miss You So Much. Carol&Andrew
Russell Tim Russell - Dad
Russell Tom Russell - Fondly Remembered
Russell Toni Russell - Sister
Ruston Harold Ruston - Hal, much loved
Rutter Albert Rutter - Tut
Rye Ted Rye - Dad & Grandpa
Sabben Hilda Sabben
Sabben John Sabben - Jack
Sage Peter Sage - Our dearest brother,forever in our hearts
Saleem Julie Saleem - A dear friend
Salt Thomas Salt - Salty. Missed & loved as much as ever
Salt Trudi Salt
Sambrook Bernard Sambrook
Sambrook Ute Sambrook - Nanny Hedgehog
Sams Margaret Sams - Beloved Mother
Samways Stacey Louise Samways - Always in our hearts
Sanders Annie Sanders - Nance
Sanders Phillip Sanders
Sanders Selwyn Sanders
Sanders Steven Philip Sanders - Son & Brother
Sanderson Winifred Sanderson - Winnie
Sands Victor Sands
Sankey Alice & Bill Sankey-Loved Mom & Dad, Nan & G'dad, G't Nan & G't G'dad
Sankey John Sankey
Sankey Phyllis Sankey
Sans Marion Sans
Sans William Sans
Saphier Hetty & Manny Saphier
Sarbutt Daisy & Alec Sarbutt
Sargent Jayne Sargent
Saunders Eveline Saunders
Saunders Ryan Saunders
Savage Baden Savage
Savage Harry & Eira Savage
Savigar Alan Savigar - Ali
Schneid Andreas Schneid
Scholes Peter Scholes
Scott Bob & Anne Scott
Scott Jim Scott - Loved and missed so much
Scott Margaret Scott - Loving Mum, Nan & Sister xxx
Scriven John Scriven - Jack
Seabrook Veronica Seabrook - Nicky
Seaby Geoff Seaby
Seager Andrew Seager - "Soggy"
Secker Mildred Secker - Babs
Seeley Louise Seeley
Selway Gia Selway - Baby Gia
Senior Adrian Senior - Ade
Sercombe Stan Sercombe
Shadbolt John Shadbolt - Merry Christmas Babe
Shadbolt Lorraine Shadbolt - Merry Christmas Babe
Shadbolt Tony Shadbolt - Miss you every day
Shambley Brett Shambley
Shambley Brett Shambley - Missed by friends in School Lane
Shambley Gilbert Shambley
Shanks Peter Shanks - Dad,Gramps, Husband
Shannon Michael Shannon
Sharp David Sharp
Sharp Edith Sharp
Sharp Peter Sharp
Sharpley Maureen Sharpley
Shaw Alfred & Elsie Shaw - Mum & Dad
Shaw Barry Shaw - Husband
Shaw Edward Shaw - Ed
Shaw Hazel Shaw
Shaw Janet Shaw
Shaw Leslie Shaw - Les, loving Husband & Dad
Shaw Mary Shaw
Shaw William Shaw - Bill
Sheard George Sheard
Sheldon Marjorie Sheldon
Sheperd Elise Sheperd
Sheperd Fred Sheperd
Shepherd Betty Shepherd
Shepherd Doris & Sidney Shepherd
Shepherd Elizabeth Shepherd - Mum
Shepherd Eric Shepherd
Shepherd Jack Shepherd - Much Loved Grandad
Shepherd Margaret & Michael Shepherd
Shepherd Mary Shepherd - Nan Shep
Shepherd Phoebe Shepherd - Much loved Nan
Shepherd Reg Shepherd - Shep
Sheppard Henry Sheppard
Sherratt Percy Sherratt
Sherwood Denis Sherwood - Snowy
Sherwood Joan Sherwood
Sherwood Nigel Sherwood - Sherdy
Shevlin James Shevlin - Remembered every day xx
Sheward Hilda & Wes Sheward
Sheward Irene Sheward - Mum
Shilton Charles & Mary Shilton
Shingler Frank Shingler
Shore Bill Shore
Shore Deanna Shore
Shore Thomas Derek Shore - Derek
Shouli Osman Shouli
Shuker Alice Shuker
Shuker Elsie Shuker - Loving Wife, Mom & Nanna
Shuker Jack Shuker
Shuker Ken & Eleanor Shuker - Ken & Ellie
Silcock Barry Silcock
Silcock Marina Silcock - Marie, still missed
Silcock Marj Silcock - Mom & Nan
Silcock Sam Silcock - Dad&Grandad
Simcock Dorothy & Sam Simcock - Mom & Step Dad
Simmonds Gerald Simmonds
Simmons Fanny Simmons - Aunty
Simmons Roy Simmons - Husband,Dad,G/dad,Great G/dad God Bless
Simmons Terry Simmons - A Dear Husband
Simmons Terry Simmons - Dad & Grandad
Simone Joyce Simone
Simpson Arthur Simpson
Simpson Audrey & Frank Simpson
Simpson Bert Simpson
Simpson Ralph Simpson
Simpson Wilfred (Roy) Simpson - Always remembered Sue,children&grandchildren
Sims Lily Sims
Sims Robert Sims
Singleton Joseph Singleton - Dad
Sivill James Sivill - Jim
Skelding Vic Skelding - Grandad
Skelton Grace Skelton
Skelton Jayne Skelton - Mum
Skelton Jayne Skelton - Wife
Skelton John R. Skelton
Skelton John Skelton - Brother
Skelton John Skelton - Son
Skelton (Bowcutt) Jayne Skelton (Bowcutt) - Loving Daughter
Skelton (Bowcutt) Jayne Skelton (Bowcutt) -Loving Sister & Auntie
Skerratt Cyril Skerratt
Skerratt Cyril Skerratt - Merry Christmas Angel. Miss You So Much
Skerratt Joanne Skerratt-Missed So Very Much, Forever In Our Hearts
Skitt George Skitt - Uncle George
Skitt Jade Skitt - Sister, Daughter & Granddaughter
Skitt Vera Mary Skitt
Slack John Slack - Jack, Father
Slack Rose Slack - Loving Mother
Sladden Mair Sladden - Nain
Sladden Rev. Canon John Sladden
Slade Alfred Slade - Grandad
Slade Jean Slade - Grandma
Sleath Marg Sleath
Sloane Neil Sloane - Son in Law
Slynn Roger Slynn - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Small Frances Small
Small Rosemary Small - Ann
Smallman Betty Smallman
Smallman Michelle Smallman - Mom
Smallman Roy Smallman
Smallman Sam Smallman
Smallpiece Michael & Richard Smallpiece - My Brothers
Smart Allan & Bette Smart
Smart Edgar & Violet Smart - Dear Parents & Grand Parents
Smart Jamie Smart - Forever in our hearts xXx
Smart Lilian Smart - Mum Grandma Gt Grandma
Smart william Smart - Dad Grandad Gt Grandad
Smith Amy & Ernest Smith
Smith Andrew Smith - Andy
Smith Barbara Smith
Smith Bob Smith - Dad, Miss you always,Love Kellie
Smith Bob Smith-Not a day goes by that I don't miss you. Love always, Pat
Smith Colin Smith - Husband & Father
Smith Cynthia C A Smith
Smith Cynthia Smith
Smith Daisy Smith - Mother
Smith Derek & Evelyn Smith
Smith Don & Jill Smith
Smith Douglas Raymond Smith - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Smith Edward Smith - Norman, resting in Jesus' arms
Smith Elsie Smith
Smith Eric Evan Smith
Smith George William Smith
Smith Gordon Smith - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Smith Gordon Smith - Much Loved Dad, G'ndad & Gr't G'ndad
Smith Graham David Smith - Son
Smith Graham John Smith - Dad
Smith Harry Smith - Beloved Nephew & Cousin, Loved & Missed
Smith Harry Smith - Beloved grandson.miss you NanFranks xx
Smith Hazel Smith - Mother
Smith Heather & Linda Smith
Smith Helen Smith
Smith Ida Smith
Smith Ida Smith - Much Loved Mom, Nan & Great Nan
Smith James Smith - Jim, Always in our Hearts
Smith John Anthony Smith - Tony
Smith John Kevin Smith - Son
Smith John Smith - Jack, Dad
Smith Kathleen Smith - Kath Loving Mum
Smith Les & Gwen Smith - Pops & Mom
Smith Les Smith - Cherry
Smith Lilian Smith - Lil
Smith Mabel & George Smith
Smith Mary Smith - Nana
Smith Peter & Lily Smith - Dad&Mum,Grandad&Nan
Smith Peter Smith
Smith Peter Smith - Dad,Grandad,Gt.Grandad
Smith Phillip Smith - Husband
Smith Pip Smith
Smith Ray Smith - Wonderful Grandad
Smith Reginald & Susan Smith - Reg & Sue
Smith Robert Smith - Keep Right On
Smith Robert Smith - Smudger
Smith Ron Smith - beloved Dad x
Smith Sylvia Smith - Mum
Smith Thelma Smith
Smith Thomas Henry Smith
Smith Tiffany Smith - Daughter
Smith Tiffany Smith - Grandaughter
Smith Todd Smith
Smith Walter Smith
Smith Wesley Smith - Husband
Smith William Hogg Smith - Bill
Smith Yvonne Smith - Mum
Smout Carol Smout
Smout Derek Smout - Dad
Smout Ruby Smout - Mom
Snailham Liam Snailham
Snape Fred Snape
Snowden Ewart Snowden
Snowden Olwen Snowden
Softley Ernest & Sylvia Softley
Sokolov Ellen & Eirnie Sokolov - Forever in our Hearts
Solon Shane Solon
Somerfield John Somerfield - Special Dad
Sorsby Harry & Mary Sorsby - Nan & Grandad Strawberry
Southcott Gerald Southcott
Southern Sarah Ann Southern
Southwick Ken Southwick - A very special husband
Speke Ailsa Speke - In our thoughts always.
Speke Martin Speke - In our thoughts always.
Speller Brian Speller - Bri
Spencer Derek Spencer - Dad & Grandad
Spencer Margaret Spencer
Spencer Ron Spencer
Spicer Eric & Jean Spicer - Long gone but not forgotten
Spoor Betty Spoor - Betty a Special Wife, Mom & Granmar
Spragg Bill Spragg-A Loving Husband Dad G'dad & Gt G'dad
Spragg Doreen Spragg - Maymew
Spragg Mary & Steve Spragg - Loved & remembered always
Spragg Stuart Spragg
Sproson Loraine Sproson - nee Rowley
Spruce Colin Spruce - Dearly Loved Husband, Dad & Pa
Stafford Shirley Stafford - Gone but not forgotten
Stainfield Thomas Stainfield - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Standell Peter Standell - Sponner
Standrin Herbert Standrin-Always in our hearts, love all your family
Staniforth Ralph & Daphne Staniforth
Staniland Jen Staniland
Stanley Alf & Chris Stanley - Dad & Mum
Stanley Ken Stanley
Stanton Margaret & Jack Stanton - Billy Boots
Stanton Peter Stanton - Husband
Stanton Tina Stanton - Sister
Starbuck George Starbuck - Husband & Dad
Stead Lilian Stead - Lil
Stearn Des Stearn - Much loved Husband,Dad,Grandad
Steel Joan Steel
Steele Raymond Steele - With all our love x
Steele William Steele - Bill
Stening George Stening - Husband
Stephens Beatrice Stephens - Beatty
Stephens Horace Stephens
Stephens Jean Stephens - Barbara
Stephenson Arthur Stephenson - Dad
Stephenson Elizabeth Stephenson - Nan
Stevens Dan Stevens
Stevens Florence Stevens - Auntie Flo, Miss You xxx
Stevens John Stevens
Stevens Julie Stevens - Jules
Stevens Reginald Stevens - Reg
Steventon Albert Steventon
Steventon Evelyn Steventon - Mother & Granny
Stewart Brenda Stewart - Sadly Missed, Much Loved Wife, Mum & Nan
Stewart Elizabeth & Fred Stewart
Stewart Morag Stewart - Sister and Auntie
Stibbs Barbara Stibbs - Nan,GtNan,Mother&Wife
Stiles Jean & Frank Stiles - Our loving Grandma & Grandad
Still Ken Still
Stockdale Peggy Stockdale - Mum
Stockin Doris & Frank Stockin
Stokes Alan Stokes
Stokes George & Kathleen Stokes - Beloved Harry & Kath
Stokes Lilian Stokes - Mom
Stokes Roger Oakley Stokes - Loving Dad & Grandad
Stones Elsie Stones
Stones Frank Stones
Stones John William Stones
Storey Bett Storey
Stringer Geoff Stringer - Much loved and remembered Dad
Stringer Lisa Marie Stringer - Always in our hearts daughter & sister
Stringer Richard Stringer - Dickie
Stringer Sylvia Stringer
Stringfellow John A Stringfellow
Stuart Dorothy Stuart - Mum & Gran
Stuart Edward Stuart - Dad & Grandad
Stuart Ian Stuart - Brother & Uncle
Stuart Jamie Stuart
Stuart John Stuart
Stuart Joyce Stuart
Sturdy Annie Sturdy - Little Nan
Sturrock Fullerton Sturrock - Jock
Suffolk Eric Suffolk - From his loving Family
Sullivan Kathleen Sullivan - Kath
Sullivan Patrick Sullivan - Patsy
Sumara Johnny Sumara
Summers Julie Summers - Lulu
Summers June Summers - Mom, Nan always in my heart
Summers Ray Summers - Dad, Grandad never forgotten
Summers Raymond William Summers - Sums
Summers Suzanne Summers - Susie
Sumnall Albert & Frances Sumnall - Nobby & Fran
Sumnall Ernest John Sumnall - Ernie
Sumnall Ernie Sumnall
Sumnall James Sumnall - Jim, My Wonderful Dad
Sumner George Sumner - Yoggi,Beloved Husband of Beryl, God bless
Sunerton Philip G Sunerton - Every day memories of your love light our way
Sutherland Donald Sutherland - Don
Sutherland Jane Sutherland - Sister
Sutherland Neil Alexander Sutherland - Son
Suthon Paul Suthon - Scouse
Sutton David Sutton - Cherished Dad & Granddad
Sutton Sheila Sutton
Swain Alan Swain - Chico
Swain Beatrice Swain - Gt. Nan/Big Nan
Swain Beaty Swain - Nan & Big Nan
Swan Walter Swan
Sweeney Joyce & Patrick Sweeney - Loved Mom & Dad
Swift Dorothy Swift - Mum, Nanny & Great Nanny
Swift Phylis Swift - Mother
Swift Ron Swift - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad.
Syass Diane & Keith Syass
Syass Diane & Keith Syass - Friends
Syass George & Edith Syass
Syass Maureen Syass
Sykes Ada Sykes - Mum
Sykes Eddie Sykes - Dad
Sykes Phillip Sykes - Phil
Sylvester Frank & Margaret Sylvester - Dad/Grandad-Mum/Nan
Sylvester Mary & Albert Sylvester
Sylvester Reginald Sylvester - Reg
Sylvester Sylvia Sylvester
Szehofner Jozsef (Joe) Szehofner - Dear Dad &Grandad
Szehofner Maria Szehofner - Dear Mum Nan &Greatnan
Tack Vera Tack
Tait James Tait - Jim
Talbot Joseph Talbot - Joe
Talbot Mavis Talbot
Talbott Cecil Talbott - Dad
Talbott Marie Talbott - Mum
Tallet Andrew Tallet
Talor Stacey Talor
Tanner Harriet Tanner - Addie
Tanner Jean Tanner
Tanner Robert Tanner - Bob
Tansey Mark Tansey - Markey
Tansey Mark Tansey-Love you always Mum, Dad, Jim & Karen
Tart Doris May Tart
Tayler Rebecca Tayler
Taylor Alfred Taylor - Alf
Taylor Arthur & Helena Taylor
Taylor Barbara Taylor - Love always, Neil
Taylor Barbara Taylor - Love daughter No 2
Taylor Barbara Taylor - My mate for 53 years
Taylor Barbara Taylor - Our Loving Mom & Nan
Taylor Berrie Taylor
Taylor Bryan Robert Taylor
Taylor Charlie & Jean Taylor - Loved & Remembered Every Day
Taylor Chris Taylor - Dad & Grandad
Taylor Darkie & Dave Taylor - Mum & Dad
Taylor David Taylor - Dave
Taylor Ernie Taylor - Dad & Grandad Ernie
Taylor Flo Taylor - Mum,Nan,Great Nan
Taylor Geoff Taylor - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Taylor Gwen Taylor
Taylor Harvey Taylor - PP Rotary Club of the Wrekin
Taylor Jack Taylor
Taylor Karen Taylor
Taylor Len & Dot Taylor
Taylor Leslie John Taylor
Taylor Mary Jane Taylor - Granny
Taylor Nancy & Fred Taylor
Taylor Roy Taylor - Beloved husband of Celia
Taylor Sheila & Ron Taylor
Taylor Violet Taylor
Teague Jack & Ruth Teague
Teece Colin Teece - Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
Teece Ken Teece
Teece Nellie & George Teece
Teece Roger Teece - Loved and Missed so much xxxx
Templar Paul & Wendy Templar - Together again,Loving parents&grandparents
Templar Wendy Templar - A sad loss of a dear friend & colleague
Templeton Alice Templeton
Tew Frank & Ada(Minnie) Tew - Mum & Dad
Thatcher Jim Thatcher
Theobald Jean Theobald
Thomas Charles Thomas - Charley
Thomas Charles Thomas - Charly
Thomas Dennis Thomas
Thomas Derek Thomas
Thomas Ellen Thomas - Nellie
Thomas Jim Thomas
Thomas Joyce Thomas
Thomas Lizzie Thomas
Thomas Lizzie Thomas - Lizzie
Thomas Marjorie Thomas
Thomas Violet Thomas - Vi
Thompson Brian Thompson
Thompson Celia Thompson
Thompson Henrietta Thompson - Hetty
Thompson Hetty Thompson - Mom
Thompson Ivor & Doreen Thompson
Thompson John Thompson - Dad
Thompson John Thompson - Jack
Thompson Keith Thompson - Dad
Thompson Maureen Thompson
Thompson Mike Thompson
Thompson Nesta Thompson - Net
Thompson Pam Thompson - Loving Brother in law Roger
Thompson Pam Thompson - Loving Husband Ray
Thompson Pam Thompson - Loving Step-son Chris
Thompson Pamela Margaret Thompson - Beloved Sister
Thompson Pamela Thompson - Mum & Nan
Thompson Peter Thompson
Thompson Ron Thompson - Loved Forever
Thompson Vincent Thompson - Vince
Thomson Roy Thomson - Dad
Thorner Olive Thorner - Sippy
Thorpe Harold Thorpe - Lal
Thorpe John & Sarah Thorpe - Husband & Wife
Thorpe Phoebe Thorpe
Thrift Edna Thrift
Thrift Edward Thrift - Ted
Thurling Hannah Thurling - Gwen
Tibbettes Ann Tibbettes - Great Nan
Tibbettes Ann Tibbettes - Mom
Tibbettes Ann Tibbettes - Nan
Tibbetts Ann Tibbetts - Mom, Nanny & special friend
Tilbey Nellie Tilbey
Tilbury George & Megan Tilbury
Till Barry Till - Love forever
Timmins David George Timmins
Timmins Donald & Eileen Timmins
Timmins John Dennis Timmins - J.T
Timmins Joseph & Lily Timmins
Tincknell Alec Tincknell
Tingle Kimmel Tingle - Kim, Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandad
Tinkler Cyril Tinkler
Tinkler Norman Tinkler
Tinkler Pam Tinkler
Tinsley Brian Gordon Tinsley - Rover-SpecialDad,G'ndad,&GtG'ndad
Tinsley Christine Tinsley
Tinsley Doreen Tinsley
Tinsley Michael Tinsley
Tiplady Nora Tiplady
Tipping Alan Tipping
Tipping Doug & Gladys Tipping - Dad & Mum
Tipping Ernie Tipping - Loved & Missed By Us All
Tipton Bernard Tipton
Tisdale Ivy & Bill Tisdale
Titley Albert Titley - Bert
Titley Florrie & Alf Titley
Titley Winnifred Titley - Winn
Todd Billy Todd
Todd Derek Todd
Tomkinson George Tomkinson - Dad
Tomkinson George Tomkinson - Dode
Tomkinson Susan Linda Tomkinson - Linda
Tonks James Tonks - Jimmy
Tranter Annie Tranter - Mum & Nan
Tranter Arthur & Dorothy Tranter
Tranter Bob and Frances Tranter
Tranter Charles Tranter - Charlie
Tranter Fred Tranter - Dad & Grandad
Tranter Graham Tranter - Husband & Dad
Tranter Harold (H) & Marie Tranter
Tranter Horace Tranter - H
Tranter Ivy Tranter
Tranter Leslie Tranter
Tranter Linda Tranter
Tranter Mark Tranter - Son
Tranter Melvin Tranter - Brother
Tranter Melvin Tranter - Husband
Tranter Richard & Rebecca Tranter - Dick & Bett
Travis Steven C. Travis
Treleaven Michael Treleaven - Mike
Tribble Len & Jean Tribble
Trickett Japheth Trickett - Dad
Trifunovic Ratko Trifunovic - Husband
Trim Julia Trim - Wife, Mum, Nan & Grandma
Trim Julia Trim - Wife, Mum, Nan, Grandma, always loved
Tromans Allan Tromans - Special Grandad
Troy Tom Troy
Trumper Brenda Trumper
Trumper Edith & Harry Trumper - Granny & Grandad
Tuck Allen John Tuck - Very Much Missed
Tuck Mary Tuck - Jones
Tucknutt Mathew Alan Tucknutt - Great Brother
Tucknutt Matthew & Gladys Ena Tucknutt - Best Dad & Mam
Tuff Doreen Tuff - Always remembered
Tuff Lisa Tuff - Never forgotten
Tuft Raymond Tuft - Dad, Grandad & Grt.Grandad
Tully Andrew Tully - Love, Aunt Sylv and family x
Tully David Tully - Grandad, Love Gina, Mal & the boys
Turley Keith Turley
Turner Alan Turner
Turner Barbara Carol Turner - Loved and Missed Always
Turner Barbara Turner - Barb
Turner Beryl Turner - Mum
Turner Beryl Turner - Mum & Nanny
Turner Gareth Turner
Turner George Turner - Fondly remembered
Turner Ian Turner - Brother xxx
Turner Irene Turner - Goose
Turner Jacqueline Turner - Always in my thoughts, Love Paul
Turner Jean Ann Turner
Turner John William Turner
Turner Julie Turner
Turner Karen Turner - Niece & Cousin
Turner Mabel & George Turner - Mom & Dad xxx
Turner Mary Turner
Turner Robert Turner - Joe
Turner Wendy Janice Turner
Turner Wendy Turner
Turrell Lawrie Turrell - Beloved Husband & Father
Twinney Cis Twinney
Tyass Ada Tyass
Tyass Arthur Tyass
Tyler Polly & William Tyler - Mum & Dad
Tymm Roy Tymm
Tyrer Edward & Elsie Tyrer - Ted & Ada
Tyrer Ken Tyrer
Tyrer Pauline & Bert Tyrer
Underwood David & Ivy Underwood - Beloved Parents & G'dparents
Underwood Don Underwood
Underwood-Whitney David Underwood-Whitney
Underwood-Whitney Tony & Constance Underwood-Whitney
Upstone Evelyn Upstone - Aunty
Upton Graham Upton
Upton Maxine Upton - Daughter
Upton Olive Upton
Urquhart Elizabeth & John Urquhart
Urwin Steve Urwin - Crocodile Hunter
Usher Albert Usher
Usiewicz Dorothy & Piotr Usiewicz - Dot & Peter
Vale Paul Vale - Nephew
Vale Victor Vale - Brother
Van Dyk Gideon Van Dyk - Boy
Van-Cauter Michelle Van-Cauter - Daughter
Vanderwoning Doris & Bernard Vanderwoning-Beloved Mum & Dad
Vaughan Edward Vaughan - Ted
Vaughan Elsie Vaughan
Vaughan John Vaughan
Vaughan Leonard (Len) & Marjorie Vaughan
Vaughan Marjorie &Len Vaughan - Nanny & Grandad
Vaughan Ronald Vaughan-Ron, Husband/Father/G'dfather/G't G'dfather
Venables Jeff Venables
Venables Len Venables
Venables Mary Venables
Venn David Venn - Dave
Veric Dusan Veric - Father
Veric Joka Veric - Mother
Verschoor John Verschoor - Dad
Vickers Ernest & Norah L. Vickers
Vickers Frank Vickers
Vickers Irene Vickers
Vickers Paul Vickers
Vickers Paul Vickers - Dear Brother
Vickers Paul Vickers - Dear Son
Vickers Paul Vickers - Friend
Vickers Samantha Vickers - Sam
Vines Jennie Vines - Mom & Grandmar
Vines Jennie Vines - Mom & Nan
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Amy & Andy
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Chloe & Ben
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Emma, Claire & Dion
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Hannah & Dave
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Laura & Millie
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Nicky & Rob
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Sally & Trevor
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Sarah & Glenn
Vowles Joy Vowles - Much Loved Mum & Nan x
Wade Ethel Wade
Wade Len Wade
Wade Robert Wade - Bob
Wade Ronald & Elsie Wade - Dad & Mum
Wakeford Joan Wakeford
Wakeford Joan Wakeford - Pony
Wakeley Edward Wakeley
Wakeley George Wakeley
Wakeley Graham Wakeley - Husband
Wakeley Margaret & Moses Wakeley - Mom & Dad
Wakeman Benjamin Wakeman - Ben
Waldron Jack Waldron
Wale George Wale
Walker Alf & Cis Walker - Dad & Mom
Walker Clara & Sam Walker
Walker Derrick Walker - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Walker John Walker
Walker Kate & Charlie Walker
Walker Ken Walker
Walker Olive & Alfred Walker
Walker Pete Walker
Walker Peter Walker
Walker Robert Walker - Bob
Walker Simon Walker - Sam
Walker Simon Walker-Our Superman, Always Loved & Forever Missed
Wall Gladys & David Wall - Remembered with love.
Wall Gladys & Reg Wall
Wall Greg Wall
Wall Greg Wall - Loving husband,father,brother
Wall Louise Wall
Wall Peter Wall
Wallace David & Edith Wallace
Wallace Edna Wallace
Wallace Elsie Wallace - 1932-2014
Wallace Muriel Wallace
Wallace Sean Wallace - Grandson
Wallace Walter Wallace
Wallbanks Peter Wallbanks - Husband, Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Wallcroft Barrie Wallcroft - Baz
Wallington Alan Wallington
Walmsley Alan Walmsley
Walmsley Diane Hope Walmsley - Wife,Mum,Nan,Daughter Sister,Friend
Walmsley Nelson Walmsley
Walsh Baby Rosie Ella Walsh - Our tiny baby girl xx
Walster Holin Walster - Dad
Walster Shirley Walster - Mom
Walters Fred Walters
Walters Irene Mary Walters - Rene
Walters Jack Walters
Walters Kenneth Walters - Dad
Walters Marion Walters - Mom
Walters Michael & Elaine Walters
Walters Pauline Walters
Walters Sidney Walters - Sid
Walton Bette Walton
Ward Bernard Anthony Ward - Love and Miss You, Shirley xx
Ward Bernard Anthony Ward-Dad in our hearts forever
Ward Frank & Audrey Ward
Ward Jessie & Alfred Ward - Mom & Dad
Ward John Richard Ward - Dicky
Ward Margaret Ward - Marge
Ward Maureen Ward - Mom - Nan
Ward Phill Ward
Ward Rosemary Ward
Wardle Eileen Wardle
Wardle Kathleen Wardle
Wardle Kim Wardle
Warner Charlie Warner - Dad,Husband,Grandad
Warner Nigel David Warner
Warrender Harry Warrender
Wassell Anthony Wassell - Tony, Husband,Dad & Grandad
Waters Bill & Mary Waters
Watkin Mike Watkin - Son, Brother & Uncle
Watkins Brian Watkins
Watkins John & Winnie Watkins
Watkins Lily Watkins
Watkins Sydney Watkins - Syd
Watkins Tudor Watkins - Tod
Watkiss Bill & Brenda Watkiss
Watson Bert&Agnes (Cis) Watson - Mum & Dad
Watson Roy Watson - Harry Albert
Watt Ian Watt - Watty
Watton Alice Watton - Mum and Nan
Watton Howard Watton - Dad,Grandad
Watton Ray & Pat Watton-Loving Parents & Grandparents
Watton Walte (Doug) & Daisy Watton
Wear Terry Wear
Weaver Maureen Margaret Weaver
Weaver Ray Weaver - Dad & Grandad
Weaver Rebecca Nicole Weaver - Granddaughter
Weaver Rebecca Weaver - Granddaughter
Weaver Tony Weaver - Husband
Weaver Warwick Weaver
Webb Bernard Webb
Webb Dot Webb
Webb John Webb
Webb Laura Webb
Webb Norman Webb - Grandad
Webberley Wendy Webberley - Squeek
Webster David Paul Webster - Dave
Webster Mick Webster
Webster Thomas Webster - Grandad
Webster Thomas Webster - Husband & Dad
Wedge Evelyn Wedge
Wedge Helen Elizabeth Wedge - Nellie
Wedge Percy Wedge
Weekes Jean Weekes - Jeanie, a special Wife, Mom,Nan,Sister & Friend
Weeks Jean Weeks
Weir Ron Weir - Love You For All The World
Welch Graham (Slim) Welch - Dad & Grandad
Welch Hubert & Joan Welch
Welch Janet Welch - Mom
Welch Jason Welch - Jay
Wellings Norman Wellings
Wells Christine Wells - Wrekin Inner Wheel Club
Wellsbury Pauline Wellsbury
Welsby Cyril & His Son Ian Welsby
Wenlock Leslie Edward Wenlock - Dad
Wenman Jen Wenman - My Beloved Twin Sister
West Sidney & Mary West - Mr & Mrs Sam & Mary West
Westbrook Basil Westbrook
Westbrook Clive Westbrook
Westbrook Clive Westbrook - Brother
Westbrook Dorothy, Jack & Clive Westbrook - Friends
Westbrook Jack & Dorothy Westbrook - Mum & Dad
Westhorpe David & Jennifer Westhorpe
Weston Alfred Weston - Alf
Weston Francis Weston - Frank
Weston Jean Weston
Weston Richard Weston - Dickie
Westwick Terence Westwick - Terry, Missed always
Westwood Barrie Westwood - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Wharton Annie & Walter Wharton - Wal
Wharton Annie &Walter Wharton
Wheatley Margaret Wheatley
Wheatley Margaret Wheatley - Friend
Wheatley Margaret Wheatley - Marg
Wheaver David Wheaver - Womble
Wheaver Lewis Wheaver
Wheeler Gladys & Doug Wheeler
Wheeler Patricia Wheeler
Wheeler Vera & Howard Wheeler
Whellen Molly Whellen - Missed so much
White Bill & Joyce White
White Eugene White
White Gordon White
White Joanne White - Merry Christmas Mum, Miss you so much
White Marge & Fred White
White Sally White - Dear sister & loving aunt
Whitehead Alan Whitehead
Whitehead Alfie Whitehead
Whitehead George Whitehead
Whitehead Sydney Whitehead - Syd
Whitehouse Gilbert Whitehouse
Whitehouse Janet Whitehouse - Sister
Whitehouse John Whitehouse - Legendary Dr. Soul
Whitehouse Romaine & Bob Whitehouse - Cherished Forever x
Whiteley Jean Margot Whiteley - Mum
Whitmore Ellen Whitmore
Whitmore Jim Whitmore
Whitmore Natasha Grace Whitmore - Our Beloved Granddaughter
Whitney Rosalind Whitney
Whitney William Whitney
Whittaker Nancy Whittaker
Whittall Sylvia Whittall - Mum
Whittam Sylvia June Whittam
Whittingham Ian Graham Whittingham
Whittingham Laura Jayne Whittingham
Whittingham Renee Whittingham
Whitton Keith Whitton - Scani
Whitworth Charlotte Whitworth-Our Beautiful Baby Daughter
Whyle Dorothy Whyle - Dear Friend
Wickstead Les Wickstead
Wigfield Douglas Wigfield - Doug
Wigfield Helen Wigfield
Wigfield John Wigfield
Wigfield John Wigfield - Dad, Husband & Grandad
Wiggins Eric John Wiggins - Dad
Wiggins Lettie & Eric Wiggins
Wigham Colin & Joyce Wigham - Loving Parents & Grandparents
Wild Derek (Del Boy) Wild - Love You Always, Pauline
Wild John Wild
Wild Sara Jane Wild - Jenny
Wildman Marjorie Wildman
Wilds Hedley Wilds
Wilkes Wilkes - Millie & Bill
Wilkes David Wilkes - Dave
Wilkes Enid Wilkes - A Dear Mother Never Forgotten
Wilkes Geoff Wilkes
Wilkes George & Alice Wilkes
Wilkes Neville Wilkes
Wilkes Tracey Wilkes - A Much Missed & Loved Daughter
Wilkins Alex Wilkins
Wilkins Norman Wilkins - A very dear brother
Wilkinson Basil Wilkinson
Wilkinson Gary Wilkinson - Beloved Son
Wilkinson Terry Wilkinson - Beloved Husband
Wilkinson Wendy Edith Wilkinson
Willams David.S Willams
Willetts David Willetts - Loving Husband, Father & Grandfather
Willetts Freda Willetts
Willetts Freda Willetts - Freda
Willetts Harry Willetts
Willetts Sol Willetts
Willetts Solomon Willetts - Sol
William Joyce William - Sister
Williams Agnes Williams - Mom & Nan
Williams Albert Williams - Dad & Grandad
Williams Alf Williams
Williams Alfred(Alf) & Doris Williams
Williams Alice & Hugh Williams
Williams Arthur& Julia Williams
Williams Barbara Williams
Williams Bill & Gwladys Williams
Williams Christopher Williams
Williams Clifford George Williams
Williams Clive Anthony Williams-Husband, Dad & G'dad Always Loved
Williams Cyril Williams
Williams Darren Williams - Loving Husband
Williams Darren Williams - Loving son&brother
Williams David Williams - Dave
Williams Don Williams - Dad
Williams Donald Charles Williams - Don
Williams Elle Williams
Williams Ellie Williams
Williams Emmie Williams
Williams Eric & Sheila Williams - Dad Brother & Sister
Williams Ethel Williams
Williams Eurwen Williams - Bubbles
Williams Gill Williams
Williams Gladys & Emrys Williams
Williams Grace Williams - Fondly remembered
Williams Herta Williams - Mutti
Williams Iris Williams - Dear Loved Sister of Beryl
Williams Joyce Williams - Sister
Williams Kathleen Williams - Mary
Williams Ken Williams
Williams Laurance Arthur Williams - 1925 - 2005
Williams Leonard George Williams - Dad
Williams Lillian Williams - Loved by Nicola,Sharon,Ethan Lacie
Williams Martin Williams - Dad & Grandad
Williams Melvyn Williams - Loved By All
Williams Mildred& Howard Williams - Parents
Williams Minnie Williams
Williams Norman Williams - Taf
Williams Peter Williams
Williams Ron Williams - Loving husband & father
Williams Sally & Joe Williams - Mom & Dad
Williams Sally & Joe Williams - Nan & Grandad
Williams Sybil Williams
Williams Sylva Kathleen Williams - Mum
Williams Theresa (Udakis) Williams
Williams Thomas Williams - Les
Williams Val Williams
Williams Violet Williams
Williams Walter Williams - Wat
Williamson Evelyn Williamson - Beryl
Williamson Jack (Pops) Williamson - Forever in our hearts
Williamson Jimmy Williamson - James
Willis Elizabeth Willis - Betty
Willis Florence Willis - May
Willis George Willis - Raymond/Ray
Willis Paul Willis - Never Forgotten
Willis Terrence Willis - Sam
Wilson Anne & Joe Wilson - Mum & Dad
Wilson Derek & Betty Wilson - Dad & Grandad, Mom & Nan
Wilson Geoff Wilson - Loved & Missed Every Day x
Wilson Gwen Wilson
Wilson Ian Wilson
Wilson John Wilson
Wilson Simon Wilson - Much loved Nephew & Cousin
Wilson Stan & Audrey Wilson
Wilson Woodrow Wilson - Woody
Wilton Irene Wilton - Sister
Wiltshire George Wiltshire
Wiltshire Sylvia Wiltshire
Wiltshire Win Wiltshire
Windsor Eric Windsor - Wonderful Husband, Father & G'dad, Loved always, never forgotten.
Winston Elsie & Jim Winston
Winter Dave Winter - Forever in our hearts
Winwood John Winwood - Husband
Wisdom Clare Wisdom
Wise Hilda Wise
Wood Albert Wood
Wood Andrew Wood
Wood Barbara Wood
Wood Elizabeth Ann Wood
Wood Ellen Wood
Wood Enock Wood
Wood Jean Wood
Wood Jean Wood - Mum
Wood Lillian Wood
Wood Mary Wood - Nanny
Wood Molly Wood - A great friend to Daphne & Gerald
Wood Richard Wood
Wood Steve Wood
Wood Ted Wood
Wood William & Mary Wood - Grandad & Nan
Woodhall Cecil Woodhall - Cis
Woodhall Len Woodhall - Lennie
Woodhall Mary Woodhall
Woodman Eric & Pat Woodman-Love from the Woodman Clan
Woodman Pamela Woodman - Pam
Woodman Roy Woodman - Love from the Woodman Clan
Woodvine Harry &Phyllis Woodvine
Woodvine John Woodvine - Jack
Woodvine Joyce Woodvine
Woodward Brian Woodward
Wooldridge Deborah Wooldridge
Woolford Andrew Woolford - Loved Son
Woolley Carl Woolley
Woolley Edna May Woolley - Thinking of you both at Christmas and always
Woolley Geoff Woolley
Woolley John Levi Woolley - Jack.
Woolley Mary & John Woolley
Wootton William Wootton
Wootton William Wootton - Bill
Workman Edna Workman
Workman Fred Workman
Workman Marjorie Workman - Marj
Worrall Francis Worrall - James, Jim
Worrall Jack Worrall
Worrall Patricia Worrall - Pat
Worrall Reginald Worrall - Reg
Wragg Liam Ashley Wragg - Grandson, Son
Wright Alan Wright
Wright Bill Wright
Wright Dot Wright
Wright Frank Wright - Dad
Wright Frank Wright - Grandad
Wright Joan Wright - mum
Wright John Wright - Grandad
Wright Julian Wright - Popa & Dad
Wright Lorna Wright
Wright Mary Wright - The best Mum in law and Nan ever
Wright Muriel Wright - Mu - Sister
Wright Peter. D Wright - Pidge
Wright Rachel Wright - Nanny & Mom
Wrighton Stephen Wrighton - Midge
Wyatt Kenneth Wyatt - Ken
Wycherley Jack, Nellie & Ron Wycherley - Mum & Dad, Brother
Wycherley Rex Webb Wycherley
Wyld Christine Wyld - Beloved Mother
Wyneberg Rachel & Paul Wyneberg
Wynn Catherine Wynn - Liz
Wynn George Wynn - William
Wynne Julie Wynne
Wyton Albert Wyton - Al - Elvis
Yaman Semih Yaman - Husband,Dad, Uncle
Yapp Bill & Mabel Yapp
Yapp Jack Yapp
Yapp John Yapp - Jack
Yarnold John Yarnold
Yates Anthony Yates - Tony
Yates Ellen Yates - Nellie
Yates Lesley Yates - Les
Yates Michael Yates - Mike, Husband
Yeomans George H. & Muriel M. Yeomans
Yeomans Reginald & Kathleen Yeomans
Yeomans Roger A. Yeomans
Yeomans Roger Yeomans - Rotary Club of The Wrekin
Yorke Colin Yorke
Young Alfred Young - Alf-love always
Young Craig Young - Beloved Son
Young Gaynor Young - Beloved Wife
Young John W. & Elizabeth Young - Dad & Mum
Young Mom, Dad & Brother George Young
Young Rose & Vic Young - Mum & Dad
Young Tyler, James Young
Young Winifred Young - Win-love always
Ziegenhagen Werner Ziegenhagen