Remembered for 2016

The names of loved ones remembered in 2016 are shown below.

Click the a letter to take you to the start of the corressponding surnames:-

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Abbey Don Abbey - Dad & Gwadad
Abbott Mary Abbott - Mom/Nan
Abbott Ron Abbott - Dad/Grandad
Adams Edie & Fred Adams - Mum & Dad
Adams Glenys Adams
Adams James Adams - Jim
Adams John & May Adams - Loved & Remembered every day
Adams Nicola Adams - Nicky-Louise - Daughter
Adams Phillip Richard Adams - Son & Brother
Adams Sidney Adams - John (Brother)
Adams Sidney Adams - John (Father)
Adams Sidney John Adams - John (Husband)
Adams Sydney John Adams - Brother
Addison Ronnie Addison - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Ainsworth Beatrice & Ted Ainsworth - Mom & Dad
Ainsworth Brian Ainsworth - Brother
Albert Roderick Albert - Joe (1924-2012)
Alcock Thomas Alcock - Tommy
Alexander Audrey Alexander - A Dear Mum
Alexander Eileen Alexander - A Dear Auntie
Alexander Jack Alexander - Dad
Alexander Sid Alexander - A Dear Uncle
Alford Albert Isiah Alford - Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandad
Alford Kim Lorraine Alford - Beloved Daughter & Sister
Alford Margret Alford - Auntie
Allan Gordon Trevor Allan - Grandad
Allaway Christopher Allaway - Chris
Allbutt Alfred Allbutt
Allbutt Elsie Allbutt
Allden Derek Allden
Allen Bernard Allen - Brother
Allen Charles & Lilian Allen - Dad & Mom
Allen Family Allen - Mom, Dad & All
Allen Geoff & Mabel Allen
Allen Geoffrey Allen
Allen Herbert & Olive Allen - Mum & Dad
Allen Lewis Allen
Allen Robert Allen
Allen Dave Allen
Allen Joe & Bertha Allen
Allford John Edward Allford - John
Allford Margaret Allford - Sister
Allistone Emily Allistone - Dot
Allistone Leslie Allistone
Allport Ada & Frederick Allport - Mom & Dad
Allport Jean Allport - Sister
Allworth Stan Allworth
Alstowe I D +L Alstowe - from RWB
Ambrose Audrey Ambrose
Ambrose Charles Ambrose - Charlie
Amias Brian Amias
Anderson Alexander Anderson
Anderson Bob & Jenny Anderson - A much loved & missed Mum & Dad
Anderson Kefi Anderson
Anderson Phyllis Anderson - Sadly missed
Anderson Bill Anderson - Always in our hearts and minds
Anderton Elizabeth Anderton - Betty
Anderton John Anderton - Jack
Anderton Patricia Anderton - Pat
Andrews Anthony Andrews - Andy
Andrews Margaret Andrews
Andrews Roy Andrews
Andrews Sylvia Andrews - Dearly loved,always remembered
Anslow Adrian Anslow - Our Hero
Anslow Carol Anslow - Caz
Anslow Ern Anslow
Anslow Margaret Anslow
Anslow Doreen Anslow
Anslow Gordon Anslow
Anson Jane Anson
Anson John & Betty Anson
Antonsen Jeffrey Antonsen - Jeff
Antonsen Michael Antonsen - Mike
Antonsen Michael Antonsen - Much loved son bro husband
Antonsen Steven Antonsen - Steve
Appleby Stan Appleby
Appleby Terri Appleby - Love you Grandma, always x
Apted Philip Apted - Phil
Archer Bernard Archer
Archer Daniel Archer - Always with us
Archer Dennis Archer
Archer Gordon Archer - Gan-Gan
Archer Louie Archer
Archer William Archer - Bill
Archer William Archer - Nink
Arden Joyce Arden
Armer Alan Armer - Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad
Armitage George William Armitage - We miss you everyday x
Armstrong Geoffrey Armstrong - Goodnight, God bless
Armstrong Ross Armstrong
Arnold Alan Arnold
Arnold Alan Arnold - Dad
Arnold Frank Arnold - Wife Sue & children Jane, Carl & Diane
Arrowsmith Betty Arrowsmith
Arrowsmith George Arrowsmith
Arrowsmith Gillian Arrowsmith - Gill
Arrowsmith Irean & Horase Arrowsmith - Sister & Brother in Law
Arrowsmith James Arrowsmith
Arrowsmith John Arrowsmith - Jack
Arrowsmith Michael Arrowsmith - MJ
Asadi-Hamedani Mohammed Bagher Asadi-Hamedani - Mo
Ash Anthony Ash - Always in our hearts ❤
Ashcroft John Ashcroft
Ashcroft Victor Ashcroft
Ashdown May Ashdown - Will never be forgotten
Ashen Jim & Rene Ashen - Mom & Dad
Ashford Joan Ashford - Always in our hearts
Ashley Doris Ashley
Ashley Edna & Horace Ashley
Ashley Gill Ashley - Beloved Wife & Mum
Ashley Lads Ashley
Ashley Ronald Ashley - Ron, Husband, Father, Grandad
Ashley Sam & Alice Ashley
Ashmore Harold Ashmore
Aslam John Aslam
Aslam Mohammed Aslam - David
Astbury Tina Jane Astbury - Daughter
Astley Sylvia Astley - Lovingly Remembered
Aston Alan & Kate Aston
Aston Emily Aston
Aston Ina Aston
Aston Nora & Jack Aston
Aston Pauline Aston
Aston Roy & Joyce Aston
Aston Ted & Gert Aston
Atkin Elsie Atkin
Atkin Lou Atkin
Atkins Albert W.R. & Mary W. Atkins - Bert & Wyn
Atkins Baby Charles Atkins
Atkins Edie Atkins
Atkins James Atkins - Jim
Atkins Mabel Atkins - May
Atkins Pat Atkins - Aunt
Atkins Stanley Atkins - Stan
Atkinson Edward Atkinson - Teddy
Atkinson John Atkinson - Gentleman John
Atkinson John Atkinson - Light of My Life
Atkinson Mark Atkinson - Brother
Atkinson Mark Atkinson - Son
Atkinson Norah Atkinson - Ada
Attrill Alec & Elsie Attrill
Attrill Derek Attrill
Attwood Joan & Sidney Attwood - Mum & Dad
Austin Graham Austin
Austins Edwina Austins - Mother-In-Law & Grandmother
Avery Harry & Joan Avery - Dad & Mum,Love & Miss You
Avis Carol Avis
Avis Hettie Avis
Avis Laurie Avis
Ayling Dave Ayling - Grandad + Great Grandad
Ayling Dave Ayling - Our Dadx


Bacon Arthur Harris Bacon - Arthur
Badger Leslie Badger
Badger Dean Badger - Loving Husband, Son & Uncle, always in our thoughts
Baggott Sheila Baggott
Bailey Agnes Bailey
Bailey Angela Bailey
Bailey Bill & Edie Bailey
Bailey Brenda & Howard Bailey
Bailey Caroline Leah Bailey - Always loved, Mum
Bailey Caroline Leah Bailey - Love Chad, Leah & Baby Bowie
Bailey Caroline Leah Bailey - Miss you, Martin
Bailey Christy Amy Bailey - Chris/Mom
Bailey Cliff Bailey - Husband, Dad, Grandad
Bailey Cyril Bailey - Dad
Bailey Dave Bailey - Dad,Thinking of you Lots of Love, Kerry
Bailey David Bailey
Bailey David Bailey - Dave
Bailey David senior Bailey - Dave
Bailey Derek Bailey - Dell, Dad, Grandad
Bailey Ernest Bailey
Bailey Geoff Bailey - Husband, Dad, Grandad & Brother
Bailey Graham Bailey - Peter; Dad, Husband, Grandad
Bailey Herbert Bailey - Herb
Bailey Horace Bailey
Bailey Jean Bailey
Bailey Jean Bailey - Mum I love you
Bailey Jessica Bailey
Bailey John Bailey
Bailey Merle & Bill Bailey
Bailey Mum & Dad Bailey
Bailey Nina Bailey
Bailey Philip Bailey - Phil
Bailey Vern & Joan Bailey - Dad & Mum
Bailey William Bailey - Bill
Bailey William Bailey - Bill
Bailey William Bailey - Bill husband
Baines Irene & Arthur Baines - Mum & Dad
Baines Ken Baines - Brother
Baker Ellen Baker - Wife, Mom, Nan
Baker Sharon Baker - Shaz
Baldock Trevor Baldock
Baldwin John & Betty Baldwin - Grandad & Nan
Baldwin William John Baldwin - Brother
Ball David Ball - Foggy
Ball Jackie Ball
Ball Laurence (lol) Ball - In my heart & soul Forever love Lynn xx
Ball Laurence Ball - Loving dad,grandad Greatly missed Samantha,Mark,Ryan & James xx
Ball Louise Ball - Lou
Ball Muriel & Eric Ball
Ball Norman Ball - Dad
Ball Robert Ball - Son
Ball Thomas Ball - Tommy
Ball William Ball - Gordon
Ballantyne Ronald Ballantyne
Bancroft Amy Bancroft
Bancroft Ronald Bancroft
Banford Ida & Cliff Banford - Mom & Dad
Banks Alice Banks
Banks Arthur Banks
Banks Beatrice Banks - Beattie
Banks Bertram Banks - Bert
Banks Doreen Banks
Banks Gertrude Banks
Banks Harry Banks - Uncle Harry
Banks Kathleen Banks - Katey
Banks Mike Banks
Banks Norman Banks
Banks Pauline Banks - Thanks for everything.❤
Banks Robert Banks - Jim, Loving Husband,Dad,&Grandad
Banner Charlotte Banner - Lottie (Nan) we carry you in our hearts
Bannister Ian Bannister
Bannister Isa Bannister
Banwell Olive Banwell - Mum & Gran
Barber George & Betty Barber
Barber George & Betty Barber - Devoted Nan & G'dad to Louise, Laura & Shannon
Barber George & Betty Barber - Much loved Mum&Dad, Lorraine & Georgina
Barber Jim Barber
Barber Leslie Barber
Barber Ronald Barber - Ron
Barber Sue Barber
Barlow Bill Barlow
Barnard Alan Barnard - Barny
Barnes Barry Alan Barnes - Tears still flow
Barnes Dennis Barnes - Barney
Barnes Ivy Barnes - Special Mum xx
Barnes Jane and Reg Barnes - Mum and Dad
Barnes Janet Barnes - Bakewell Tart
Barnes John Barnes - Geoff
Barnes Marion Barnes
Barnes Patricia Barnes - Pat
Barnes Percy Barnes - Special Dad xx
Barnes Richard Barnes
Barnes Ron Barnes - Loving Husband, Father & Grandad
Barnes Rtn David Barnes
Barnett Alan Barnett - Dave
Barnett Dennis Barnett - Loving Husband & Father
Barnfield Colin Barnfield - Husband,Dad,Grandad
Barnsley Noreen Barnsley - Sadly Missed
Barnsley Noreen Marnsley - Sadly Missed
Barrett Carole Ann Barrett - Golden Wife, Mom & Nan
Barrett John Barrett - John the Pipe
Bartlett Ronald Bartlett - Ron,Husband,Dad,G'dad,Gt.G'dad
Bartlett-Smith Della Bartlett-Smith
Bartley John Bartley
Bartley Lilian Bartley - Mrs.B.
Bassett Cyril Bassett - Pod
Batchelor Mary Batchelor
Batchelor Patricia Batchelor - Trish
Bates Barbara Bates
Bates Bill Bates
Bates Dennis Bates
Bates Dennis Ronald Bates
Bates Eric Bates - Dad
Bates Ivy Muriel Bates
Bates Kath Bates
Bates Kathleen Bates - Kath
Bates Paul Bates - Beloved Husband
Bates Paul Bates - Much missed Dad
Bates Paul Bates - Special Mate
Batley Charles Batley - Dad & Grandad
Baugh Fred & Olive Baugh - Grandad & Gran xx
Baumber James Baumber - Jim
Baxendale Craig Baxendale
Baxendale Joan Baxendale
Baxendale John Baxendale - Baxie
Baxster Christine Baxster - Sister
Baxter Allan Baxter - Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad, love from the family
Baxter Christine Baxter - Chris
Bayley Andrew Bayley
Bayley John Bayley
Bayley Lilian Bayley
Bayliss Ivy Bayliss - Dear Mum
Baynham Fred Baynham
Baynham Martin Baynham
Beach Fred Beach
Beach John & Liam Beach
Beach Mary Beach - Sister & Auntie
Beacham Ben & Mo Beacham - Dad & Mum
Beamson Wendy Beamson
Beard Arthur (Art) Beard - Never forgotten
Beard Arthur Beard - Art - Special Friend
Beard Bob & Dilys Beard - Xxx
Beard Maud & Len Beard
Beard Suzanne Beard
Beard Thomas Beard - Tommy
Beardall Graham Beardall
Beardmore Ann Beardmore
Beardmore Graham Beardmore
Beardsmore Brian Beardsmore
Beardsmore John Beardsmore - David
Beattie Jock Beattie - Husband & Dad
Bebbington Arthur Bebbington
Bebbington Margaret Rose Bebbington - Marg
Bebbington Maggie Bebbington
Becker Herbert Becker - Dad & Grandad
Beckett Christopher Anthony Beckett - Chris, a Loving Son & Brother
Becousse Michael Becousse
Beddall Sylvia & Peter Beddall - Loved & Missed Parents & Grandparents
Beddoes Hilda & Philip Beddoes - Mum & Dad
Beddoes Hilda Irene Beddoes - Darling Mum
Beddoes Lilian Beddoes - Great Nanny
Beddoes Philip Beddoes - Darling Dad
Beddow Albert Beddow - Dad
Beddow Mary Annie Beddow - Mom
Beddows Rene Beddows - Mom
Beddows Wilf Beddows - Dad
Beech Graham & Sheila Beech
Beech Tom Beech - Dad
Beesley Elizabeth Vera Beesley - Vera
Beeston Don & Mona Beeston
Begum Nasim Begum
Bell Barbara Christine Bell - Barb, Wife,Mom,Nan, Step mom & Sister
Bell John Bell - Always remembered, never forgotten
Bell Win Bell - Sister & Aunt
Bellett Debra Bellett - June 2013, dear daughter-in-law
Bellett Ian Bellett - Oct 2014, dear Son of Pat & Glyn
Bellringer Richard Bellringer
Benbow Rosalind Benbow - School Lane neighbours
Bench Albert & Joan Bench
Benford Steve Benford - Dear Son
Bengree Anthony Bengree - Tony
Bengree Ronald Bengree
Bengry Jack & Connie Bengry - Never forgotten
Bennett Audrey & Frank Bennett
Bennett Betty May Bennett
Bennett Christine Bennett - Chris
Bennett Dolly & Jack Bennett - Dearest Mum & Dad
Bennett Eric Bennett - Dearest BB
Bennett Jane Bennett - Remembered by Laura, Millie, Vic & Bella
Bennett Jane Bennett - Remembered by Nicky, Rob & Family
Bennett Jane Bennett - Remembered by Ron
Bennett Jane Bennett - Remembered by Sally, Trevor & Family
Bennett Jane Bennett - Remembered by Sarah, Glenn & family
Bennett Jane Claire Bennett - For Ever In Our Hearts
Bennett M.C.L. Bennett
Bennett Mary Bennett - Mary
Bennett Michael Bennett
Bennett Sidney Bennett - Sid
Bennett Suzanne Bennett - Mum, Grandma, Belle-mere
Bennett Ted & Evelyn Bennett
Bennison John Bennison
Benson Kevin Benson
Bent Gordon Bent - Husband, Father
Bent Janet Bent - Janet Buffam
Bentham Angela Bentham
Bentham Paul Bentham
Benting Brian David Benting
Bernardes Jack Bernardes - Dad - Fondly Remembered
Bernardes Joyce Bernardes - Mum - Fondly Remembered
Berridge Bridget Berridge - Bridge
Berry Thea Berry - Sleep Peacefully Angel
Berryman Charles Berryman - Charlie
Bessant Sylvia Bessant - Sylv
Betts Evelyn Betts
Betts Robert Betts - Bob
Bevan Austin Bevan - Ausie
Bevan Len & Iris Bevan - Brother in Law & Uncle, Sister
Bevan Rejean Bevan - Reggie
Bevin Alan Joseph Bevin
Bevin Gerald Jnr. Bevin
Bevin Gerald Snr Bevin
Bevin Joseph & Lily Bevin
Bevin Olive Bevin
Beynon David Beynon - A dear Nephew
Beynon David Beynon - Son
Beynon George Beynon - Husband
Bick Lilian Bick - (nee Fox)
Biddulph Kathleen & Eric Biddulph
Biddulph Winnie & James Biddulph - Mom & Dad
Bielitz Christine Bielitz - Mum & Grandma xx
Biggs Arthur Biggs
Biggs Clark Biggs - Much loved & missed Son & Brother
Biggs Florrie & William Biggs - Flo & Bill
Biggs Louie Biggs
Biggs Philip Biggs - Phil
Biggs Philip Biggs - Philly
Bigler Frieda Bigler
Billinge Douglas Billinge
Billingham Arthur Billingham - My Dad
Billington Terry Billington
Bingham Kenneth Bingham - Ken
Bingham Wendy & George Bingham - Geordie
Binnersley Norman Binnersley - Gone but never forgotten
Binns Arthur Binns
Binsley Dave Binsley - Much loved Dad & Grandad xxx
Birbeck John Birbeck - Brother
Birch Harold Birch - Birchie 1
Birch Norman & Ivy Birch
Birch Paul Adrian Birch - Birchie
Birch Paul Birch - Birchie 2
Birch Peter Birch - Always in our hearts
Bird Fred & Vera Bird
Birks Annie Birks
Birks Robert Birks - Rob
Birks Robert John Birks
Bishton Ron Bishton
Blackburn Isaac Blackburn - Uncle
Blackburn Jane Elizabeth Blackburn - Gran
Blackett Martin Blackett - Husband & Dad
Blackham Albert Blackham - Ted. Always in our hearts.
Blackham Heather Blackham - Hev, Miss you so much - Love Mum
Blackham Tony Blackham
Blackhurst Ken Blackhurst
Blagbrough Alex Blagbrough
Blagbrough George Blagbrough
Blagbrough Mark Blagbrough
Blagbrough Rosealeen Blagbrough
Blair Gary Blair - Brother
Blair Gary Blair - Godson
Blair Gary Blair - Son
Blair Gary Blair - Uncle
Blair Rita Blair - Grandma
Blair Rita Blair - Mother
Blair Rita Blair - Wife
Blake Ann Blake
Blakemore Alfred Blakemore - Beloved Dad & Grandad
Blakemore Elizabeth Blakemore - Beloved Mum & Grandma
Blakemore Richard Blakemore - Uncle Dick
Blakemore Susannah Blakemore
Blakeway Jack Blakeway - Husband,Dad,G'dad,GtG'dad
Bland Edward Bland - Ted
Blasczyk Rebecca Rose Blasczyk
Blinkhorne Joan Blinkhorne
Bliss Cyril Bliss
Bliss Doreen Bliss
Bliss Jack Bliss
Bliss Kathleen Bliss - Kath
Blockley Harry & Patie Blockley
Blocksidge Alice Blocksidge
Blocksidge Clifford & Flora Blocksidge
Blower Arthur & Mary Blower - Dad & Mom
Blower Denise Blower - Daughter/G'daughter to Ralph Jones
Blower Graham Blower - Husband
Blundell Peter Blundell - Dad
Blyth Danny Blyth - Yamo-Dad
Blyth Maddie Blyth - Mum
Board Charles Board - Dad & Grandad
Board Lilian Board - Mum & Nana
Board Ray Board - Brother & Uncle
Boddison David Boddison
Boddison Gordon & Marjory Boddison - Beloved Dad G'Dad G't G'Dad, Mum & Nan
Boddison Joyce Boddison
Boddison William Boddison - Bill, Beloved Dad,G'dad &G't G'dad
Boden Edith Boden - Dearest Wife & Mom
Boden Eileen & Bill Boden - From Loving Daughters
Boden Freda Boden - Parents & Grandparents
Boden Henry Boden - Father
Boden Ron Boden - Dad & Grandad
Boden Ronald Boden - Ron - Husband
Boden Wilfred Boden - Mom & Dad, Sadly missed
Bogdan Kazymyr Bogdan - Kaz
Bolas Jean & Harry Bolas - Dear Parents
Bolas John Bolas
Bolt Derek Bolt
Bolton Robert Bolton - Bob
Bonell Ann Bonell - Sister
Bookham John David Bookham
Bookham Patricia Ann Bookham
Bookham Patricia Anne Bookham
Booth Audrey Booth
Booth Lesley Booth - Les
Booth Tom Booth
Booth William & Dora Booth - Bill & Dora
Booton Bertha & Tom Booton - Dearly Loved Mum & Dad
Booton Gladys Booton - Mum,Nan,Great Nan
Borland Mary Borland
Borland William Borland - Jock
Bossman William Lowthian Bossman
Bostock Edith & John Bostock - Kath & Ossy
Bothwell John Bothwell - Father & Grandfather
Bothwell John Bothwell - Husband
Bott Ada Mary Bott - Mother
Bott Ernest George Bott - Father
Bouckley Arthur & Edith Bouckley
Boughey John Boughey
Boughey William Boughey - Bill
Bould Doris Bould - Mother
Bould Joseph Bould - Father
Boundford Raymond Boundford - Ray
Boundford Raymond Boundford - Ray
Bourgaize Dad Bourgaize
Bourgaize Mum Bourgaize
Bourne Doris Bourne
Bourne John Bourne
Bowater Adi Bowater - Mucker
Bowen Clifford Bowen - Cliff
Bowen Pete Bowen - With love always, miss you X
Bowen William Thomas Bowen - Will
Bowen Winifred Bowen - Win
Bowen Hadge Bowen
Bowman Mary Diana Bowman
Bowman Peter Andrew Bowman - Dad
Bowyer Enid Bowyer - Mom
Bowyer Helen Bowyer - Niece
Boxall Audrey Boxall
Boyle Ellen Boyle
Boyle Jack Boyle
Boynton Arthur & Elsie Boynton
Bradburn Cyril Bradburn - Dad
Bradburn Jean, Norman & Jane Bradburn - Uncle, Auntie & Cousin
Bradburn Joe Bradburn - Friend
Bradburn Joyce Bradburn - Mum
Bradburn Leslie Wilfred & Alice Irene Bradburn
Bradbury Gordon Bradbury - Father
Bradbury Gordon Bradbury - Husband
Bradford Nerys Bradford - Always in our thoughts
Bradley Joey Bradley - of Church Stretton - Forever Loved
Bradley John Bradley
Bradley Mike Bradley
Bradley Owen Bradley
Bradley Sylvia Bradley
Bradshaw Edith Bradshaw
Bradshaw Jen Bradshaw - Sister
Braid Ellen Braid
Braid Peter Braid
Braisdell Simon Braisdell - Beloved Son
Braley Christina Braley - Mum
Braley Lynda Braley - Daughter
Braley Norman Braley - Dad
Brant Ronald (Ron) Brant - Dad Grandad & Great Grandad
Brasenell Sid Brasenell - Siddy
Bray Colin Reuben Bray - Dad
Bray Ernest & Brenda Bray - Dad & Mum
Bray Leslie Bray - Les
Bray Sylvia Bray - Sue
Brayne Lol Brayne
Brayne Margaret Brayne
Brayne May Brayne
Brayne Pat Brayne
Braziel Gerald Braziel
Braziel Mary Braziel
Brazier George Brazier - Pop
Brazier Lilian & Ben Brazier - Mother & Father
Brazier Ronald Brazier - Loving Husband,Dad,G'dad,GtG'dad
Breakwell Dennis Breakwell
Breakwell Patricia Breakwell - Patty
Breeze George Breeze
Breeze Muriel Breeze
Bremmell Leslie & Eileen Bremmell
Brennan Barbara Brennan - Nanny BaBa Miss you so much xxx
Briarwood Alfred Briarwood - Eddie
Briarwood Kathleen Briarwood - Kath
Brice Cyril & Mary Brice
Brice Jan Brice - Mother Janmar
Brickley Kathleen & Kenneth Brickley
Bridgwater Elsie Bridgwater - Nan
Bridgwater Grace & Mac Bridgwater
Brierley Mary & Ernie Brierley - Loved parents & G'dparents
Briggs Jack Briggs - Grandad
Briggs Joe & Eve Briggs - Much loved Dad & Mom
Briggs Lily Briggs - Nan
Briggs Percy & Marg Briggs - Loved & remembered with a smile xx
Brigham Graham Brigham - dad to Sharon & Nicola
Brightley Trevor Brightley - Dad taken from us so quickly xx
Brigstock Margaret Brigstock - Maggie
Brisco Renee Brisco
Brisco Steven Brisco
Briscoe Florence & George Briscoe
Briscoe John Briscoe - Brian
Bristow Barbara Bristow
Bristow Tony Bristow
Britnell William Britnell - Bill
Brittain Margaret & Jack Brittain - Mum & Dad
Brittle Phyllis Brittle
Broad Dorothy Broad - Grandma to Anna & Jason
Broadbent Sheila Broadbent
Broadhurst Teresa Broadhurst - Sister
Brocklebank Joyce Brocklebank
Brocklebank Joyce Brocklebank
Brogan Debbie Brogan - Debs
Bromage Edith Annie Bromage - Edie, A loving Mum, Nan & G/Granma
Bromage Frank J Bromage - A loving Dad, Grandad & G'tGrandad
Bromley John Bromley - Dennis
Brooke Mick Brooke
Brookes Charlie (Grandson) Brookes - Missing you little man love Nan&Grandad Piggy
Brookes Colleen Brookes
Brookes Harold Brookes
Brookes Hilda Brookes
Brookes Kelvin Brookes - our Kel
Brookes Lilian Brookes
Brookes Lilian Brookes - Lily
Brookfield Lilian Brookfield - Mother
Brookstein Maureen Brookstein - Wonderful Wife, Mum & Nan
Brookstein Violet Brookstein - Much missed Mum & Nan
Broome Benjamin Alastair Broome - Ben
Broome Ernest Broome - Husband/Dad
Broome Grenville Richard Broome - Dickie
Broome Lillian Mary Broome - Lil
Broome Ray Broome
Broome Rosemary Broome - Daughter/Sister
Broome Sylvia Broome
Broomhall Barry Broomhall - Baz
Brophy Nellie Brophy - Miss you Nan
Brophy Walter Brophy
Brotherton Rob Brotherton
Brothwood Ada Brothwood
Brothwood Gordon Brothwood
Brothwood Horace Brothwood
Brothwood Irene & Reginald Brothwood
Brown Alice & Albert Brown
Brown Barbara Brown - Babs
Brown Beryl & Harry Brown - Mum & Dad
Brown Brian Brown - Blossom
Brown Christina Brown - Sister
Brown Dennis Brown
Brown Derek Brown - Grampy
Brown Enid Brown - Dotti
Brown Florence Brown
Brown Geoffrey (Geoff) & Hilda Brown
Brown Joan Brown
Brown Keith Brown - Dear Husband
Brown Molly Brown
Brown Robert Brown - B
Brown Roy Brown
Brown Sidney Brown - Sid
Brown Tom Brown
Brown Wendy Brown
Brown Garvey Brown - Son, Loved
Brownhill William Brownhill - Will, Son x
Browning David Browning - Son Bisto
Browning Jennifer Browning - Jenny
Broxton Ron Broxton - Simply the best, love Carol, Rose, Wendy & Brian
Broxton Ronald Broxton - Simply the best
Bryan Walter Bryan - A Special Husband,Dad,G'dad
Buchanan Andrew Buchanan - Dad,Grandad
Buchanan Jessie Buchanan - Mum,Grannie
Buckley Terence Buckley - Terry
Buckley Golder Kate & Mark Buckley Golder - Mom & Dad
Buckley Golder Mark John Buckley Golder - Brother
Bucknell Arthur Bucknell - Love you loads your loving partner Wendy
Bucknell Fred & Vi Bucknell
Bufton David Bufton - Buffers
Bufton Graham Bufton
Bufton Graham Bufton - Brother
Bull Rudi Bull
Bullock Alan Bullock - Dad
Bullock Alan Bullock - Husband
Bullock Bert Bullock
Bullock Olive Bullock
Bunce Edward Bunce - Ted. Husband Father & Brother
Bunning Peter Bunning - Pete
Burford Dennis Burford - Dear Husband, Dad & Grandad
Burgess Albert Burgess - Brother
Burgess Arthur Burgess - Father
Burgess Gladys Burgess - Sister-in-Law
Burgess Helen Burgess
Burgess Hobby Burgess
Burgess Iain Burgess - Remembered with love
Burgess Laura Burgess - Mother
Burgess Ronald William & Lilian Ruth Burgess - Hope you are together now.
Burgess Sophie Burgess
Burgess Sophie Burgess - Mummy to Oliver & Evie, daughter & sister
Burley Beryl (Bez) Burley - Missed by all,Mal,Leanne,Scott,June,Tamsin,Kieran,Catie
Burn George Burn - Grandad
Burnett Archie Burnett
Burnett Dylis Burnett
Burnett Keeli Burnett
Burns Alan Burns - Bruno
Burns Brian William Burns - Gis
Burns Roy Burns
Burrell Janet Burrell
Burrows Donald Burrows - Loving Father,husband & brother
Burrows Jack & Edith Burrows - Loving parents
Burton Edna Burton - Sister
Burton Michael Burton - Mike
Butler Baby Ryan Liam Butler
Butler Eric Butler
Butler John Butler
Butler Liz Butler
Butler Ronald Butler - Ron
Butt Edna Butt - Butty
Butt John Butt
Butterly Rosanna Butterly
Buttery Ann Buttery - Mom
Buttery Frederick Buttery - Fred
Buttery Reg & Alan Buttery - Husband & Son
Buttery Reg Buttery - Dad
Bye Stuart Bye
Byrne Breda Byrne - Never Forgotten
Byrne James Byrne - Friend
Byrne Joan Byrne - Beloved Wife,Mum,& Grandma
Bytheway Marion & Frank Bytheway


Cadman Alfred Cadman - Fred
Cadman Dianne Cadman - Granny Di
Cadman Gwendoline Cadman - Gwen
Cadman Janet Cadman
Cadman Thomas & Lillian Cadman
Cadwalleder Gillian Cadwalleder - Gill
Callaghan Alf Callaghan
Callear Louisa Callear - Louie
Callear Slaney Callear
Calvert Antony Calvert - Dad,Grandad
Cameron Sarah Cameron - Mum and Nan
Cameron Thomas Cameron - Grandad
Campion Brian Campion
Canner Harry Canner - Dear Dad of Sue
Canner Mary Canner - Wonderful mum of Sue
Cantrell Pauline Cantrell - Mum & Nan
Care Sylvia Care
Care Thomas Care - Tom
Carey Catherine Carey - Nan
Carey John Carey - Grandad
Carline Derek Carline
Carline George Carline
Carline Gordon & Sheila Carline - Dad,Grandad,Nan,Mum
Carline Harold Carline - "H"
Carline Ian Carline - Brother & Uncle
Carline Mable Carline
Caroll Joy Caroll
Carpenter Anne & Bill Carpenter
Carpenter Sheila Carpenter
Carr Derek Carr
Carr Derek Carr - Dad & Grandad
Carr Harold Carr
Carr Rebecca Carr - Daughter, Sister, Mother. Loved by us all
Carr Sydney Carr - Syd
Carrington Fred Carrington
Carrington Gerald Carrington - Jesse
Carrington Phyllis Carrington
Carrington Sandra Carrington - San
Carter Albert, Ruby & Simon Carter
Carter Colin Carter - David
Carter Douglas Carter - Doug
Carter Ellen Carter - Ellen
Carter Gordon Carter
Carter Michael Carter - Mick
Carter Rebe Carter
Carter Roy Carter - Dad
Carter William Carter - Bill
Cartwight Pat Cartwight - Dear Friend
Cartwright Alf & Edna Cartwright - Mum&Dad
Cartwright Andrew Cartwright - Drew
Cartwright Beryl Cartwright - Mum
Cartwright Bob Cartwright
Cartwright Charles Cartwright - Dad
Cartwright George Henry Cartwright
Cartwright Gerald Cartwright
Cartwright Gerald Cartwright - Husband
Cartwright Margery & Bert Cartwright - AHC-Bert
Cartwright Olive Cartwright
Cartwright Paul Cartwright
Cartwright Paul Cartwright - Son
Cartwright Sybil Cartwright
Carvell Alan John Carvell
Carvell Jean Carvell
Carver Charles Edward Carver
Cash Janet Cash - Sister
Cashmore Peter Cashmore - Bouff
Caswell Bruce Caswell - Grandad Bruce
Caswell Gary Caswell - Uncle Gazzer
Caswell John Caswell
Caswell Mary Caswell
Catling Albert William Catling - Bert
Catt Sophia Catt
Causer Cliff Causer
Causer Joan Causer
Causer Terry Causer
Cawthorne Marg Cawthorne
Chambers Nigel Chambers - Derek
Chambers Patrick Chambers - Paddy
Chambers Ruby Chambers - Mom
Chapman Anna Chapman - Annie
Chapman Bill and Gwen Chapman - Dad and Mom
Chapman Dorothy Chapman - Dos
Chapman Dorothy Chapman - Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma
Chapman Eddie Chapman
Chapman Eddie Chapman - Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad
Chapman Graham Chapman
Chapman Graham Chapman
Chapman John Chapman
Chapman John Chapman
Chapman Mick Chapman - Twin
Chapman Sarah Chapman - Nan
Chapman Sarah Chapman - Nan
Chard Frank Chard - Remembered by Sarah, Glenn & family
Charles Harry Charles - Dad
Charles Mary Charles
Charles Vera Charles - Mum x
Chatfield Rex Chatfield
Chattell Norman & Mabel Chattell
Chattell Norman & Mabel Chattell
Chatter Brian Chatter
Chatter Nellie Chatter
Chatter Tom Chatter
Chebsey Eileen Chebsey - Mom & Gran
Checkley Alice & Bill Checkley - Mom & Dad
Checkley Beryl & Flora Checkley - Sisters
Cheesman Andy Cheesman - Brother & Uncle
Cheesman Janice & John Cheesman - Mum and Dad
Cheesman John Cheesman
Chell Elvie Chell - Beautiful Lady
Cheshire Bert & Nell Cheshire
Cheshire Gail Cheshire
Cheshire Harold Cheshire - Jim
Cheshire Joan Lillian Cheshire
Cheshire John Reginald Cheshire
Cheshire Shaun Owen Cheshire
Cheshire Stephen John Cheshire
Chetwood Derrick Chetwood
Chetwood Edie Chetwood
Chetwood Richard Chetwood
Childs Cecil Childs - Cis
Childs George Childs - Beloved Father & Grandfather
Childs Gladys Childs
Childs Jack & Brenda Childs
Childs Lilian Childs - Lil, Beloved Mother & Grandmother
Childs Sarah Childs - Betty
Chinn Lucy Chinn - Flo
Chinn Wally Chinn
Chipp Kenneth Chipp - Ken
Chissell Helen Chissell - A Very Dear Friend
Chrisman Marjorie Chrisman - Marj
Christie Robert Christie - Dad & Grandad
Christie Susan Christie - Mom & Grannie
Christomands Carole Christomands
Christomands Carole Christomands
Churm Connie Churm
Churm Gavin Thomas John Churm - Gav
Churm Josephine Churm - Jose
Churm Ron Churm
Churm Samuel Churm - Cliff
Churm Tim Churm - Friend
Churm Timothy Churm - loved forever missed every day
City Mick City - Dad
Clancy Anne Clancy - Special Nana and loving friend
Clancy John Clancy - Special Papa and loving friend
Clarence Chris Clarence - A treasured son in law
Clarence Chris Clarence - Always Remembered
Clarence Chris Clarence - Remembering a wonderful daddy
Clark George Clark
Clark Jonathan Clark
Clark Tony Clark
Clark Tony Clark - Dad,Grandad
Clarke Albert Clarke
Clarke Andy Clarke
Clarke Arthur Clarke - Nobby
Clarke Avis & Graham Clarke - Friends
Clarke David Clarke
Clarke David Clarke - Husband
Clarke Edward Clarke - Ted
Clarke Enid Clarke
Clarke Florrie & Arthur Clarke - Never Forgotten
Clarke George & Eileen Clarke
Clarke Iris Clarke
Clarke Iris Clarke - Always in our hearts
Clarke John W J Clarke - Snowy
Clarke John W J Clarke - Snowy, With Love & Pride, Your Loving Family
Clarke Joyce Clarke
Clarke Marjorie Clarke - Marge
Clarke Muriel & Dennis Clarke
Clarke Rose & Joe Clarke
Clarke Sylvia Clarke - Friend
Clarke Tom & Phyllis Clarke
Clarke Trevor Gordon Clarke
Clarke Louise Clarke - Loll
Clay Peter Clay - Pete Padden
Clayton Elaine Clayton
Cleary Michael Cleary - Mick
Cleary Peter Cleary - Grandad/Dad
Cleary Teresa Cleary - Nan/Mum
Clements Reginald & Joan Clements
Clemson Amy Clemson
Clemson Frank Clemson
Clifford Peter Clifford
Clift Ina Clift
Clift Marjorie Clift - Queenie
Clinch Eve & Perce Clinch
Cloete Reginald Cloete - Reg
Clowes Iris & Maurice Clowes
Clyne Gladys Clyne - Cis
Coldicutt Lyn June Coldicutt
Coldicutt Rupert Ross Coldicutt
Cole Charles Victor (Vic) & Gladys Cole
Cole Sheila & John Cole
Coles Gary Coles - Garf
Coles Janet Coles - Mom,Nan
Coles Robert Coles - Bob
Coles Tracey Coles
Colley Albert Colley
Colley Charles Colley
Colley Cyril Colley
Colley David Colley
Colley Joyce Colley
Colley Lester Colley - Brother & Uncle
Colley Lilian Colley
Colley Pat Colley - Loved Friend
Colley Pat Colley - Wife, Mum and Nan. Forever loved xx
Colley Paul Colley
Colley Philip Colley
Colley Raymond Colley - Dad & Grandad
Collingham Alf Collingham
Collingham Violet Collingham - Jinks
Collins John Collins - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Collins John Henry Collins - "Harry"
Collins Mary Frances Collins
Collins Peter James Collins
Collins Robert Collins
Collins Sarah Collins - Mom, Daughter in Law
Collins Sydney & Maud Collins
Collumbell Victoria Collumbell - Vicky.Love & Miss you
Conley Sandra Conley
Connolly Shirley Connolly
Conway John Conway - Jack
Cook Reg Cook - Dad,Grandad
Cook Sophie Cook - Mum,Grandma
Cooke Calvin Cooke - Loved and missed always xx
Cooke Elizabeth Cooke - Liz - Mom
Cooke Gordon Cooke - Husband
Cooke Kay-Leigh Cooke - Always in our thoughts
Cooke Liz Cooke - Miss you
Cooke Mary & Tom Cooke - Mam & Popsi
Cooke Peter Cooke - Husband,Father,Grandad
Cooke Vic Cooke - Miss you
Cooke Victor Cooke - Vic. - Dad
Cookson Eric & Olwen Cookson - Dad & Mum
Cookson John Cookson - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad.
Coomber Bert & Ellen Coomber - Dad & Mum
Cooper Brian Cooper
Cooper Diane Cooper - A very dear friend
Cooper Edward Cooper - Teddy
Cooper Frank Cooper - Dad
Cooper Gerald Cooper
Cooper Iris Cooper - Mum
Cooper Lilian M. Cooper
Cooper Neville Cooper - Dear Husband,Dad&Grandad
Cooper Rosemary Ann Cooper - Anny
Cooper Yvonne Cooper - Von. Mom & Wife, missed every day.
Cope Janet Cope
Cope Ron & Claire Cope
Copeland William Copeland - Bill
Coppage Terry Coppage - Love you always x
Corbett Bill & Audrey Corbett
Corbett George & Hilda Corbett - Grandad and Nan
Corbett Harry Corbett
Corbett John Corbett - Husband/Dad
Corbett Robert William Corbett - Rob
Corbett Samuel Corbett - Sammy, loving Dad & Grandad
Corbett Victor Corbett - Vic
Corbishley Gladys & Horace Corbishley - Nan & Grandad
Corbishley Jane Corbishley - Mom & Nan
Corbishley Reg Corbishley - Dad & Grandad
Cork David Cork - Diddle
Corley John Corley
Corrall Dennis Corrall
Cosco Angelo Cosco
Cosco Angelo Cosco - Father in Law & Grandad
Cosco Gino Cosco
Cosco Gino Cosco - Husband & Dad
Cottam Lily Cottam
Cottam Lily Cottam - Sister & Auntie
Cotterill Albert Cotterill - Sadly missed father
Cotterill Teresa Cotterill - Sadly missed mother
Cottle Reg & Muriel Cottle
Cotton Albert & Ethel Cotton
Cotton Albert Cotton
Cotton Ethel Cotton
Cotton Evelyn Louisa Cotton
Cotton Josie Cotton - Josie
Coulbeck Ken Coulbeck - Loved & remembered with a smile xx
Cousins Terry Cousins
Cowling Florence Cowling
Cowling Harry Cowling - Mick
Cox William Cox - Bill
Cox Winifred Cox - Winn
Crabtree Harry & Frances Crabtree - Reunited
Craig James Craig - Jim
Craig Peter Craig - A much loved Daddy
Craig Vera Craig
Crampton Albert Crampton - Jim
Crawford Lawrence Crawford - Joe
Crawley Kenneth Crawley - Ken
Crisp Julia Crisp - Beloved Sister
Croft Gloria Croft - Sister
Crosbie Bill & Jessie Crosbie
Crosbie Lorna Crosbie
Cross May & Harry Cross - Mum & Dad
Cross Sheila Cross
Cross Sheila Cross - Mom
Crossland Colin Crossland
Croudace John Croudace - Sadly missed by all his children
Croudace Margaret & John Croudace - Sadly Missed by all their children
Croudace Margaret Croudace - Sadly missed by all her children
Crowhurst Eleanor Crowhurst - Our Dear Grandaughter
Cruise Daisy Cruise - Mum, Nan
Cruise Emily & John(Jack) Cruise - Dear Parents & Grandparents
Crutchley William Crutchley - Bill
Csernikovics Claudio Csernikovics
Csernikovics Istvan Csernikovics - Steve
Culling Emma Culling
Cummings Ernest Cummings - Ernie
Cunningham-Salmon Margerey Cunningham-Salmon
Cureton Alfie Cureton
Cureton Paul Mathew Cureton - Chick
Curle Joan Curle - Digger
Curnow John Curnow - JJ
Curry Eileen Curry - Sr. Mary Carmelita (aunt)
Curry Martin Curry - Dad
Curtis Charles & Annie Curtis - Mom and Dad
Curtis Doreen Curtis - (Dee) Sister in law
Cutting Les Cutting
Cutting Marjorie Cutting


Daker Harry Daker - Dad
Daker Phyllis Daker - Mom
Daker Robert Daker
Dale Jeffrey Dale - Jeff
Daley Owen Daley - We are one
Daniel Graham Daniel - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Daniel Norah Daniel
Darby Girls & Lads Darby
Darby Joan Darby
Darlington Maurice Darlington
Darrall Anne Darrall - Matron
Darrall Emily Darrall
Darrall Gordon Darrall
Darrall James Darrall - Son & Brother love & miss you always
Darrall Joseph & Mary Darrall
Darrall Lesley Darrall - Les
Darrall Pat & Rick Darrall - Daphne & Dicky
Darrall Samuel Darrall
Darricott Fred Darricott - Darry
Darricott Queenie Darricott
Darville Joe & Molly Darville - Mum & Dad
Darville Joseph Darville - Brother
Davenport Anita Davenport
Davenport Bryan Davenport
Davey Paul Davey - Son & Brother
Davey Robert Davey - Husband & Father
Davies Davies - Alice & Bill
Davies Alfred Davies - Alf
Davies Alice Davies
Davies Ann Davies
Davies Anthony Davies - Son
Davies Beryl & Gerald Davies
Davies Bobby Blue Davies - Loss of a dear pet.
Davies Carol Davies - My wonderful Mom
Davies Dan Davies - Danny
Davies Elsie Davies - Marion
Davies Ena & John (J.B) Davies
Davies Ernest & Fanny Davies - Dad & Mum
Davies Florence Davies - Mum & Nana
Davies Frank Davies - Dad & Grandad
Davies Geoffrey Allan Davies
Davies Gill Davies - Mom - Love from Alison
Davies Gillian Davies - Gill
Davies Gillian Davies - Much loved Sister and Auntie
Davies Glyn Davies
Davies Harry Davies
Davies Helen Davies - Nanna
Davies Herbert Davies - Bert, Husband, Dad & Grandad
Davies Ivor Davies
Davies Jack & Winifred Davies
Davies Jack Davies
Davies Jessamine Davies - Jess
Davies Jim & Mabel & Son James Davies
Davies Joan Davies - Sister
Davies Julie Davies
Davies Ken Davies
Davies Kenneth Davies - Miss you Dad, Mandie
Davies Leon Davies - Lots of love Paula, Ste & family
Davies Leonard & Gwendolen Davies - Len & Gwen
Davies Leonard Davies - Len
Davies Leslie Davies - Taid
Davies Mary & Fred Davies - Dearest Mom & Dad
Davies Maurice Victor Davies
Davies Michael Davies
Davies Myra Davies - Nan
Davies Naomi Davies
Davies Noel & Lillie Davies - Dad & Mum
Davies Norman & Janet Davies
Davies Patrick Davies - Husband and Dad xxx
Davies Peter Davies
Davies Priscilla Davies - Pat
Davies Ray & Gwen Davies - Mum & Dad
Davies Rhys John Davies
Davies Robert Davies - Bob
Davies Thomas Davies - Tom
Davies Tillie Davies - Daughter
Davies Tillie Davies - Niece
Davies William & Mary Davies
Davies William Davies - Bill
Davies Winifred Davies
Davies Yvonne/Emma Davies - Cousin
Davis Carole Davis - Mum & Nan
Davis Ivy Davis - Mompie
Davis John Davis
Davis Joyce & Ernest Davis
Davis Leslie Davis - Pompie
Davis Walter John Davis - Jack
Davis Alan Davis
Davison William Davison - Billy
Davy Josie Davy
Dawes Brian Dawes
Dawes Cliff Dawes - Loved & Remembered Always
Daws Ernest Daws
Dawson Arnold Dawson - Husband
Dawson Beattie & Albert Dawson - Aunt & Uncle
Dawson Irene & Eric Dawson - Mum & Dad
Dawson John Dawson - Uncle
Dawson Jon Dawson - Sadly missed Daddy
Dawson Ralph T. Dawson - Brother,Uncle
Dawson Ralph Trevor Dawson
Day Cicely Day - Kit
Day Fred Day
Dayus Alice Dayus - Mom & Nan
Dayus Bill Dayus - Dad & Grandad
de Bell Jack de Bell - Rue (18)
de Freitas Joseph de Freitas - Joe
de Mendonca Edna de Mendonca
de Mendonca Francisco de Mendonca - Frank
Deakin Archie Robert Deakin
Deakin Carolyn Deakin - Daughter
Deakin Charles Deakin - Sonny-Special Dad xx
Deakin Diane Deakin - Di
Deakin Edwin (Ed) Deakin - My Endless Love xx
Deakin Eileen Deakin - Special Mum xx
Deakin Gordon Deakin - Husband
Deakin Henry Deakin
Deakin Norman Robert Deakin
Deakin Stan L. & Nora Deakin - Grandad and Nan
Delany Elsie Delany - Love you always Nan , Merry Christmas
Delves Vera Delves
Delves William Henry Delves - Harry
Dempsey Martin Dempsey
Dennis Irene SRN Dennis
Denton Coulson & Jean Denton
Denyer Trevor Denyer - Trev
Derricutt Jeff Derricutt
Derrington Chris & Roland Derrington - Loving Parents
Derry John Derry
Desolla Patrica Desolla
Devine Jim Devine - Dad & Grandad
Devine Sue Devine - Mom & Nan
Devoir Hayley Devoir - Forever loved, never forgotten
Dewhurst Eric Dewhurst - Ecka Pecka
Dhanoa Amerjit Singh Dhanoa
Dhanoa Chanan Singh Dhanoa
Dhanoa Tarsem Singh Dhanoa
Dicken Basil Dicken - Dad
Dicken Frances Dicken - Mum
Dickie Lily Dickie - Lillian
Differ Harriet Differ - Mom,Grandmother,Grt.Grandmother
Differ Peter Differ - Dad, Grandad, Grt.Grandad
Dinsdale Jean Dinsdale - Mum & Nan
Diss Flo & George Diss - Dear Parents
Dixey Kevin Dixey - Dear Son & Brother
Dixon Julia Dixon
Dobson Margaret Dobson
Dobson Maureen Dobson
Dobson Raymond Dobson - Dobbo Dear brother
Dodd Brian Dodd - Dad & Grandad
Dodd Eileen Dodd
Dodd Gordon Dodd
Dodd Hazel Dodd
Dodd Lee Dodd
Dodd Mary Dodd - miss you
Dodd Roger Dodd - Doddy
Dodd Ruth Dodd - Rupert
Dodds Mary Dodds - Dear Friend
Doley Irene Doley - A much loved & missed mum
Dolphin Bill and Lily Dolphin
Donaldson Ross Donaldson
Donaldson-Wood Jenett Donaldson-Wood
Doody Gilbert Doody - Gilly - Missed dearly
Doody Lucy Margaret Doody - Madge, Mum & Gran
Dorricott Albert Dorricott
Dorricott Mary Dorricott
Dorricott Minnie & Francis Dorricott - Mum & Dad
Dougill Charles Dougill
Dougill David Dougill
Dougill Joan Dougill
Doveston Brian Doveston - Brother
Doveston Brian Doveston - Dad & Grandad
Doveston Ern Doveston - Dad & Grandad
Doveston Mary & Ern Doveston - Mom & Dad
Doveston Mary Doveston - Mom, Grandma & Great Grandma
Dowell Michael Dowell - Mick
Dowling Alice Dowling
Dowling Iris & Bob Dowling - Missed by all, love Gail x
Downes Barry Downes
Downes Norma Downes
Downing Annie Downing
Downing Raymond & Marion Downing - Grandad & Nan
Downing Ted Downing
Downing Michael Downing
Downton John Downton
Downton Sean Downton
Downward Norman Downward - Nobby
Drake Sir Francis Drake
Draper June Draper - Mum & Nan
Drew Brenda Drew - Mom
Drew Brenda Drew - Nan
Drew John Drew - Grandad,Dad,Husband
Drohan Susan Drohan - Sue
Duce Frank Duce
Duckett Daphne Duckett
Duckett Ethel Duckett
Duckworth Eric Duckworth - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Duddell Cecil Duddell - Cis
Duddell Evelyn Duddell - Mum
Duddell Gladys Eve Duddell
Duddell Gladys Patricia Duddell
Duddell Howard Duddell - Dad
Duddell Jessie Duddell
Duddell John Duddell - "our John"
Duddell Muriel Duddell
Duddell William George Joseph Duddell
Dudley Ben & Mary Dudley
Dudley Bill Dudley
Dudley Elsie Dudley
Dudley Harold & Bertha Dudley
Duffy Brendan Duffy - Bren
Duncan Kathleen Duncan - Kay
Duncan Margaret Duncan
Dunn Hilda Joyce Dunn - Joyce
Dunn Micheal Dunn
Dunn Raymond Dunn - Ray (Dad)
Dunn Robert Malcolm Dunn - Always Remembered
Dunn Ronald & Lilian Dunn
Dunn Thomas Dunn
Dunn William Dunn - Bill
Dunwell Heather Dunwell - Dear Cousin
Dury Keith Dury - "Fish" always in our thoughts
Duthie John Duthie - J.D.
Dyer Ruth Dyer
Dyke Arthur & Mary Dyke


Eagleton Rosie May Eagleton
Earp Alan & Freda Earp
Easter Ralph Dennis Easter - Den
Easton Margaret Easton
Eaton David Eaton
Eaton Elizabeth Eaton - Liz
Eatough Geoff Eatough
Eccleston David James Eccleston - A Dear Husband & Dad
Eccleston Edward Eccleston - Dad & Grandad
Eccleston Edward Eccleston - Eddy
Ecclestone Brenda Ecclestone - Josie
Ecclestone Henry Ecclestone - Harry
Edden George & Jean Edden - Dad, Grandad & Mum, Gran
Edgar Donald Edgar - Bill
Edgar Mabel Edgar - Anne
Edge Dorothy Edge - Doll,Nan
Edge John Richard Edge - Remembered with love
Edge Malcolm Edge - Husband & Dad
Edge Robert Edge - Bob
Edgerton Alice Edgerton
Edgerton Barbara Edgerton
Edgerton Frank (M.M.) Edgerton - Loving Husband Dad & Grandad XX
Edgerton Gordon Edgerton - Dad & Grandad
Edgerton Gordon Edgerton - Husband
Edgerton Mary & Jack Edgerton
Edmunds Elsie Edmunds - Elsie Lilly
Edmunds William Edmunds - Bill
Edwards Allan Edwards
Edwards Annie (Mom) Edwards - Thinking of you Love Nigel,Sarah,Sophie,Beth
Edwards Annie Edwards
Edwards Arthur Edwards
Edwards Barbara Edwards - Babs
Edwards Carol Ann Edwards - Carol Dodd
Edwards Chris Edwards - Wonderful Husband,Father & G'father
Edwards Douglas & Susan Edwards - Doug & Sue
Edwards Edna Edwards
Edwards Frank & Marie Edwards
Edwards Graham Edwards - Allan
Edwards Gwendoline Edwards - Much Loved Nan
Edwards Harry & Phyllis Edwards
Edwards Harry Edwards
Edwards Horace Edwards - "H", Beloved Grandad & Great Grandad
Edwards Jack Edwards
Edwards Jack Edwards
Edwards James Edwards - Jim
Edwards Joan Edwards
Edwards Joe & Grace Edwards
Edwards Lola Edwards - Auntie
Edwards Lola Edwards - Mom, Nan
Edwards Lola Edwards - Sister & Aunty
Edwards Lola Edwards - Wife
Edwards Louisa Edwards - Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother
Edwards Margaret Edwards - Loved and missed always
Edwards Margaret Edwards - Mi
Edwards Margaret Edwards - Much loved Mom and Nan
Edwards Marjorie & Albert Edwards
Edwards May Edwards - Forever missed xxx
Edwards May Edwards - Mom - Loved Always
Edwards Mum & Dad Edwards - Missed so much
Edwards Muriel & Bill Edwards - Mom & Dad
Edwards Patricia Edwards
Edwards Ron Edwards
Edwards Thomas Edwards - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Edwards Thomas Edwards - Tom
Edwards Tom & Ann Edwards - Much loved Parents & Grandparents
Edwards Violet Edwards
Edwards William Edwards - Bill
Eggerton Douglas Eggerton - Doug
Eggerton Marjorie Eggerton - Mother
Egginton Mary & Joseph Egginton - Mum & Dad
Elcock Bill & Winnie Elcock
Elcocks Debbie Elcocks
Elkes Jack Elkes
Elks Tony Elks
Ellams Doris Ellams
Ellams Keith Ellams
Ellams Marie Ellams
Ellams Reginald Ellams - Reg
Elliot Joseph Elliot - Joe
Elliott John Ralph Elliott - Loving Dad and Grandad
Ellis Gerald Ellis
Ellis John Ellis
Ellis Marie Ellis - Dear Aunt
Ellis Olive Ellis
Ellison Ian Ellison - Wacko
Ellison Roy Ellison - Dad
Elwell Valerie Elwell
Embers Malcomb Embers - Miss You Hon
Emery Hilda Emery
Emonson James David Emonson
Emonson John Emonson
England Cherry England - My special friend
England Cherry England - My special friend
England Freya England
Erskine Valerie Erskine
Evans Agnes Violet Evans - Agnes
Evans Alan Evans
Evans Albert & Marjorie Evans
Evans Audrey Evans
Evans Barbara Evans - Mum, Grandma & Great Grandma
Evans CVF Fred&Nora Evans - A Dearly Loved Mum Dad Nan&Grandad Sadly Missed
Evans Dandy Evans - Cousin
Evans David Evans
Evans Doris & Arthur Evans - Mom & Dad, Love from all the family
Evans Ellen Evans - Grandma
Evans Evelyn Grace Evans
Evans Florence Lilian Evans - Lily
Evans George & Marian Evans
Evans George Henry Evans
Evans Graham Evans
Evans Graham Evans - The Little Butcher
Evans Jamie William Evans
Evans Jean Victoria Evans - A treasured friend
Evans John (Jack) & Joan Evans
Evans John Edward Evans
Evans Joshua Evans
Evans Kathleen Evans
Evans Keith Evans - Husband & Father
Evans Ken Evans
Evans Lawrence Evans - Lol; Love you always, your loving wife
Evans Leanard Mark Evans - Len
Evans Len Evans
Evans Lill & Bill Evans - Mom & Dad
Evans Linda Evans
Evans Linda Evans - Sister and auntie
Evans Louisa Evans - Mom
Evans Margaret Evans
Evans Maud Evans - Loved and remembered
Evans Nancy & Vernon Evans
Evans Nigel Evans - Nige
Evans Paul Evans
Evans Philip Evans - Son
Evans Ralph Evans
Evans Ralph Evans - Beloved ,Husband,Father,G'dad Loved forever
Evans Raymond Walter Evans - Ray
Evans Stanley & Mazie Evans
Evans Sylvia Evans
Evans Tom Evans
Evans Tom Evans - "Dad"
Evans Tom Evans - Dad
Evans Vajah Kyah Evans
Evans Verlie & Albert Evans - Together forever
Evans William J Evans - Bill
Everitt Abbie Everitt
Everitt David Everitt - Wonderful Husband and Father
Everson Amy & Bob Everson - Dearly loved Mom & Dad
Everton Janet Everton
Everton Janet Everton - Janet
Everton John Everton
Everton Steve Everton
Everton Valerie Everton
Ewings Robert Ewings - Bob - Dad


Fairclough Charlie Fairclough
Falconer Jennifer Falconer
Falconer John Falconer - Dad/Grandad
Fallon Paul Fallon - Husband,Father,Grandfather
Falshaw Audrey & Vic Falshaw
Falshaw Audrey & Victor Falshaw - Mom & Dad
Falshaw Peter Falshaw
Farlow Florence & Alfred Farlow - Mom & Dad
Farmer Barry Farmer - Still loved & Missed Every Day x
Farmer Keiran Farmer - Son in Law
Farmer Kieran Farmer - Brother
Farmer Kieran Farmer - Dad
Farmer Kieran Farmer - Gt. Uncle
Farmer Kieran Farmer - Son, Forever in our Hearts
Farmer Kieran Farmer - Uncle
Farrell Kenneth Farrell - Ken
Faulkner Andrew Neil Faulkner
Faulkner Charles Frederick Faulkner - Wag
Faulkner Edna Annie Faulkner - Aggie
Faulkner William Faulkner - Bill
Fellows Ann Fellows - Nancy
Fellows Helen Fellows
Fellows Leslie Fellows
Fellows Robert Fellows - Bob
Fellows Tony Fellows
Fellows Tony Fellows - Much missed "Social Secretary"
Fellows Wayne Fellows
Fellows-Barnes Ryda-Hareeson Fellows-Barnes
Felstead Connie Felstead
Felton Dorothy & Andy Felton - Always remembered, Mark, Helen & all the family
Felton Edna & Norman Felton - Mum & Dad
Felton Violet Felton
Fernley George Fernley - Dad
Ferriday Brenda Ferriday
Ferriday Derek Ferriday - Dad
Ferriday Derek Ferriday - Father
Ferriday Derek Ferriday - Husband
Ferriday Edgar & Margaret Ferriday - Eggie & Margo
Ferriday Harold & Dorothy Ferriday
Ferriday Mary & Ern Ferriday - Auntie Mary,Uncle Ern
Ferriday Tom & Nancy Ferriday
Ferry May Ferry - Granny
Fidler John Fidler - Jack - Husband, Father & Granddad & Pops
Field Frank Field
Field Mary Field - Mom
Field Peter Field - Brother
Field Victor Field - Dad
Filtness Violet Filtness
Filtness Violet Filtness - Nan
Finch Graham Finch - A Beloved Husband and Father
Findlay Pat Findlay - Mom
Finnigan Alfred Bernard Finnigan - Alf
Finnigan James Finnigan - Jim
Finnigan Joseph Colin Finnigan - Joe
Firmstone Christine Firmstone
Fisher Alan Fisher - Dear Dad, always in our hearts
Fisher Alan Fisher - Miss you Grandpa
Fisher Alan Fisher - Peace is yours, memories are ours, Kathy
Fisher Frank Fisher
Fisher Gladys Fisher
Fisher Hilda Fisher
Fisher Len Fisher
Fitzgibbon Troy Fitzgibbon - Troggle
Flatt David John Flatt - Flatty
Fletcher Adie Fletcher - Dude xx
Fletcher Ann Fletcher - RIP Mum
Fletcher Daisy Fletcher
Fletcher Edwin & Lilian Fletcher
Fletcher George Fletcher - Ex T.D.C.
Fletcher Gloria Fletcher
Fletcher Joan Fletcher
Fletcher John Fletcher
Fletcher Josephine Mary Fletcher - Josie
Fletcher Mary Fletcher
Fletcher Olive Fletcher - Nanny Cookie
Fletcher Paul Fletcher - Paulos
Fletcher Ray Fletcher - Grandad Cookie
Fletcher Sarah Fletcher - Miss & Loved
Fletcher Stanley Fletcher - Ted
Fletcher Teigan Fletcher - The brightest star still shines in all our hearts
Fletcher Tony Fletcher - Always in our thoughts and hearts
Fletcher William George Fletcher - Bill
Flowers Sarah Flowers - We love & miss you every day
Floyd Catherine Floyd
Flude Richard Peter Flude
Follows Roy Follows - "Beany", Dad & Grandad
Forbes Thomas Forbes - Tommy
Ford Annette Ford
Ford Dave Ford
Ford Dorothy Ford - Dot
Ford Jack & Mabel Ford - Treasured Parents xx
Ford James Ford - Jim
Ford Jill Ford - Sister
Ford John Ford - Loved Husband, Dad & Grandad
Foreman Claire Elizabeth Foreman - Forever in our hearts
Forgacs Istvan Forgacs - Steve, dear Husband of Ann
Forrest Victor Forrest - Vic
Forrester Bill Forrester - Beloved Husband of Joy
Forrester Fred & Lottie Forrester
Forsyth Dave Forsyth
Foster Colin Foster - Beloved Son
Foster Doreen Foster - Dearly loved mother&nan forever in our thoughts
Foster Harry Foster - Dearly loved son&brother always in our hearts
Foster John Foster - Best Dad in the World
Foster John Foster - Loving Husband & Dad
Foster Kath Foster
Foster Ken Foster
Foster Mary Foster
Foster Dorothy Foster - Dot
Foulkes Edward Charles Foulkes - Ted
Foulkes Ethel May Foulkes
Foulkes Marjorie Foulkes
Fowler Pauline Fowler
Fox Barbara Fox
Fox Donald Fox - Don
Fox Elli Fox - Nanny
Fox Geoff Fox
Fox Graham Fox - Foxy
Fox Roy Fox
Fox Sylvia Fox - Mom Nan Silv
Fox Vera Fox - Loved & missed Sister and Auntie x
Foyle Derek Foyle
Francis June & Bill Francis - Mom & Dad
Francis Oswald Francis - Ossy
Francis Sarah Francis
Francis William Francis - Billy
Franks Albert Franks - Beloved Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad, miss you so much
Franks Albert Franks - Beloved husband. Loved & missed everyday, yours Mary
Franks Jean & Norman Franks
Fraser nee Cleobury Rachel Fraser nee Cleobury
Frazer Sue Frazer - Mum, Nan & Sister
Freeman Hazel Freeman
Freeman John Freeman - Jack
French Albert French - Bert
French Ethel & George French
French Megan French - Meg
Frost Leslie Frost - Les
Frost Mary Frost
Fry Henry Fry - Harry
Fry Raymond Fry - Ray
Fullard Jean Fullard
Furber Ron Furber
Furness Phil Furness
Furness Thel Furness
Furnival Alan Furnival - Al
Fursey Mary Fursey
Fylan Violet (Vi) Fylan - Sister


Gallier David Gallier - Dave
Gallier Frederick Gallier - Dad, Grandad
Gallier Gillian Gallier - Mum, Nan
Gallier Jayne Gallier
Galloway Jim Galloway - We all still miss you every day
Gammon Daniel Gammon - Special Little Boy
Gampf Julian Gampf - Godfather
Garbet Cyril & Lilian Garbet
Garbett Iris Garbett
Garbett Edward Garbett - Ted
Garbett Harold Garbett - Grandad
Garbett Ida Garbett - Nan
Garbett Jeffery Garbett - Jeff
Gardner Evelyn Gardner
Gardner Hilda Gardner
Gardner Jillian Gardner - Dee, loving Auntie
Gardner John Gardner
Gardner Robert Gardner - Bob
Gardner Robert Gardner - Bob
Garmson Mavis & Jack Garmson
Garside Oliver Garside
Gaston Christopher Gaston - Chris
Gater Alison Gater
Gater Ann Gater
Gauntlett Emma Gauntlett - Emma G.
Gaut Doris & Jim Gaut
Gaut Jan Gaut
Gaut Neville Gaut - Love You Forever Dad - GN&GB xxxx
Gaymer David Gaymer
Gears Brian Gears - Parry
Gears Brian Gears - Parry
Gears Ian Gears
Gears Thomas Victor Gears - Vic
George Jean George
Gerson Michael Gerson
Gethin Ede Gethin
Getkahn Erwin Getkahn
Getkahn Margaret Getkahn
Getkahn Richard Getkahn
Gettings Chris Gettings
Gibbons Albert Gibbons
Giblin Thomas Giblin - Dad
Gibson Anne Gibson
Gibson Jo Gibson - Beloved Mum, Granny & Gt Granny
Gibson Ken Gibson - Beloved Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
Gilbert Mitch Gilbert
Giles Arthur & Gladys Giles
Giles Arthur & Mary Giles
Giles Doris Giles - Mom
Giles Edward Giles - Eddie
Giles Graham & Cynthia Giles - Loving Dad, Mom,Grandad & Nan
Giles John & Gladys Giles
Gill Emie Gill
Gill Lisa Gill
Gill Norman Gill - Brother, Loved & remembered
Gill Norman Gill - Son
Gill Norman Jnr Gill
Gillespie Marjorie Gillespie
Gillis Maz Gillis - Lovely Friend
Gilmer Doreen & Harry Gilmer - Mum,Grandma,Dad,Grandad
Gilmer Peter Gilmer - Brother & Uncle
Gilson Dennis Gilson
Glaze Leah & Evan Glaze - Mom & Dad
Glaze Steven & Ronald Glaze - Steve & Ron
Glaze Steven Glaze
Gleave Olive & Noel Gleave - Mum & Dad
Gleeson Kathleen Gleeson
Gleeson Thomas Gleeson
Glover Constance Glover - Connie
Glover John Glover - Jack
Gobby Maria Gobby - Sister
Gobby Maria Gobby - Sister
Gobby Walter & Jean Gobby - Dad & Mom
Gobby Walter & Jean Gobby - Dad & Mom
Godbert Albert Edward Godbert - Dad
Godbert Winifred Margaret Godbert - Mum
Godding Maggie Godding
Goff Edith Goff
Goff Teresa Goff - Terry
Goff Victor Goff
Goffin John Goffin - Never Forgotten
Goldring Jeanette Goldring - Poppet, Wife, Mum & Nanny
Golling Pat Golling
Golling Rob Golling
Gooch Edith Gooch - Mum
Gooch Ernie Gooch - Dad
Goodall Jack & Lil Goodall - Grandad & Nan
Goode Gladys & Stan Goode - Mom & Dad
Goode John Richard Goode - Jack
Goode Violet Elizabeth Goode
Goodenough Alfreida Goodenough - Toots
Goodwin Norma Goodwin
Gordon William Gordon - Bill
Gordon-Jones Norma Gordon-Jones
Gorka Gwen Gorka - Mom
Gorman Beryl Gorman
Gosnell Jean Gosnell
Gosney Roy Gosney - Grandad,Great Grandad
Gough Annie Gough - Bod
Gough Bernice Gough
Gough Cherry Gough - Sister
Gough Clifford Gough - Cliff
Gough George & Fleurette (Flip) Gough
Gough George & Flip Gough - Dad & Mom
Gough George & Flip Gough - Grandad & Nan
Gough Horace John Gough - Jonnie
Gough Jeanette Gough
Gough Joe Gough - Tiny
Gough Kenneth Gough - Ken
Gough Les Gough - Sadly Missed
Gough Patricia Gough - Pat
Gough Robert Gough
Gough Theresa Gough - Loving Wife, Mom, Nan & Nanny
Gough Thomas Gough
Gould David Mark Gould
Gould Gladys & Thomas Gould - Glad & Tom
Gould Harry Gould - Harry Boy
Gould Jim Gould - Dad, Husband & Grandad
Gould Marjorie Gould - Mom
Goulding Jenny Goulding - Coddles
Goulty John Victor Goulty - Brother
Goulty Olive Agnes Goulty - Mum
Goulty Victor Thomas Goulty - Dad
Grace Pat Grace - Auntie
Graham Alexander Graham - Jock
Graham Jack & Doreen Graham - Much loved Mom, Dad, G'dma & G'Dad
Graham Olive Graham
Grainger Colin Grainger - Dad
Grainger Stuart Grainger
Grant Ann Grant - Mum
Grant Bobba (Dad) Grant - Thinking of you Love Nigel,Sarah,Sophie,Beth
Grant Stuart Grant - Dad
Grantham George Grantham
Grass Dorothy Grass - Beloved Mom , Nan and Great Nan.
Gray Peter Gray - Dad
Greatbatch Thomas George Greatbatch - Tom/Dad
Greaves Evie Greaves - Remembered by Sarah, Glenn & family
Green Barry Green
Green Bill & Frances Green - Loved parents and Grandparents
Green Douglas Green - Dad grandad
Green Elsie Green - Mum and Nan
Green Eva Green
Green Gwen Green - Mom
Green Gwen, Jim & Trevor Green
Green Herbert Green - Bert
Green Jack Green - Dad and Grandad
Green Jim Green - Jimmy
Green John Green
Green Rose Green
Green Tim Green
Green Walter & Lily Green
Greenbrook Ralph Greenbrook
Greensill John Greensill
Greenwood Florence Greenwood - Floss
Greenwood George Greenwood
Greer Helena Greer
Greer Tyler Greer - My Wee Tyler
Gregory Kathleen Gregory - Kate
Gregory Mary Gregory
Gregson Eva-Maria Lilli Gregson
Grice Albert Edward Grice - Merry Christmas Dad X
Grice Brian Grice
Grice James Grice - Jim
Grice Michelle Grice - Shell
Grice Sharna Adele Grice - Goodnight Sweetheart X
Griffin Mum & Dad Griffin
Griffiths Catherine Griffiths - Kate
Griffiths Fredrick Griffiths - Dad
Griffiths Gwladys Griffiths
Griffiths Hilda Griffiths - Mom
Griffiths James Griffiths - Jim
Griffiths Michael John Griffiths - Much loved Husband and Dad
Griffiths Robert Griffiths - Bob
Griffiths Ted & Mary Griffiths - Dad & Mum
Griffiths Thomas Griffiths
Griffiths Winifred & William Griffiths
Griffths David Griffths - Brother
Grindley Lillian Grindley - Blonde Bombshell
Grindley Marion Grindley
Gripton Jean Gripton
Groom Ray Groom
Groucott John F Groucott - Dear Husband,Dad,Grandpa & Great Grandpa
Groucott Marion Groucott
Groves Jean Groves
Growcott Doris Edna Growcott - Dolly
Grubert Paul Grubert
Grzywacz Janet Grzywacz
Guest Alice Guest - Mabel
Guest Grace Guest - BelovedMum,Nan&Granny
Guest Herbert Guest
Guest Ken Guest - BelovedDad,Grandad,Gt.Grandad
Guest Leonard Guest - Len
Gulliver Jack Gulliver - Miss you X
Gunby Kathleen Lynn Gunby
Gunby Tanya Gunby
Guy Alfred Guy - Fred
Guy Bertha & Cyril Guy - Sister & Brother-in-Law
Guy Betsy Elizabeth Guy
Guy Derrick & Valerie Guy - Jim & Val
Guy James & Elsie Guy
Guy Kenneth Guy
Guy Norman Hubert Guy
Gwilliam John Gwilliam - Dearest Husband Dad Uncle
Gwilt Raymond Gwilt - Darkie, Dad
Gwilt Thomas Richard Gwilt - Richard, Dad
Gwilt Vera Gwilt - Mum
Gwynne Patricia Gwynne - Pat


Hach Walter Hach - Miss you
Hackman Christopher Hackman - Chris
Hackman Mabel Hackman - May
Haddon George Haddon
Haden June Haden - Wife & Mother
Hadfield Amy & Harold Hadfield - Remembered with love
Hadfield Margo Hadfield - Remembered with love
Hadfield Paul Hadfield - Remembered with love
Hadley Doris Hadley - Sister
Hadley Doris Lilian Hadley
Hadley Doris Lillian Hadley - Mum,Grandma
Haigh Arthur Haigh - Dad/grandad
Haigh Gladys Haigh - Mom/Nan
Hail Charles Hail - Charlie
Hailey Jayne Hailey - Sadly Missed Daughter.
Haines Hannah Haines
Haines Pauline Haines - P
Haithwaite Elsie Haithwaite - Mum
Haithwaite John Haithwaite - Dad
Haithwaite Tom Haithwaite - Brother
Hale Carolyn Hale - My Angel
Halford Freda Halford
Halford Janice Halford - Jan
Halford John Howard Halford - Pete
Halford Wilfred Halford - Wilf
Hall Beryl Hall
Hall Bill Hall
Hall Charlie Hall
Hall Daisy Hall
Hall David Thomas Hall
Hall Derek Hall - Never forgotten
Hall Doreen Hall
Hall Fred Hall
Hall Geofferey Hall
Hall George Hall
Hall George&Lily&Gemma Ward Hall - Always missed never forgotten
Hall John Hall - Husband,Father,Grandfather
Hall Len Hall - Never forgotten
Hall Leonard Hall - Dad & Grandad
Hall Lucy Hall
Hall Margaret Hall
Hall Matthew Hall
Hall Stuart Hall
Hall William Hall - A Loving Grandad
Hall William Hall - Bill
Hamer Delha Hamer - Del
Hamer Deliha Hamer
Hamer Edith Hamer - Edie
Hamer Ron Hamer
Hamilton Edna Hamilton - Mum
Hamilton Robert Hamilton - Bob
Hammond Maurice Hammond - Beloved Father of Steven, Sandra & Shaun
Hammond Maurice Hammond - Beloved Husband of Margaret
Hammond Maurice Hammond - Dearest Grandad of Amy & Luke
Hammond Ron Hammond - Always in our hearts
Hammond Susan Hammond - Sue
Hammonds Charles F Hammonds - Dad,Grandad
Hamson John Hampson
Hampson Monica Hampson
Hancox Lynda Hancox
Hancox Mike Hancox - Loving Husband
Hand David Hand - Bimbo
Hand Maisie Hand - Joan
Handford YatesLeslie Leslie Handford Yates - Les
Handley Kelly Handley - Nee Jones
Handley Kenneth Handley - Dear Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Handley Kenneth Handley - Loved & missed, wife Bel
Hankinson Donald Hankinson - Dusty
Hankinson Michael Hankinson
Hankinson Nellie Hankinson
Hankinson Thomas Hankinson - Tommy
Hanley Karen Hanley - Beloved Daughter
Hannah Gwen & Norman Hannah
Hannington Ken Hannington
Hannington Neville Hannington - Nev
Hannington Winston Hannington
Hanscombe Dagmar Hanscombe
Hanscombe Derek Hanscombe
Hanscombe Simon Hanscombe
Hanson Lillian & Harry Hanson - Nan & Grandad
Harbour Jean Harbour
Hardeman Nigel Hardeman - Brother, Uncle, Brother-in-Law
Hardeman Nigel Hardeman - Nigs
Hardie Dilys Hardie - Missed so much
Hardie Robert Soultan Hardie - Dad & Grandad
Harding Celia Harding - Mom,Nan & Great Nan
Harding Dennis Harding - Dad,Grandad & Great Grandad
Harding Eric Harding - Darling Husband
Harding Irene Harding - Special Friend
Harding John Harding
Harding Nell, Stan & John Harding
Harding Peter Harding
Harding Sam & Vera Harding
Harding William Harding - Bill
Hardman Barbara Hardman
Hardman Keith Hardman
Hardwick Doris Hardwick
Hardwick Luther Hardwick
Hardy Arthur Hardy
Hardy Irene Hardy
Hardy Willamena Hardy - Ena
Hargreaves William,Gwen&Tom Hargreaves
Harley Wendy Harley
Harlow Gabriel Harlow
Harlow Gabriel Harlow
Harper Baby Harry Harper - Always remembered, never forgotten
Harper Charles Harper - Charlie
Harper Chris Harper - Unk
Harper Doris & Alfred Harper
Harper Edith & James Harper - Mom & Dad
Harper Elizabeth Harper - Love You Mom
Harper Elizabeth Harper - Nan - Always Remembered
Harper Graham Harper
Harper Leonard Harper - Grandad
Harper Marlene Harper - Miss You Always
Harper Mary Harper - Mom
Harper Rebecca Harper - Becky
Harper Walter Edwin Harper
Harper Yvonne Harper - Vonny
Harrigan Anthony Harrigan - Tona
Harrington Sandra Harrington - Sister
Harris Andrew Harris
Harris Charles Harris
Harris Clarence Harris - Missed always, forgotten never
Harris Danielle Harris - Love Dad x
Harris Derek Harris
Harris Derek Harris
Harris Derek Harris - Brother, Twinie
Harris Doris Harris - Dolly
Harris Enid & John Harris - Mom & Nan,Dad & Grandad
Harris Eva & Jack Harris - Dear Mum & Dad
Harris Family of Madeley Harris
Harris Graham Harris
Harris Ian & Rachel Harris - Much loved Brother in law & Sister
Harris Ian Stuart & Rachel Harris - Son & Daughter in law
Harris James & Sylvia Harris
Harris Karen Harris - KT, Umpydump
Harris Kathleen & Arthur Harris - Mother & Father
Harris Kathleen Harris - Dearest Sister
Harris Kathleen Harris - Dearest Sister & Aunty
Harris Les Harris
Harris Les Harris - Much Loved Dad, Gramps & Father in Law
Harris Les Harris - Pops
Harris Maureen Harris - Mom
Harris Norman Harris
Harris Olive Harris
Harris Patricia Harris
Harris Peter Harris
Harris Raymond Kenneth & Sharon Ann Harris
Harris Roy Harris
Harris Samuel Harris - Sam
Harris William & Mary & Son Albert Harris
Harris-Hancox Abbie Rose Harris-Hancox
Harrison Audrey Harrison
Harrison Barbara Harrison - Loved Mum & Grandma, missed every day
Harrison Lindsey Harrison
Harrop Barbara Harrop
Harrop Barbara Harrop - Loved&missed daily from Fiona&Steven X
Harrop David Harrop
Harrop Derek Harrop
Harrop Edward Harrop
Harsant Fred Harsant
Harsant Norah Harsant
Hart John Hart
Hartland Chris Hartland
Harvey Bill Harvey
Harvey Catherine Harvey - Chat
Harvey Danielle Harvey
Haseley Charles Haseley - Grandad/Great Grandad
Haseley Doug Haseley - Husband
Haseley Fred Haseley - Dad
Haseley Iris Haseley - Mom
Haseley Peter Haseley - Brother
Haseley Tom Haseley - Grandson
Hassell Florrie Hassell - Nan
Hatch Betty & Gerald Hatch - Mom & Nan, Dad & Grandad
Hatcher Eric Hatcher
Hatfield Betty Hatfield
Hattle Angela Hattle - Ange
Hatton Brian Hatton
Hatton Edie & Bill Hatton - Mum & Dad, Nan & Grandad
Hatton Jack & Hazel Hatton - Nan & Grandad Jack
Hatton Michael Hatton - Mick
Hatton Sheila Hatton
Hatton William Hatton - Bill
Haughey Annie Haughey
Hawkins Charles Hawkins
Hawkins Dennis & May Hawkins
Hawkins Harri Hawkins - Naomi's Dad
Hay Malcolm Hay - Malc
Hay Mary Hay - Mum
Haycock Basil Haycock - Bill
Haycock Ester Mary Haycock
Haycock Kenneth Haycock - Kenny
Haycock Vic & Rene Haycock - Mom , Dad
Haycocks Trevor Haycocks - Skippy
Hayden Les Hayden - Dad
Hayes Edmund Hayes
Hayes Jodie Hayes - Cousin
Hayes Margaret Hayes
Hayles Clive Hayles - Smiler (Dad)
Hayles Esmie Hayles - Mom
Haylor Rose Haylor - A Lovely Mum & Nan
Haynes David Haynes - Big Dave
Haynes Margaret Haynes - Marg
Haynes Nelson Haynes - Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad
Haynes Roma Haynes
Haytree Robert Haytree - Bob
Hayward Dave & Mary Hayward - Cherished Mom and Dad
Hayward Dave Hayward
Hayward Doug Hayward
Hayward George & Muriel Hayward
Hayward Horace & Gwen Hayward
Hayward Kathleen Hayward - Kath
Hayward Kenneth Hayward - Kenny
Hayward Kenneth Hayward - Dad
Hayward Malcolm John Hayward
Hayward Martin Hayward - TOG
Hayward Muriel Hayward - Little sister
Hayward Noah Hayward - Jonesy
Hayward Olive & Norman Hayward
Haywood Paul Haywood - Daddy
Hazell Celia Hazell - Nanny/Gran
Healey Marg Healey - Mom & Nan
Heath Ernest Heath - Ern
Heath Ernest Heath - Husband
Heath Lucy & Laurie Heath - Little Nan & Big Grandad
Heaton Dorothy Heaton
Heaven Dorothy & Christopher Heaven - Chris & Dot
Heavner Karen Rowena Heavner
Hector Sidney & Joycelyn Hector - Sid & Joyce, always loved
Hedges John Hedges - Dad
Hedges John Hedges - Grandad
Hedges John Hedges - J
Heeley Harry & Rene Heeley - Lichfield
Heenan Anne Heenan - Annie
Heenan Wendy Ann Heenan - Ann
Heighway Alan Heighway - Always Remembered
Heighway Alan Heighway - Father & Grandad
Heighway Alan Heighway - Husband
Heighway Archibald Heighway - Archie
Heighway Derrick Heighway - Dad - Loved So Much
Heighway Derrick Heighway - Dad - Miss You
Heighway Derrick Heighway - Forever Loved
Heighway Derrick Heighway - Grandad - Loved Always
Heighway Graham Heighway - Always Remembered
Heighway Ken Heighway
Heighway Ken Heighway - A Dearly Loved Brother
Heighway Ken Heighway - Uncle Ken & Great Uncle Ken
Heighway Mary Heighway
Heighway Sarah Louise Heighway
Heighway Dennis Heighway
Heighway Peggy Heighway
Helliwell Michael John Helliwell - Beloved Dad
Hemming Alice Hemming
Hemming Royston Hemming
Hems Aileen Hems - Loved Sister
Henderson Ian Henderson - Still missed, still loved by us all xxx
Henderson Myra Henderson
Hendy Arthur & Thirza Hendy
Henness Emily Henness - Our beautiful baby girl, missed always
Henson Beryl Henson - Mom
Henson Ronald Henson - Dad
Herring Edward Cecil Herring - Cec
Hesbrook John Hesbrook
Hesbrook William & Mabel Hesbrook - Bill
Hester Jessy Hester - Beloved Husband,Father&Grandfather
Heston Michael Heston
Hickin Andrew Hickin - Andy
Hickman Ann & Mick Hickman
Hickman John Hickman
Hickman Julie Hickman
Hickman June Hickman
Hickman Lillian Hickman
Hickman Thomas Hickman - Tom
Hickman Tom Hickman
Hicks Irene & William Hicks - Our beloved Mum & Dad
Hidden Derek Hidden - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Higginbottom Jan Higginbottom - Jan Jan
Higgins Agnes & Albert Higgins - Mac & Gaffer
Higgins Harold Higgins - "H" Husband
Higgins Harold Higgins - "Hurricane"
Higgins Harold Higgins - Dad & Grandad
Higgins Patrick Higgins - Paddy
Higgins Stephen Higgins - Loving Dad of Paul Kempson
Higginson Arthur Higginson
Higginson Bert Higginson
Higginson Gordon Higginson - "G.W"
Higginson Hannah Higginson
Higginson John Higginson
Higginson Martha Ellen Higginson - Nan
Higgs Dorothy Higgs
Higgs Joseph Higgs - Joe
Higley George Higley - Beloved Dad,Grandad,G't Grandad
Higley George Higley - Dad
Higley George Higley - Husband
Higley Grandad Ron Higley - Miss you so much, Love Denise & Marc x
Higley Hilda Higley - Mom-loved and missed always Di&Tub
Higley Nan Hilda Higley - Miss you so much, Love Denise & Marc x
Higley Ron Higley - Dad-loved and missed always, Di & Tub
Hiles nee Palin Eva Hiles nee Palin - Loved & missed by her husband & his family
Hill Arthur Hill - Husband and Dad
Hill Brian Hill
Hill Edith & John Hill
Hill Emily Hill - Mum
Hill Jack Hill
Hill Joshua Hill - Passed aged 14 missed dearly everyday
Hill Leonard Jon Hill - Len
Hill Louis Hill
Hill Margaret Hill
Hill Michael Hill - Mikey
Hill Mom & Dad Hill
Hill Nicholas Hill - Nick Loved & missed Mum, Dad, Malcolm, Gina & family
Hill Peggy & Charlie Hill
Hill Peter Hill
Hill Terry Hill - Dad
Hill Tobias Toblerone & Princess Daisy Hill - Toby & Daisy, Love Malcolm, Gina& Family
Hill Tyron Mansell Hill - Ty
Hillsley Thomas Hillsley - Tom
Hilton Jean Mary Hilton
Hilton Paul Hilton
Hincks Peter & Ruth Hincks
Hincks Peter & Ruth Hincks
Hind Peter Hind - Loved and greatly missed
Hindle Richard & Margaret Hindle - Dad & Mum
Hindle Richard & Margaret Hindle - Dad & Mum
Hindley Alf & Mary Hindley
Hindley Paul Hindley - Dad
Hine Elsie Hine
Hingley Roy Hingley
Hinton Edith Hinton - Nan
Hinton Edward Hinton - Grandad
Hinton Eileen Hinton
Hinton Lorraine Hinton - Mom
Hinwood Helen Hinwood
Hipkiss Alan Hipkiss
Hipkiss Benjamin Hipkiss
Hipkiss Elsie Hipkiss
Hirst Joseph Hirst - Len
Hitchen Brian Hitchen - Friend
Hitchin Heather Hitchin - Jean
Hitchin Sybil Hitchin
Hitchin Wayne Hitchin - Hitch
Hobbs John Hobbs - Grandad
Hobday Keiran James Hobday - (Baby Keiran James Hobday)
Hockenhull Rupert & Ivy Hockenhull - Mum & Dad
Hocking Alfred & Lilian Hocking
Hoddinott Paula Hoddinott
Hodges Jayne Hodges - Much Loved Sister
Hodgetts Dorothy Hodgetts - Wife,Mother,Sister, Nan, Auntie
Hodgetts Valerie Hodgetts
Hodgkinson Dawn Hodgkinson
Hodgkiss Peter Hodgkiss
Hodgson Angela Hodgson - Wife ,mum.
Hodgson Christine Hodgson - Daughter ,sister ,aunty.xx
Hodgson Eileen Hodgson - My Mum
Hodgson Jack Hodgson - My Dad
Hodgson John Hodgson - A special dad missed so much x
Hodgson Nan & Grandad Hodgson - My special G'dparents missed so much
Hodson Betty & Bob Hodson - Mom & Dad
Hodson Betty & Frank Hodson
Hoggins Carol Hoggins
Hoggins Robert Hoggins - Gaffer
Hoggins Doreen Hoggins
Holbrook Thomas & Evalyn Holbrook - Tom & Ev
Holcroft Nellie & Frank Holcroft
Holding Graham Holding - Tin-Can
Holding Leslie Holding - Les
Holding Leslie Holding - Sam
Holding Roy Holding
Holding Thomas Holding - Tom
Holding Winifred Holding - Molly
Holford Austin Holford
Holford Austin Holford - Aust
Holford Charlie Holford - Husband Dad & Grandad
Holford Joan Holford - Nanny Boat
Holland Denis Holland
Holland Jean Holland - Sister
Holland Raymond Holland
Hollaway Frank Hollaway
Holleyhead Harry & Marjorie Holleyhead
Hollins Monique Hollins - Mags
Hollis Alice & Don Hollis - Miss you both. Love Always - Mandi, Simon Joel & Drew
Hollis Alice & Don Hollis - Mom & Dad
Hollis Alice & Don Hollis - Mom&Dad,Loved&missed always
Hollis Jane Hollis - Mum-everyday we miss you. Love all the family
Hollis Jane Hollis - My Darling Wife
Hollis Jane Hollis - sister-in-law, always missed
Hollis Jane Hollis - Very dear friend
Hollis Stanley Hollis - Stan
Holloway Caitlyn Holloway
Holloway Edgar & Marjorie Holloway
Holloway Edween & Alfred Holloway
Holloway Eileen Holloway
Holloway Heather Holloway
Holloway Heather Holloway - Bab
Holloway John Holloway
Holloway Sophie Holloway
Hollyhead David Hollyhead - Olly
Hollyhead Glen Hollyhead - Father
Holmes Derrick & Betty Holmes
Holmes Edmund Holmes
Holmes Evelyn Holmes
Holmes John Holmes - Jack
Holmes Vic & Hazel Holmes
Holmes William Holmes - Bill
Holroyd Iris &Bill Holroyd - Always in our thoughts and hearts xx
Holt Grace & John Holt - Loved always, Sister Floss
Holt Grace & John Holt - Wonderful Parents & Grandparents
Holt Grace and John Holt - Mom and Dad
Holt Rodney Holt - Rod Rodders
Holyhead Robert Holyhead
Honey Chris Honey
Hoof Betty Hoof - Mum, Nan
Hoof Bill Hoof
Hoof Bill Hoof - Dad
Hoof Bill Hoof - Grandad
Hoof Cedric & Margaret Hoof
Hoof Ellen & Elijah Hoof
Hoof John & Peggy Hoof
Hoof Margaret Hoof - Little Marg
Hoof Thomas Cyril Hoof - Dad, Grandad
Hoofe Glenys Hoofe - Gerty
Hoofe Trevor Hoofe - Trev Husband
Hope May Hope - Loved Granny
Hope Nancy & Sam Hope
Hope Ronald Hope - Ron
Hopkins Clifford & Beatrice Hopkins - Dad & Mom
Hopkins Clifford & Beatrice Hopkins - Dad & Mom
Hopkins Dorothy Hopkins - Dotty
Hopkins Edward Hopkins - Ted
Hopkins Judith Ann Hopkins - Judy
Hopkins Mavis Hopkins - Mav
Hopkins Thomas Maldwyn Hopkins - Mal
Hopkinson Jack Hopkinson
Hopkinson Philip Hopkinson - Phil
Hopper Ron Hopper
Hopper Sylvia Hopper
Horobin Bill Horobin - Always shined a light.will be missed x
Horochiwskyj Mary Horochiwskyj
Horochiwskyj Michael Horochiwskyj
Horton Roger Horton
Horton Roger Horton
Hotchkiss George Hotchkiss
Houghton Lynn Houghton - Loving Wife & Mother of 3
Houghton Philip & Gladys Houghton
Houghton Philip & Gladys Houghton
Houlston Don Houlston
Houlston Florence Houlston - Mum & Nan
Houlston Harold Houlston - Dad & Grandad
Houlston Norman & Elsie Houlston
Hounsell Bill Hounsell - Dad & Grandad
Hounsell Mary Hounsell - Dear Friend
Hounsell Mary Hounsell - Mom & Nan
Hounsell-Howell Chloe Hounsell-Howell - Daughter & Sister
Howard Alison Howard - Mom, Wife & Gamma
Howard Bridget Howard
Howard James Howard - Jim
Howard Larry Howard
Howard Laurence Howard
Howard Maud Mary Howard - Molly
Howard Michael Howard
Howard Robert Howard - Dad
Howard Sean Howard
Howdle Agnes Howdle
Howdle George Howdle
Howells Adrian (Georgie) Howells - Missing My Big Little Brother
Howells Adrian Howells - Miss you loads, my loving Husband
Howells Edward Howells - Ted
Howells Geoffrey Howells
Howells Graham Howells - Loved & missed
Howells John Howells
Howells Minnie & Eddie Howells
Howells Nancy Howells - Nan
Howells Audrey Howells - Nan/Mum
Howells Bert Howells - Grandad/Dad
Howes Kathleen Howes - Gaffer
Howes Lawrence Howes - Much Loved Husband, Dad, G'dad, G't G'dad
Hubble Phyllis Hubble - Mother
Huda Harry Huda - Wasyl
Hughes Alan David Hughes - Much Loved Dad & Grandpa
Hughes Arthur, Sue & Ivor Hughes
Hughes David Joseph Hughes
Hughes Derek Hughes
Hughes Douglas Hughes - Bill
Hughes Douglas Hughes - Eddie
Hughes Elsie Mary Hughes
Hughes Emrys & Joyce Hughes - Nan, Gaga
Hughes Gavin Michael Hughes - Gav
Hughes Harry Hughes - Pops
Hughes Hazel & Terry Hughes - Mum & Dad, Nan & Grandad
Hughes Hazel & Terry Hughes - Together again
Hughes Jane Hughes - Sister
Hughes Jim Hughes - Dad & Grandad
Hughes Jim Hughes - Dearest Brother
Hughes Joyce Hughes - Mum & Nan
Hughes Keith Hughes - Greatly missed Dad, G'nddad & G't G'nddad xx
Hughes Keith William Hughes
Hughes Marc Hughes - Nephew
Hughes Rob Hughes - Husband & Dad
Hughes Tom & Betty Hughes - Gramps & Gramma
Hughes Winifred Joan Hughes
Humble Christopher Humble
Humble Clifford Humble - Cliff
Humphries Danny Humphries
Humphries Donald Humphries - Don
Humphries Donald Humphries - Don
Humphries Eric James Humphries - Eric
Humphries Gladys May Humphries - Mum
Humphries Humphrey & Maud Humphries
Humphries Humphrey Henry Humphries - Harry
Humphries William (Bill) Humphries - Dad
Humpreys Lewis Humpreys
Hunt Celia Hunt - Ce-Ce
Hunt Chris Hunt - Nanny
Hunt Gillian Hunt - Niece
Hunt John Hunt
Hunt Marjorie Hunt
Huntress John Huntress - Jack
Hurle Allan Hurle - Greatly missed
Hutchison Elizabeth Hutchison - Liz, A loving Mum, Sister & Auntie
Huxley Ena Huxley - Mum
Huxley John (Jack) Huxley - Brother
Huxley Wilfred (Wilf) Husband Huxley - Loved, Missed& Remembered Every Day
Huxley Wilfred Huxley - Brother
Huxley Wilfred Huxley - Wilf
Huxley Wilfred John Huxley - Dad
Hyde Edna Hyde
Hyde Leslie Hyde
Hyde Mary Hyde - Rose
Hyde Michael Hyde
Hyde Nathan Hyde - Loving Son
Hyelman Alice Hyelman
Hyelman Chris Hyelman
Hyelman Marjorie Hyelman
Hyland Kathleen Hyland - Kath


Ince David Ince
Inch Liz Inch
Ingham Claude & Jennie Ingham - A much loved & missed Mum & Dad
Ingman Gerald Ingman
Ingman Jack Ingman
Ingman Joan Ingman
Ingram Alfred Ingram - Love and miss you Dad, your loving daughter
Ingram Ellen Ingram - Love and miss you Mum, your loving daughter
Ingram Mary Ingram
Inions Gordon Inions - Loved and remembered always
Inions Philip Inions - Love you forever
Inkpin Frederick Inkpin - John, miss you always
Inkson Helen Inkson
Insall Jack & Molly Insall
Insley Arthur&Ethel (Doll) Insley - Dad,G'dad,Gt.G'dad,Mom,Nan,Gt.Nan thinking of you always
Ironmonger John Ironmonger
Irwin Steve Irwin - Crocodile Hunter
Isaac John Isaac - Treasured memories
Isaac Mary Isaac - Treasured memories
Ive Ron & Peggy Ive
Iveson Tina Iveson - Mum/Nan
Ivey John & Janet Ivey
Ivey Richard Ivey


Jackson Doreen Jackson
Jackson Eleanor Catherine Jackson - Ellie
Jackson Florence Jackson
Jackson George Jackson - Husband & Grampsy
Jackson Harry Jackson
Jackson Hilda Jackson
Jackson Jaqueline Jackson - Jackie
Jackson Nancy Jean Jackson
Jackson Penny Jackson - Pen
Jackson Stuart Jackson
Jackson Terence Jackson - Terry
Jackson Thomas (Tom) Jackson - Husband
James Albert E James - A loving Dad, Grandad & a Dear Friend
James Annie James - Nancy
James Gloria James - Always loved
James Harold James - H
James John & Daughter Joanne James
James Joseph Michael James - Harry
James Mary & Alan James - Mum & Dad
James Pete James - Missed so much
James Robert & Paul James
James Ronnie James - Ron
James Roy James - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Jamila Eusebio Jamila
Janke Ethel Janke
Janke Leon Janke
Jarman David Jarman - Dave, A Wonderful Son, Brother & Uncle
Jarvis Annie May Jarvis - Nance
Jarvis Bill Jarvis - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Jarvis Frederick Jarvis - Fred
Jarvis Patricia Jarvis - Pat
Jarvis Philip Henry Jarvis - Phil
Jeavons Alan Jeavons
Jeavons Jack Jeavons
Jefferies Evelyn Jefferies - Ella
Jefferies Tony Jefferies - Brother love and miss you always dawn xx
Jefferies Tony Jefferies - Husband, Dad & Brother in Law
Jefferson Eric Jefferson - Dearest Husband
Jefferson Eric William Jefferson - Loving Father
Jefferson Florence Jefferson - Mother in Law
Jefferson William Jefferson - Father in Law
Jenkins Billy & Hilda Jenkins
Jenkins George & Ellen Jenkins - Nan & Grandad
Jenkins George Jenkins
Jenkins Maldwyn Jenkins - Always remembered, never forgotten
Jenkins Mary & Fred Jenkins - Mom & Dad
Jenkins Robert & Richard Jenkins - Brothers
Jenkins Sarah and Nan Jenkins
Jenkinson Rain Jenkinson - Dad and Grandad
Jenkinson Rain Jenkinson - Still missed Husband
Jenner Frederick & Hilda Jenner - Dad & Mum
Jennings Albert & Jean Jennings - Good Friends
Jennings Deborah Jennings - Mum
Jennings Richard Jennings
Jervis Jeffrey Jervis - Jeff
Jesse David Jesse - Dad
Jesson Allan Jesson - Dad
Jinks Gillian Jinks - Gill
Jinks John Jinks - Loving Husband, Father & Grandfather
Job Samuel Job - Sammy
Johnson Andrew Davy Johnson
Johnson Arthur Johnson - Dad you are in my heart and my thoughts.
Johnson Arthur Johnson - Pop
Johnson Bert Johnson - Bertie, love from all your family
Johnson Carol Anne Johnson - Niece
Johnson Charlie Johnson - Dad
Johnson Donna Johnson - Donny
Johnson Ernest (Dad) Johnson - "Johnny"
Johnson Evelyn & Jack Johnson
Johnson Gloria Johnson
Johnson James Joseph Johnson - Jim - Dad, Grandad & Husband
Johnson Jean (Mum) Johnson
Johnson Keith Johnson
Johnson Margaret Johnson - Mom
Johnson Maurke Johnson - Mozzy
Johnson Muriel Johnson
Johnson Patricia Johnson - Loving Wife, Mum & Nan
Johnson Viv Johnson
Jones Adrian Paul (A D) Jones - Son
Jones Agnes & Ben Jones
Jones Alan Jones
Jones Alan Jones - Dad, Husband
Jones Alf & Joyce Jones
Jones Alf Jones
Jones Alf Jones - Uncle Alf
Jones Alfred Henry Jones - Peter
Jones Alice Jones - Granny Al
Jones Allan Jones - Brother
Jones Arthur Jones
Jones Audrey Jones
Jones Bennie Jones - bennie boy
Jones Beryl Jones
Jones Bill & Ruby Jones
Jones Bonzer Jones - baby bonzer
Jones Brian Jones - A Dear Brother, Uncle
Jones Catherine Jones - Katie
Jones Charlie Jones
Jones Clive Jones
Jones Craig Anthony Jones - A dear Son, very much missed
Jones David John Jones
Jones David Jones - Bro
Jones David Jones - Dai
Jones Dick & Peggy Jones - of Lawley Village
Jones Donna Jones - Cherished memories. Sarah.P, Kelly, Sarah.B, Lynz, Jess and Sam
Jones Donna Marie Jones
Jones Doreen Marjorie Jones - Loving Mum
Jones Doris Jones - "Nan"
Jones Doug Jones - "Joner" . Peacefully sleeping in your haven of rest. God Bless.
Jones Edward Joseph Jones - Ted
Jones Eileen Jones - Mom
Jones Eileen Jones - Nan
Jones Elsie Jones
Jones Elsie Jones - Dearly Missed Mom & Nan
Jones Emily Jones - Love from Dad
Jones Eric Jones - Uncle Ec
Jones Ethel Jones - Mom
Jones Eva Jones
Jones Florence Ivy & Cyril Howard Jones - Flo & Cyril
Jones Florence Jones
Jones Frances Jones
Jones Frank Jones
Jones Frank Jones
Jones Freda & Horace Jones - Mum & Dad, Nan & Grandad
Jones George Jones - Dad/Tony
Jones George Jones - Poppa
Jones Gladys Jones - A Dear Mum, Nan, GreatNan
Jones Gordon Jones
Jones Gordon Jones
Jones Gordon Jones - Dearly Missed Dad & Grandad
Jones Gordon W Jones
Jones Gwen & Eddie Jones - of Doseley, Wonderful Parents
Jones Harry (H) Jones - Husband
Jones Hilda M. Jones - Mum
Jones Janet Jones
Jones Janette Anne Jones - Loving Mom & Nan xx
Jones Jenny Jones
Jones Joanne Jones - Love Neil & Oliver xx
Jones Joanne Jones - Love, Mum & Dad
Jones John Jones
Jones John Robert Jones - Beloved Husband
Jones John Robert Jones - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Jones John Robert Jones - Dad, Grandad & G't Grandad
Jones Joyce Jones
Jones Ken Jones
Jones Kenneth Earl Jones - Husband, Father & Grandad
Jones Kenneth Jones - Bomber
Jones Lee Andrew Jones
Jones Leo Jones - Loving Dad
Jones Leonard Jones - Len
Jones Les & Molly Jones
Jones Les Jones - Dad, Grandad & G'Grandad
Jones Linda Jones - Lil
Jones Margaret & John Jones
Jones Marjorie Jones
Jones Marjorie Jones - Madge
Jones Mark Gwilliam Jones
Jones Martin Jones - A Dear Dad, Grandad, Greatgrandad
Jones Mary Jones
Jones Mary Jones - Gran
Jones Mary Lillian Jones - Mary
Jones Michael Jones - Beloved Husband
Jones Michael Jones - Mike
Jones Molly & Thomas Jones - Together Again
Jones Mozart Jones
Jones Nancy Jones - Mum, Nan & Great Nan
Jones Nancy & Les Jones - Mom&Dad,NanNancy,GrandadLes
Jones Nancy Jones - Mum/Grandma
Jones Natalie Emma Jones - Natty Em
Jones Nathan Jones - Tiggy
Jones Neil Jones
Jones Norman & Jessie Jones
Jones Norman Jones
Jones Olive Jean Jones - Beloved Mom,Nan,Gt.Nan
Jones Patricia Jones - Pat
Jones Peter John Jones
Jones Phyllis Jean Jones - Phil
Jones Ralph Jones - Dad
Jones Ray Jones
Jones Raymond Jones - Taffy
Jones Reg Jones - Dad
Jones Reginald Jones - Reg
Jones Robert Graham Jones - "BOBBA"
Jones Ron Jones - Treasured and Beloved Grandad & Great Grandad xxx
Jones Ron Jones - Treasured and Beloved Husband & Dad xxx
Jones Samantha Jones
Jones Sandra Jones
Jones Sandra Jones - Beloved Sister & Auntie
Jones Selina Mary Joan Jones
Jones Sharron Jones - Sister, Mom, Daughter
Jones Stanley Jones
Jones Susan Jones - Much Loved Wife, Beloved Mom & Nan
Jones Tammy Jones - Tamkins
Jones Terry Jones - A True & Loyal Gentleman
Jones Tom & Gwen Jones - Dad & Mom
Jones Tom, Gwen & May Jones - Dad, Mom, Nan
Jones Trish Jones - Sister
Jones Victor Gordon Henry Jones - Vic
Jones Victor(Vic) & Barbara Jones
Jones Victor(Vic) & Barbara Jones
Jones Edna Jones
Jones Raymond Jones
Jones (nee Duddell) Jacqueline Jones (nee Duddell)
Jordan Arthur & Kathleen Jordan - Forever in our Hearts
Jordan Eric Jordan
Jordan Irene Jordan
Josey John Josey - Brother in law
Joyce Family Members Joyce
Joyce Mary Julia Joyce - Julia


Kaczmarczyk Kuzma Kaczmarczyk - Chris
Kain Isabel Kain - Issy
Kain Robert Kain - Bob
Karoly Peter Karoly
Kaur Devinder Kaur - Dadi Ji
Kavanagh Ciara Kavanagh - Daughter
Kavanagh Jack Kavanagh - Dad
Kearns Aidan Kearns - Never Forgotten
Kearns Orla Kearns - Dolly
Kearton Alan Kearton
Kearton Jennet Kearton
Kearton Kenneth & Gertrude Kearton - Mum & Dad
Keeffe Edna Keeffe
Keen Billy Keen - Loved & Missed Dad and Grandad XXX
Keizer (nee Benford) Pat Keizer (nee Benford) - Dear Sister
Kellett Doris Kellett
Kellett Mavis Kellett - Mom, Nan & Great Nan
Kelly Alice Kelly - Our Little Angel
Kelly Henry Kelly - Har
Kelly Jane Kelly
Kelly Sheila Kelly - Mom & Nan
Kelly Thomas Kelly - Dad & Grandad
Kelsey Bill & Norah Kelsey - Mom and Dad
Kelsey Glenys & Bill Kelsey
Kelsey Noah & Annie Kelsey
Kelsey Norman Kelsey
Kemish Alexander Kemish
Kendrick Cissie Kendrick
Kenley Ralph & Ethel Kenley - Dad & Mum
Kenny Edward Kenny - Ted
Kenny Elizabeth Kenny
Kent Gordon Kent - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Kent Irene Kent - Mum, Gran & Great Gran
Kenward Beryl Kenward
Kerrigan Henry Kerrigan - Dad
Keys Joseph Keys - Joe
Kibby David Kibby - Dave
Kimber Christine & Billy Kimber
King Ian King - & Darren Shenton Friends who died before their time
King Percy G.M. King
King Percy King
Kinsey Maureen Kinsey - Miss You Always xxx
Kirby Desmond Kirby - Des
Knight Alan James Knight - Husband, Dad,& Grandad Love you always
Knight Dale Knight
Knight Doreen Knight - Mum
Knight Eric Knight - Dad
Knight Florence Knight
Knight Harold Knight
Knight John Knight - Dad & Grandad
Knight Sarah Knight - Sally
Knight Walter Knight
Knott John Knott
Knott Leslie Knott - Lez
Knowles Edward Knowles
Knowlton Faith Knowlton - Mom
Knowlton Tom Knowlton - Dad
Knowlton Tony Knowlton
Krein Heinz Krein
Krneta Angela Krneta - Love You Forever Mom - GN&GB xx
Krneta Mason Krneta - Much Loved Nephew - Love You Forever xx
Krneta Mason William Krneta - My Son
Krneta Milan & Angela Krneta - Dad & Mom
Krneta Milan Krneta - Love You Forever Dad - GN&GB xxxx


Lacey Iris Lacey
Lacey Llewelyn Lacey
Laight Alison Laight - Beloved Friend
Laing Ivy Laing - Miss You
Laing Jack Laing - Miss You
Lamb Alfred Lamb
Lamb Gordon Lamb
Lamb Heather Lamb - Mum, Nan, Great Grandmother
Lamb Robert Lamb - Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad
Lamb Valerie Lamb
Lambert Doreen Lambert - Sister
Lampard Gwen Lampard - Dearly missed Mum
Lampard Joe Lampard - Dad
Lamsdell Gordon & Rene Lamsdell - Dad & Grandad, Mom & Nanny
Lancaster Richard Junior Lancaster - RJ
Lanchbury Yvonne Lanchbury - My Wonderful Mum
Lane Alice (Beatty) Lane - Nan/Great Nan
Lane Charles & Edith Lane
Lane Danny Lane
Lane George & Lucy Lane
Lane Henry (Harry) Lane - Grandad/Great Grandad
Lane Jean Lane
Lane John Lane - Taff
Lane John Lane - Taff
Lane Ken Lane
Lane Kenneth Lane - Kenny
Lane Lisa Lane
Lane Lisa Lane - (Lib) beloved daughter,dearest sister and Aunty
Lane Lisa Lane - Beloved Daughter and Sister
Lane Lisa Lane - Lib dearest daughter,sister & Aunty
Lane Mark Lane
Lane Peter Lane
Lane Terence Lane - Terry
Langford Stephen Langford - Husband & Dad
Langley Elsie Langley - Mum
Langley Vera Langley
Langley Wilfrid Langley - Dad
Lanyon Dec & Hal Lanyon - Mums & Dads
Latham Beatrice Latham - Dolly
Latham Betty Latham
Latham Colin Latham - Dad & Grandad, Great Grandad
Latham Cyril Latham
Latham Dave Latham - Brother & Uncle
Latham Diane Latham - Great Nanny
Latham Peter Latham - Pete
Latham Susan (Sue) Latham - Mum
Latham Sydney Latham - Syd
Lavell Joshua Lavell - Best Friend
Lavender Dennis Lavender
Lavender Irene Lavender - United with Dennis
Law Philip Law - Husband,Dad & Grandad forever in our hearts x
Law Roy Law
Lawledge Sue Lawledge - Love Wendy, Pam, Margot & Chris
Lawley Derek Lawley - Bill
Lawrence Gladys Lawrence
Lawrence Kathleen Lawrence
Lawrence Samuel Lawrence - Sam
Lawrence William Lawrence - Bill
Lawson Kath Lawson - Wrinkle
Lazic Miodrag Lazic - Loved and remembered always
Leach Barbara June Leach
Leach Dennis Leach
Leach Edna & Les Leach - Parents, Grandparents, G't Grandparents
Leach Gerald Leach - Uncle
Leach Jeannette Leach
Leach John Leach - Uncle
Leach Stuart Leach - Santa's Helper Number 49
Lecouteur Peter Lecouteur - Pete
Lee Alan Lee - Beloved Husband Dad and Grandad
Lee John & Norma Lee
Lee Malcolm Lee - Malc
Lee Tim Lee
Lees Kev Lees
Lees Marie Amy Lees
Lees Mark John Lees
Legg Antoinette Legg - Toni,Mom,Nan
Legg William Legg - Bill, Dad, Grandad
Legowski Hipolit Legowski - (Benny) Loving Dad
Legowski Leon Legowski - Loving Brother
Legowski Ursula Legowski - Loving Mom
Leo Michael David Leo - Dave
Lester John Lester - "Bootneck"
Lesueur Joan Lesueur
Leveridge Edith Leveridge - Mum
Leveridge Les Leveridge - Dad
Levett Michael Levett
Lewis Arthur & Frances Lewis - Dad & Mom
Lewis Arthur & Frances Lewis - Dad & Mom
Lewis Betty Lewis
Lewis Cy Lewis - A Dearly Loved Husband
Lewis Cy Lewis - Dad & Grandad Cy
Lewis Cyril Lewis - Dad & Grandad Cy
Lewis Frank & Audrey Lewis
Lewis Gerald Lewis - Gerry
Lewis Hazel Lewis
Lewis Keith R Lewis - Lou, Sadly Missed
Lewis Malcolm Lewis
Lewis Mary Lewis
Lewis Peter Lewis
Lewis Reg Lewis - Missed by all
Lewis Richard Lewis - A Dear Colleague
Lewis Robert Lewis - (Bob) sadly missed and loved always
Lewis Ruth & John Lewis
Lewis Simon David Lewis
Lewis Thomas Lewis - Tom
Lindsay Frank Lindsay
Line Francis & Hilda Line
Lineton Andrew Lineton - Always in our thoughts
Ling Michael Ling - Mick
Ling Michael Ling - Mick
Link Ann Link - Mom
Link John Link - Dad
Linning John Linning - Ian
Linnington Harry Linnington - Little Grandad
Lister Glyn & Ruth Lister - Uncle & Auntie
Lister Ruby & Tom Lister - Mum & Dad
Lloyd Catherine Lloyd - Mom & Nan
Lloyd Colin Lloyd - Dad
Lloyd Denis & Elsie Lloyd - Our Den & Els
Lloyd Dennis & Florence Lloyd
Lloyd Edith Lloyd - Mother
Lloyd Frank Lloyd - Happy
Lloyd Graham Lloyd
Lloyd Hazel & William Lloyd
Lloyd Jack & Jessie Lloyd
Lloyd Jack Lloyd
Lloyd Joseph Lloyd - Dad
Lloyd Julie Marie Lloyd
Lloyd June Lloyd - Wife
Lloyd Michelle Lloyd - Dearly loved daughter
Lloyd Molly Lloyd
Lloyd Rose & Walter Lloyd - Mum & Dad
Lloyd Terry Lloyd - Tez
Lochrie Mary Lochrie - A dear Sister
Lock Victor (Vic) Lock - Loved & remembered always
Lockley Donald Lockley
Lockley Doris Lockley
Lockley Edmund Lockley
Locklin Harold Locklin - Brother & Uncle
Locklin Kate & Harold Locklin - Mom, Dad & Grandparents
Lomas Colin Lomas - Beloved Father
Lomas Eunice & Jack Lomas
Lomas Eunice & Jack Lomas - Mom & Dad
Lomas Eunice and Jack Lomas - Mom and Dad
Lomas Shirley Lomas - Beloved Mother
Long David Long - Brother
Long Mum & Dad Long
Looker Rosemary Looker - Roz
Lote John Lote - No 1 Son
Lote Victor John Lote
Love Dorothy Love - Rene
Love Eli Love
Loveday Maud Loveday - Merry Christmas
Loveitt Barry Loveitt - Our Dear
Lovett Milly & Wes Lovett - Mom & Dad
Lowe Adam Lowe - Love & Miss You Always
Lowe Arthur Lowe
Lowe Beatrice Lowe - Lillian
Lowe Gerald Lowe - Dad
Lowe Gerald (Gerry) Lowe - Grandpa - Love always Kirsty, Jack, Lee & Phil
Lowe Gerald (Gerry) Lowe - Love always, your #1 daughter xxx
Lowe Gladys Lowe - May
Lowe Gordon Lowe
Lowe Joyce & John Lowe - Mum & Dad
Lowe Leonard Lowe - Len
Lowe Linda Lowe
Lowe Mary Lowe
Lowe Maureen Lowe - Loving wife
Lowe Neville Lowe - Nev
Lowe Olive Lowe - Loving Mum & Grandma
Lowe Reg Lowe
Lowe Reg Lowe
Lowe Reg Lowe - Grandad
Lowe Sarah Lowe
Lowe William Lowe - Bill
Lowe Win Lowe - Mum
Lowe Lucy Lowe
Lowthian William Lowthian - Bossman
Lucas Francis Lucas - Mum
Lucas George Lucas - Dad
Lucas Jayne Louise Lucas
Lucas Joan Lucas - Mom,Loved
Lucas Maureen Lucas - Sister
Lucas Ron & Susan Lucas - Dad & Mom
Luck Frederick & Louise Luck - Dad & Mum
Lumbard Peter Lumbard - Husband,StepDad,thinking of you always
Luscott Martha Winifred Luscott - Pat
Luter Allan & Margaret Luter
Luter Dinah & Derek Luter
Luter Eric William Luter - Bill
Lutman Beryl Lutman
Lutman Kenneth Lutman - Ken
Lyall James Lyall - Jim
Lynam Eileen Lynam
Lynam Karl & Rita Lynam
Lyons Joyce Lyons - Mum, Nan, in our hearts you are always there.
Lytollis Natasha Lytollis - Tash Van Cauter
Lyttle John Michael Lyttle - Husband, Dad & Grandad


MacArthur Catherine MacArthur - My wonderful Mom
MacDonald Alexander MacDonald - John
Macdonald Debbie Macdonald - Amazing Wife & Mum
Macdonald John Macdonald - Dad
MacDonell Kathryn MacDonell - Nee McLean
Macey James Macey - Loved by his family
Macguiness Annie Macguiness
Machin Dennis Machin - Loving Husband, Dad, G'ndad & G't G'ndad
Machin Marlene Machin - Adored Wife Mother, Nan, Gt Nan
Machin Susan Jayne Machin - Daughter, Mother, Sister & G'dmother
Mackay Alec Mackay - Miss you everyday Daddy
Mackay Helen Mackay - Always in our hearts mum
Mackenzie Lynda Joan Mackenzie
MacKenzie Mai MacKenzie - Mum & Nan XX
Macnab Norrie Macnab - Grandad Scotland
MacPherson Alexander MacPherson
MacPherson Neil & Annie MacPherson
Macrae Matthew & Hilda (Mary) Macrae
MacRonald Dolina MacRonald
Maddocks Robert & Doris Maddocks - Bob & Dot
Maddox Dorothy Maddox - Dot
Maddox Frank & Ellen Maddox
Maddox Gorden Maddox
Maddox Sylvia Maddox
Maddox Walter Maddox - Watty
Madeley Frederick Madeley - Granville
Madeley Gwen & John Madeley
Madeley Michael Madeley
Madeley Vera Madeley
Maden Neville Maden - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Magness Edgar & Elsie Magness
Maguire Jimmy Maguire - Dad&Husband Always in our thoughts
Maholland Len Maholland
Mahon Christine Mahon - Chris
Mahon Edna Mahon
Maiden David Maiden - Dave
Maiden James Maiden - Jim
Maiden Myra Maiden
Maiden-Jones Susan Maiden-Jones - Sue - Daughter
Main Betty Main - Grandbee
Mainwaring Donna Mainwaring
Major Brian Major
Malin Julia Malin - Jules
Maloney David & Jim Maloney - Dear Brothers
Maloney David Maloney
Maloney Jane Maloney - Dear Friend
Maloney Jane Maloney - Dear Mother
Malvern Lilian & Richard Malvern
Mander Brian Mander - Dad
Mander Brian Mander - Husband, Dad, Grandad
Mannering Hal Mannering - Loving Husband,Dad,Grandad
Mannering Wendy Mannering - Beloved Daughter in Law
Manning Alec Manning - Brother, Uncle & Friend
Manning Ann Manning - Friend
Manning Geraldine Manning - Mom, Nan
Manning Geraldine Manning - Mom, Nan
Manning Gerry Manning - Wife, Mom, Nan
Manning Joy Manning
Manning Vera Manning - Mom, Nan, Grandma
Mansell Bill & Grace Mansell
Mansell Dave Mansell - Dad
Mansell Don & Gwen Mansell - Parents & G'dparents, in our thoughts
Mansell Don & Gwen Mansell -Parents & Grandparents always in our thoughts
Mansell Joan Mansell
Mansell Leslie Mansell - Les (Husband)
Mansell Peter Mansell - Husband, Dad, Grandad & G't G'dad
Mansell Rene Mansell - Mum
Mansfield Vera & Bob Mansfield - Mum & Dad
Manson Verene Manson
Mapp Raymond Mapp - Ray
Marchant Peter Marchant - Grandad & Dad
Marchant Richard Marchant
Maries Dorothy Maries - Mom
Maries Lloyd Maries - Dad
Markus Bela Markus
Marlow Philip Marlow - Phil, Dearly Loved Son, Brother & Uncle
Marmion Frank Marmion
Marsh Edna Marsh
Marsh Edward Marsh - Eddie
Marsh Sandra Anne Marsh
Marsh Sheila Eileen Marsh - Mom & Nan
Marsh Tim Marsh
Marshall Brian Marshall
Marshall James Marshall
Marshall Joan Marshall
Marshall Michael Marshall
Martin Audrey Martin
Martin Cliff Martin - Dad & Grandad, Great Grandad
Martin Edward Martin
Martin George Martin - Dad & Grandad
Martin George Martin - Husband
Martin James Martin
Martin Joan & Billy Martin - Mom&Nan,Dad&Grandad
Martin Joan Martin
Martin John Martin
Martin Joseph Martin - Joe
Martin Mary Martin - Sister
Martin Sheila Martin - Auntie
Martin Shirley Martin - Mum, Grandmother, G't G'ndmother
Martin Walter & Alice Martin - John & Joan
Masefield Michael Masefield - Mick
Masefield Mick Masefield - Metal
Mason Betty Mason - Twinney
Mason Doris Mason
Mason Frederick Mason - Fred
Mason Harry & Nancy Mason
Mason James Mason - Jim
Mason Lily & Charles Mason - Mom & Dad
Mason Mont Mason - Uncle, gone but not forgotten
Mason Stella Mason - Mum & Gran
Mason Thomas Mason - Uncle Tom
Massey Albert & Louisa Massey - Dad & Mum
Massey Chloe Massey
Massey Denis & Iris Massey
Massey Elsie Massey - Aunty
Masterman Alice & Harry Masterman - Mum & Dad
Matthews George Edward Matthews
Matthews Reg Matthews - Dad & Grandad
Matthews Sandra Matthews - San
Matthews Tony Matthews - Dad,Grandad
Maughan Charles & Jessie Maughan
Mawer Mary Mawer - Mum & Gran
Mawer Roy Mawer - Dad & Grandad
Maxwell Susan Mary (Morris) Maxwell
May Estella May - Much Loved Mom & Nan & Greatnan
May Marjorie May
May Maurice May - Mo
Maybin Jean & Jim Maybin - Loving Moma, Dad Granny & Grandad
Maybury Henry Maybury - Harry
Maybury Margaret Maybury - Meg
Mayes Jane Mayes
Mayhew June Mayhew
Mc Connell Kim Mc Connell - Sister & Aunty
McAndrew Gerry McAndrew
McAndrew Gerry McAndrew
McAndrew Jimmy McAndrew
McAndrew Johnny McAndrew
McAndrew Peter McAndrew
McAndrew Peter McAndrew - Pete
McAndrew Vincent McAndrew
McCallin Ed McCallin - Dad
McCallin Joan McCallin - Mum
McCarthy Gladys McCarthy
McCarthy Ken & Pauline McCarthy - Dad & Mum
McCartney Rita McCartney
McClelland Robert McClelland
McClymont Lindsey McClymont - Lindy Lou
McCollum Tom Joan & Biddy McCollum
McConachie Teen McConachie - Mum & Nana
McCormick Stanley McCormick
McCormick Terence "Terry" McCormick - Dearly loved Husband, Dad & G'ndad
McCormick Vera & Mervin McCormick
McCracken Alan McCracken
McCrea Francis McCrea - Frank
McCrea Antony McCrea - Tony
McDonald Cecilia Eileen McDonald - Mum
McDonald John McDonald - Dad
McDonnell Irene McDonnell - Partner
McDowell Linda McDowell - Love and Miss You
McDowell Thomas McDowell - Love and Miss you so Much
McGarrigle Brenda McGarrigle - Brend
McGladdery William McGladdery - Bill
McGlue Helen McGlue
McGlynn Francis McGlynn - Frank
McGlynn Gillian McGlynn - Gill
McGough Marilyn McGough
McGrath Kenzi McGrath - Pa-pa
McGregor Bob McGregor - Friend
McGregor Johanna Rose McGregor
McGuinness Peter McGuinness - Joe 90
McGuire Francis McGuire - Fran, missing you
McGuire John McGuire - Always remembered
McGuire Margaret McGuire - Sadly missed
McIntyre June McIntyre - Mom, Nan
McIntyre June McIntyre - Mom, Nan
McKee Samuel James McKee - Dad of Anna
McKee Samuel James McKee - Dad of Sammy
McKee Samuel James McKee - Grandad of Katie
McKee Samuel James McKee - Husband of Hazel
McKiernan John McKiernan - Brother in Law
McKinnell George & Connie McKinnell - Dad & Mom
McLeod Annie McLeod
McMahon Aris McMahon - Aunt
McMitchell Robert McMitchell - Roy
McMurtrie William McMurtrie
McNamara Karen McNamara - Love you always xxx
McNaughton McNaughton - Family in Scotland, all missed
McNeil Ethel McNeil - Ef
Mcnulty Thomas Mcnulty - Brother
Mcnulty Thomas Mcnulty - Son
McPartland Mary McPartland - Mum
McPartland Sharon McPartland - Shaz
McTigue Dax McTigue - Our special boy
McTigue Hugh McTigue - Dad & Grandad
Mead Alice Mead - Mom & Nan
Mead John Mead - Dad & Grandad
Mears Ingrid Mears
Mears John Mears
Medley Brian Medley
Medlicott Pat & George Medlicott - Mom & Dad
Medlicott Rachael Medlicott - Flash
Meeson Cliff Meeson - Dad and Gang
Meeson Edgar Meeson
Megson Laurie Megson - Dad
Melia Raymond Melia - Ray
Mellor Audrey Mellor
Mellor Reginald Mellor - Reg
Menice Joan Menice
Meredith David Meredith
Meredith Mary Meredith
Merrington Bill Merrington - Dad & Grandad Bill
Merrington Eva Merrington
Merrington Gordon Merrington - Husband
Merrington Ken & Gladys Merrington
Merrington Margery Merrington - Mum & Grandma Margery
Merrit Katie Merrit
Merry Jean Merry - A good friend & like a Mum
Metcalfe AM Edgar Metcalfe AM - Actor (Aus)
Methven David Methven - Jock
Methven Elsie Methven - Molly
Methven-Johnson Allan Methven-Johnson
Methven-Johnson Duncan Methven-Johnson
Michael Harold & Norah Michael
Middle John Middle
Middle Vi & George (Dode) Middle
Middle Vi & George Middle - Dear Parents & Grandparents
Miles Christopher Miles - Chris
Miles Heather Miles - Friend
Miles Michael Miles
Miles Peter Miles
Millar Thomas Millar - Tommy
Millard Gladys Millard - Nan
Miller Arthur Miller - Much missed "Nodding Donkey"
Miller Michael Miller - Friend
Miller Ronald Miller - Ron
Millington Clara Millington - Grandma
Millington David Harry Millington
Millington Emanuel Millington - Manny
Millington Harry Joseph Millington
Millington Margaret Millington - Mum and nan
Millington Margaret Millington - Sister
Millington Roy Millington - Dad and grandad
Millington Geoff George & Harry George Wood (Grandson) Millington Geoff George & Harry George Wood (Grandson)
Millman Geoffry Roy Millman - Roy
Mills Janet Mills - Loving sister and auntie
Mills Sasha Mills
Millward Adam Millward
Millward Hilda Millward
Millward James Millward - Great Dad & Grandad
Millward Kenneth Millward - Ken
Millward Sandra Millward - Great Mom & Nan
Millward Ted Millward - Major
Minards John G.C. Minards - Husband
Minshall Beatrice Minshall - Mum & Nan
Minshell Beatrice Minshell - Nan
Minton Joan Minton - Mother, Miss you everyday.Mal & Frank xx
Minton Rhoda Minton - Mum
Minton Richard Minton - Dad
Minton-Halstead Chrissy Minton-Halstead - Always on our Minds,Mal & Frank
Mitchell Celia Anne Mitchell
Mitchell Clarice & Raymond Mitchell
Mitchell Donald & Alan Mitchell - Brothers
Mitchell Fred & Mona Mitchell
Mitchell Harry & Eliza Mitchell - Dad & Mum
Mitton Derek Mitton
Mitton Edith Mitton - Dear Mum
Mitton Walter Mitton - Dad
Mobberley James Mobberley - Father
Mobberley Joyce Mobberley - Mother
Mobbs Kathleen Mobbs - Kath
Mobbs Peter Mobbs - Pete
Molineaux Thomas Molineaux - Tommy
Molloy Des Molloy
Molloy Nicky Molloy
Molyneux Charlie Molyneux
Monaghan Bridgie Monaghan
Monaghan Michael Monaghan
Monaghan Mike Monaghan - M J
Monks Howard Monks - Dad
Monks Nicky Monks - Mum
Monnox Edward Monnox - Ted
Monnox Louisa Monnox - Lou
Monnox Patricia Monnox - Pat
Montague Sidney Montague - Grandad
Montague Violet Montague - Nan
Moon Barry Moon - Baz
Moon Gladys Moon - Bloss
Moon William Moon - Bill
Mooney David Mooney
Moor Susan Moor
Moore Andrew Moore - Andy
Moore Arthur & Marjorie Moore
Moore Dennis Moore - J.D.
Moore Florence Moore - Flo
Moore Florence Moore - Fluff, Mother
Moore George Moore
Moore John Moore - Jack
Moore Olive Moore
Moore Pat & John Moore
Moore Willard & Margaret Moore
Moorhouse Betty Moorhouse
Moorhouse James Moorhouse - Jim
Moreton Donald Moreton - Don
Morey-Day David Morey-Day
Morgan Alan Morgan - Beloved Husband, Father & Grandad
Morgan Ann Morgan - Ann
Morgan Arthur Ern & Gladys Morgan- Dad,Granpa,Mom,Nan
Morgan Arthur George Morgan
Morgan Ashley Morgan - Dad, Grandad
Morgan Betty & Mick Morgan
Morgan Bill Morgan
Morgan Brenda Morgan
Morgan Charles Morgan
Morgan Cliff Morgan
Morgan Doreen Morgan - Auntie - Mum
Morgan Dorothy Morgan - Doll
Morgan Fanny Morgan
Morgan Frank Morgan
Morgan Jack Morgan - Beloved Dad, Grandad & G't Grandad
Morgan Kathleen Morgan
Morgan Margaret Morgan - Beloved Mum,Gran & Diddy
Morgan Sadie Morgan
Morgan William James Morgan - Bill
Morgan William Morgan - Billy
Moroz Janina Moroz
Moroz Linda Moroz - Our beautiful Mom
Morrell Lucky Morrell
Morris Albert Morris - Bert
Morris Avril Morris - Love from Bill xx
Morris Bernard and Janet Morris
Morris Charles Morris - Charlie
Morris Cis Morris - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Morris Dennis Morris
Morris Dora Morris - Mom, Nan & Great Nan
Morris Dorothy (Dot) Morris - Mum, Nan, Great Nan
Morris Elsie Morris
Morris Elsie Morris
Morris Freda Morris
Morris George Morris - Gem
Morris Harriet Morris - Tal & Mum
Morris James Morris
Morris John Thomas Morris - Johnny
Morris Kathleen Morris - Molly
Morris Ken Morris
Morris Leonard, David & John Morris
Morris Lilian Morris - Mom & Grandma
Morris Lillian Morris - Dearly loved, sadly missed
Morris Luke Morris - "Mossa"
Morris Mary & Ken Morris - Mom & Dad
Morris Mary & Ken Morris - Nan & Grandad
Morris Maureen (Mo) Morris - Dearly missed Wife&Mother God Bless
Morris Muriel Morris - Mu
Morris Noel Morris
Morris Phillip Morris - Phill
Morris Thomas & Josephine Morris - Tom & Josie Dearly loved Brother & Sister in law
Morris William Morris - Bill
Morris-Roberts Hugh & Evelyn Morris-Roberts - Dad & Mum
Morton Sally Ann Morton - Daughter
Morton Sally Ann Morton - Mom
Morton Sally Ann Morton - Sister
Moss Amy Moss
Mott June Mott - Auntie
Mottram Dennis Mottram
Mottram Elsie Mottram
Mountford Brian Mountford - Soulmate
Mountford Dennis Mountford - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Mountford Dennis Mountford - Den, Husband
Mountford George & Lil Mountford - Mom & Dad
Mountford Norman Mountford
Muir William Robb Muir - Jock
Mulholland Olive Mulholland - United with daughter
Mullard John Mullard - Much loved missed Husband, Dad, Grandad
Mullard John Owen Mullard
Mullett Marjorie Mullett - Marj
Mulligan Barbara Mulligan
Mulligan Jane Mulligan
Mulligan Michael James Mulligan - Never forget you
Mullinder Eddy Mullinder
Mullinder Evelyn (Eve) Mullinder - Missed so much
Mulloy Pauline Mulloy
Mumford Alf Mumford - Elf
Mumford Joan & Les Mumford - Mom & Dad
Munday Lynne Munday - Nanny
Munnerly Judith Munnerly - Mum
Munson Iris Munson
Murawski Piotr Murawski
Murphy Betty Murphy
Murphy Gerald Murphy
Murphy Mary Edith Murphy - Mom
Murphy Mary Murphy
Murphy Peter Murphy
Murphy Sandra Murphy - Nee Inions Love you forever
Murray Frank Murray - Dad
Murray John N. & Kathleen M. Murray
Murray Kathleen A. Murray
Murray Kathleen Murray
Murray Michael Murray
Murray Milly Murray - Mam
Musgrave Dorothy Musgrave - Mush
Musgrave Stanley & Margery Musgrave - Forever in our hearts
Musgrove Allan & Joyce Musgrove - Dad & Mum
Musgrove Vic & Betty Musgrove
Myatt Fred Myatt
Myatt Muriel Myatt - Moon


Nagington Suzanne Nagington
Nairn Derek Nairn
Nash Clive Frank Nash - Sadly missed by Mavis Judith Ian & Alex
Nash David Nash - Dad & Grandad
Nash George Nash - Dad
Nash Jennie Nash - Mom
Nash Joan Nash - Mom & Nan
Nash Richard Nash
Naughton Anne Naughton - Wife
Naughton Pat Naughton
Neat Eileen Neat - Nan, Mum
Neat Eric Neat - Dad, grandad
Neat Glenn (Ben) Neat - Dad, Grandad, Brother
Needle Les Needle
Nelson Bette Nelson
Nelson Charles Frederick Nelson - Fred
Nelson Fred Nelson
Nelson Peggy Nelson
Nesbitt Billy Nesbitt
Nesbitt Billy Nesbitt
Neville Trevor Neville - Gozo
Neville William Neville - Bill
New Charlotte New - Mum
New Norman New - Dad
Newbrook Cis Newbrook
Newbrook Frederick Newbrook - Fred
Newbrook Tina Newbrook - Tince
Newell John Newell
Newell-Hill Carl Simon Newell-Hill - Norman
Newman Andrew Newman
Newman Don Newman - A Much Loved Grandad
Newman Doris Newman - A Much Loved Nan
Nibbles - Beloved Pet Nibbles - Beloved Pet - Missing you and your antics
Niblock Robert & Margaret Niblock
Nicholas Dorothy (Ena) Nicholas - Beloved Nan
Nicholl Molly Nicholl
Nicholl Nick Nicholl
Nicholl Robert & Margaret Nicholl - Nick & Molly
Nicholls June Nicholls
Nicholls Muriel Nicholls
Nicholls Percy Nicholls - Perce
Nicholls Roy Kenneth Nicholls - Husband, Dad, Grandad & Friend
Nicholls Sarah Nicholls - Sally
Nicholls Wilfred Nicholls - Bill
Nickless Arthur & Muriel Nickless
Nickless Dave Nickless
Nickless Lorraine Nickless - Loving Sister
Nielsen Jack Nielsen
Nightingale Kenneth Nightingale - Ken
Nipe Derek Nipe - Dad
Noble John Noble
Nock David Nock - Dave
Nock Jim Nock
Nolan Kieran Nolan - My Man
Nolan Kieran Nolan - Our beautiful Angel
Noon Christopher Noon
Noon Irene Noon
Norcup Irene Norcup - Renee
Northall Jim & Harriet Northall
Northall Michael Northall
Northall Rose Northall
Northall Tom Northall
Northall Tony Northall - Husband & Dad
Norton Graham Norton
Norton Jane Norton
Norton Matthew Norton
Norton-Wilkes Ashley Norton-Wilkes - God Bless-Love Always
Nunn Ann Nunn - Mum, Nan & Great Nan
Nunn Paula Nunn
Nuttall Edgar & Violet May Nuttall
Nuttall James Nuttall - Nuttie
Nuttall Pamela Nuttall - Pam
Nuttall Thomas Nuttall - Tommy
Nuttall Winifred Nuttall - Winnie


O.Hara PJ O.Hara - Joe
Oakes Arthur Oakes
Oakes Arthur Oakes
Oakes Betty Oakes
Oakes Elizabeth Oakes - Betty
Oare David Oare - Ever loving husband
Oare David Oare - Loving Grandad
Oare David Oare - Special Dad
Oaten Jean Louise Oaten
O'Brien Mary O'Brien
O'Brien Peter O'Brien
O'Donaghue Michael O'Donaghue
Offland John Offland - Dad
Offland Kath Offland - Mum
Ogdan Patricia Ogdan - Pat & Mum
Ogden Patricia Ogden - Pat & mum
O'Grady Broken O'Grady - "Brok", from Kristy & Rosemary
O'Hanlon Bryan O'Hanlon - Always in Our Hearts XXX
O'Hanlon Bryan O'Hanlon - To Grandpa with Love X
O'Hara John Joseph & Ethel May O'Hara - Hoof
O'Hara Sue Marie O'Hara - Jaundrell
O'Keeffe Tony O'Keeffe - The Best of Dads
Oldcorn Dorothy Oldcorn - Dot
Oldcorn Ronald Oldcorn - Ron
Oldcorn Roy & Iris Oldcorn - Much loved Mom and Dad
Oldcorn Tom Oldcorn
Oldfield Nathan Oldfield - Always be remembered
Oldham June Oldham
Olivares Gus Olivares
Oliver Anthony David Oliver
Oliver George Edward Oliver - Dad
Oliver Joseph (Snr) Oliver - Beloved Dad, Grandad, Gt. Grandad & Gt. Gt. G/dad
Oliver Joseph Jnr Oliver - Dearly Loved Brother & Uncle
Oliver Reg Oliver - Brother
Oliver Sarah Jane Oliver - Beloved Mom, Nan, Gt. Nan & Gt. Gt. Nan
Oliver Syd Oliver - Husband, Dad & Grandad
O'Neill Helen O'Neill
O'Neill Helen O'Neill
O'Neill Irene O'Neill - Love you Mum
O'Neill John O'Neill
O'Neill Patrick O'Neill - Paddy
Onions Christine Onions
Onslow Bill Onslow - Beloved Uncle
Onslow David & John Onslow
Onslow Doris Onslow - Beloved Aunt much missed
O'Reilly Christopher O'Reilly - Son,Brother,Uncle,Father
O'Sullivan Hannah O'Sullivan
O'Sullivan Timothy O'Sullivan - "Mr Tim"
O'Sullivan William O'Sullivan
Overton Elizabeth & Andrew Overton
Overton Harold Overton - Loving Husband, Father & G'dfather
Overton Pauline Overton - Mum, Big Nan
Overton Samuel & Ellen Overton - Dad & Mum
Overy Roy Overy - Husband,Dad,Grandad
Owen Brenda Owen
Owen Clair Owen
Owen David Owen - Brother
Owen Dennis & Joan Owen
Owen Diane Owen
Owen E.T. & F.W. Owen - Eric & Freda
Owen Enfys & Cecil Owen - Popoff & Grandad
Owen Evan Owen
Owen Greta Owen
Owen Jabez Owen
Owen Jennie Owen - Jean
Owen Leonard Owen
Owen Lois Owen - Baby Lois
Owen Mr. & Mrs. Owen - Bob & Betty
Owen Peggy & Alec Owen - Nan & Grandad
Owen Pheobe Owen - Grandaughter
Owen Steven Owen - Steve
Owen Tom Owen
Owens Robert & Peggy Owens
Owers Dean Owers - Deano
Oxenham Carol Oxenham


Packman Georgena Packman - Mary
Packman Herbert Packman - Bert
Packwood Bill & Rene Packwood - Mom, Dad & Grandparents
Paddock Brian & Evelyn Paddock - A dearly loved Mum & Dad
Padmore Elsie May Padmore
Padmore Harry Padmore
Page John Page
Page Kevin Page - Kevin
Pagett Hilda Pagett
Pagett Margaret Pagett - Peggy
Pagett Tony Pagett
Paine John Paine - Thurston
Palin Alan Palin
Palin Ann & Peter Palin - Mom & Dad
Palin Lily Palin - Special Auntie
Palin Roy & Sybil Palin
Palmer Alice Palmer - Mum
Palmer Alva Palmer - Mother
Palmer Derek Palmer - Father
Palmer Kelvin Palmer
Palmer Leonard & Doreen Palmer - Len & Doe
Panasiuk Stef Panasiuk - Steve (Wife)
Panter John Panter
Park Park - Family in Scotland, all missed
Parker Arthur Parker
Parker Eileen & Den Parker - Mum & Dad
Parker Ivy Parker - Auntie
Parker John Parker - Dad
Parker Marg & Harry Parker - Sister & Husband
Parker Mark Parker - Son
Parker Michael Parker - Mike
Parker Virginia Parker - Ginny
Parker OBE Keith J Parker OBE
Parkes Alma Mary Parkes - Wife, Mom, Nan & Grandma
Parkes Anthony Parkes - Brother
Parkes Cyril Parkes
Parkes Elizabeth Parkes - Nan
Parkes George Parkes - Dad
Parkes Ida Parkes
Parkes Kevin Parkes - God bless, love Mom & family
Parkes Kevin Parkes - Kev XX
Parkes Royston Parkes - Brother
Parkes SR George Parkes SR - Grandad
Parkinson Gerald & Sylvia Parkinson - Dad,Grandad,Nan,Mum
Parncutt Margaret & John Parncutt
Parnell Edith Parnell
Parr Bill Parr - Beloved Brother of Margaret
Parry Annie & Frank Parry
Parry Elsie Parry - Mom
Parry John Parry - Dad and Grandad xxx
Parry Leyear Parry - Lee
Parry Roger Parry
Parry Rosemary Parry - Sister
Parslow Sue Parslow - S.I.L.Y Wife, Mom, Nan
Parslow Sue Parslow - S.I.L.Y Wife, Mom, Nan
Parsons David John Parsons - In our hearts this Christmas
Parsons Micky Parsons - Dear Dad and Grandad
Parsons Raymond Parsons - Beloved Husband, Devoted Dad & Grandad
Partlow Stanley & Margaret Partlow - Loved parents & G'dparents
Parton Bess Parton - Bessie
Parton Cecil (Ted) Parton - Ted
Parton Derek George Parton
Parton Fred & Nancy Parton - Loved & Remembered Always
Parton George Parton - Loving Husband, Father & Grandfather, sadly missed
Parton Peter Parton - Dad & Grandad
Parton Peter Parton - Dad Grandad & Great Grandad
Parton Peter Parton - Husband, Father, Grandad & Great Grandad
Parton Ron Parton - Loved & Remembered Always
Parton Sadie Parton - Budger
Parton Ted Parton - Miss you Dad
Parton Valerie Parton - Val
Parton William Parton - Bill - Love you always
Parton Zeus Parton - Bigman
Partridge Rene Partridge - Dear Aunt
Pascall Clifford Pascall - Cliff
Pass Gerald C. R. Pass - Dad, Husband,Grandad & Great Grandad
Patch - Beloved Pet Patch - Beloved Pet - Missing you and your cuddles
Paterson Charles & Elizabeth Paterson - Charlie & Betty
Paterson Elizabeth Paterson - Betty
Paton Emma Louise Paton - Daughter
Patterson Amelia Patterson - Millie
Patterson Ernest Patterson - Ernie
Pattison Lilian Pattison - Lily
Pattison Percival Pattison - Pat
Payne Bert Payne - A much loved husband
Payne Bert Payne - Dad & Grandad
Payne Bert Payne - Dad & Grandad
Payne David Payne
Payne Evelyn & Wally Payne
Payne Gertrude Payne - Gerty
Payne Kenneth Payne - Ken/Dad
Payne Raymond Payne - Ray
Payne Violet & Ron Payne
Payton Mark Payton - Husband,Dad & Son
Payton Raymond Payton - Husband,Dad & Son
Peace Beatrice & Arnold Peace
Peace Val Peace - Wife, Mum & Nan
Peake Dorothy Peake
Peake Frederick Peake - Eric
Peake Marg Peake
Pearce Brenda Pearce
Pearce David Pearce
Pearce Ernest Pearce - Uncle
Pearce Frances Pearce - Aunty
Pearce Sidney & Doreen Pearce - Mum & Dad
Pearce Stephen Pearce
Pearce Tommy Pearce
Pearce Tony Pearce
Pearson Barbara Pearson - Mum, Grandma,G't Grandma
Pearson Geoffrey Noel Pearson
Pearson Ken Pearson - Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad
Peart Florence Peart
Peart Harold Peart
Peate C.F. Peate - Willie
Peate Delwyn Peate - Grandad
Peate Rita Peate - Nan
Pecies Evie Mae Pecies
Peel Elsie Peel
Pegge John Pegge - Loved and missed always
Pegge Joseph & Joyce Pegge
Pegge William & Jean Pegge
Pendleton Maisie & Harry Pendleton
Penfold David Penfold
Penn Tommmy Penn - Daddy
Penson Doris Penson
Peplow Doreen Peplow - Dotie
Peplow John Peplow - Bob
Percival Delcie Percival - Delcie
Percival Wayne Percival
Perkins Brian Perkins
Perkins David Perkins
Perkins George & Edith Perkins
Perks Alan Perks - Brother
Perks Joan & Charlie Perks - Dear Friends
Perks Joan & Charlie Perks - Nan & Grandad
Perks Susan Perks - Sue
Perks Violet & Walter Perks - Mum & Dad
Perry Clifford Perry - Cliff
Perry Clifford Perry - Cliff
Perry Edith Perry
Perry Eva & Bill Perry
Perry George Perry
Perry Joseph Clement Perry - Loving Dad & Grandad
Perry Kathleen Joan Perry - Loving Mum & Nan
Perry Murial Perry - Lou
Perry Muriel Perry - Lou
Perry Norman Perry - Dear Friend
Perry Norman Perry - Hello Again, Hello
Perry Oliver Perry - Tom
Perry Percy Perry
Perry Percy Perry - Percy
Perry Roger Hugh Perry
Perry Teresa Perry
Petryk Margaret Petryk - Mom love you forever and always
Petryk Mike Petryk - Dad miss you so, love you always
Pettitt Thomas Pettitt - Tom
Pheby Brian Pheby - Bri
Pheby Brian Pheby - Dad
Pheby Brian Pheby - Dad-AKA Grumpy old git
Pheby Brian Pheby - Remembered with love
Phillips Andrew Phillips
Phillips Ann Phillips
Phillips Anthony Phillips - Paul
Phillips Bernard Phillips - Bert
Phillips Brian Phillips - Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandad
Phillips Dora Phillips
Phillips George Phillips
Phillips Heather Phillips - Mother & Wife
Phillips Jason Phillips - Merry Christmas Son xxx
Phillips Jason Phillips - Precious Grandson, Shining Star
Phillips Joe Phillips - Husband, Father & Grandad
Phillips Marion Phillips
Phillips Michael Phillips - Mike
Phillips Peter Phillips
Philpott William Philpott - Jack
Philpotts Jean & Denis Philpotts - Sister & Brother in law
Phoenix Michael Phoenix
Phoenix Vera Phoenix
Pickard Michael Pickard
Pickavance Keith Pickavance
Picken Maurice Picken - Love Always
Pickering Andrew Pickering - (Andy) son/brother sadly missed
Pickering Brian & John Pickering - Sadly missed brothers
Pickering Dorothy Joyce Pickering - An inspiration to us all
Pickering Emily & Wilfrid Pickering
Pickering Eric & Violet Pickering
Pickering Gabriel Pickering - Gabe
Pickering Jack Pickering
Pickering Lily Pickering - Our Lily
Pickering Phylis Pickering
Pickering Tom Pickering
Pickering-Taylor Georgina Pickering-Taylor - Precious angel
Pickford Frederick Douglas Pickford - Doug
Pickford Mandy Joan Pickford
Pickford Roger John Pickford
Pickin Malcolm Pickin - Always loved and remembered by all
Pierce Percy Andrew Pierce
Pierce Alan Percy Pierce
Pierce Elizabeth Pierce
Pierce Gertrude Pierce
Pierce Sally Mercy Pierce
Pierce-Johnson Joshua Pierce-Johnson
Pierpoint Fred Pierpoint
Pierpoint John Pierpoint - Husband & Dad
Pierpoint Kath Pierpoint
Pike Darren Pike - Dearly loved Son
Pike Darren Pike - Dearly Missed Brother and Uncle
Pike Dennis Pike - Dearly loved Husband
Pike Dennis Pike - Dearly Missed Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Pike Harry & Lil Pike - Dear Grandparents
Pike Isabell Pike - Grandaughter
Pike Isabell Pike - Izzy
Pike Isabell Pike - Niece
Pike Noel Pike
Pincher George Pincher - Good friend
Pinn Derek Pinn
Pinn Margaret Pinn - Meg
Pitchford Alan Richard Pitchford
Pitchford David Pitchford - Phantom
Pitchford Don & Joyce Pitchford - Remembered by Amy & Andy
Pitchford Don & Joyce Pitchford - Remembered by Hannah & Dave
Pitchford Don & Joyce Pitchford - Remembered by Rob & Nicky
Pitchford Donald & Gladys Pitchford
Pitchford Elsie Pitchford
Pitchford Gordon Pitchford
Pitchford Maurice Pitchford
Pitt Stanley (Jack) Flossie Pitt
Piwnik Miriam Piwnik - Wonderful Mum & Nan
Plant Alfred & Edna Plant
Plant Ben Plant
Plant Enda & Bill Plant - Mom & Dad
Plant Frank & Maud Plant - Forever in our Hearts
Plant Gertie Plant
Plant Reginald Plant - Len
Plant Ruth Plant
Platt Michael Platt - Husband
Plimmer Hubert & Ethel Plimmer
Plowman Alec Plowman
Plowman Aran Plowman
Plowman Judith Plowman - Judy
Pohl Kay & George Pohl - Love Always, Wendy
Polden Phyllis Polden - Granny to Anna & Jason
Pollen Keith Pollen - Beloved Father, Father in Law & Grandad
Pomeroy Brenda & Fred Pomeroy - Mum/Nan,Dad/Grandad
Pomeroy Fred and Brenda Pomeroy
Poole Alan Poole
Poole Albert & Edith Poole - Grandad & Grandma
Poole Brenda Poole - Sister
Poole Charles Poole
Poole Doris Poole
Poole Grandma Poole
Poole Mabel Poole
Poole Philip Poole - Nephew
Poole William Poole - Bill
Pooler David Pooler - Much missed Mr Fixit
Pooler Ernald Pooler - A Dear Brother
Pooler Muriel & Bill Pooler - Dearest Mom & Dad
Porteous James Porteous - Jim
Porter David Porter - Dave
Porter George Porter - Oscar
Porter Gertrude Porter - Trudy
Porter Harry & Ellen Porter
Porter Henry Porter
Potter Brian Potter
Potter Dennis Potter
Potter Elsie Potter - Ada
Potts Albert Potts - Alby
Potts Annie Potts - Mom, Nan
Potts Annie Potts - Nan, Mom
Potts Annie Potts - Nan, Mom
Potts John Potts - Pops
Potts Rose Potts - Nana
Poulter Jean Poulter - Mom & Nan
Poulter Ronald Poulter - Beloved Husband, Dad, Grandad, & Gt. G'dad.
Poulton Hilda Poulton - Gran Pol
Powel Raymond Powel - Ray
Powell Anne Powell - Mum
Powell George Powell - Dad
Powell Jim Powell - Wife of Beryl, daughter Amanda & son Mark
Powell Len & May Powell - Dad,Grandad,Mom,Nan
Powell Les Powell
Powell Neil Powell - Husband, Dad, Brother In Law
Powell Philip Powell
Power Bernadette Power - Bernie
Powers Cas Powers - Husband,Dad,Grandad
Pratt Paul Pratt
Preece Brian Preece
Preece Emma Preece
Preen John Preen - Friend to many
Preston Joyce Preston - Mother
Preston Joyce Preston - Nan
Preston Lilian Preston
Prestwood Edgar & Anne Prestwood
Price Alan Price - Husband, Dad, Grandad & G't Grandad
Price Davey & Ruby Price - Mum & Dad, much loved & missed by all the family
Price Dorothy Price - Mrs Woman
Price Graham Price - Grent
Price Harry Price
Price Joan & Ernest Price
Price John Price - Haydn
Price Les Price - Remembered with love
Price Leslie Price - Les
Price Margaret Price - Madge
Price Mary Price - Molly
Price Mary Price - Mum, Nanna,Great Granny
Price Patricia Price - Pat
Price Paul Price
Price Roseina Price
Price Tony Price
Price Eric Price
Priest Frank & Winnifred Priest
Priest Ingeborg Priest - Inge
Priestley Grace Priestley
Priestley John Lewis Priestley
Prigg Mary Prigg - Miss you
Prince Martin & Karen Prince - (Everett) Loved & remembered always
Prior Gillian Prior - Much Loved Mum & Nanny
Pritchard Albert Pritchard - Dink
Pritchard Allan Pritchard
Pritchard Amy Pritchard - Much missed Mother in Law
Pritchard Berris Pritchard
Pritchard Brian Pritchard - Sparky
Pritchard Catherine Pritchard - Wife of Alan
Pritchard Cyril Pritchard
Pritchard Diane Pritchard - Loving Wife, Mum & Nan X
Pritchard Garry Pritchard - Dearly Loved
Pritchard Gordon Pritchard (Major Rtd) - Dad, G'dad, G't G'dad, Sadly Missed
Pritchard Gordon Pritchard (Major Rtd) - Husband, Father, G'dad, G't G'dad
Pritchard Ian Pritchard - Beloved Husband & Father
Pritchard John Pritchard
Pritchard Margaret Pritchard
Pritchard Margaret Pritchard - Loved and missed always xx
Pritchard Martin Pritchard
Pritchard Michael Pritchard - Mick/Mike
Pritchard Norman & Leah Pritchard
Pritchard Olive Pritchard
Pritchard Olive Pritchard - Esme
Pritchard Ray Pritchard
Pritchard Rosemarie Pritchard - Rose
Pritchard Samuel Pritchard - Much missed Father in Law
Pritchard Shirley Ann Pritchard - Wife,Mother,Nan X
Pritchard Shirley Pritchard - Mum in a million in our hearts always
Pritchard Siobhan Pritchard - Daughter
Pritchard Stuart Pritchard - Beloved Son & Brother
Pritchett Nellie Pritchett - Dear Mom & Nan x
Profetto Vincenzo Profetto - Vince
Prosser Winifred & Albert Prosser - Winnie & Bert
Provan Peter Provan - Husband,Dad,Grandad,Gt.Grandad
Pryce Howard Pryce
Pugh Alan Pugh - Loved Brother & Uncle
Pugh Fred Pugh - loved and remembered
Pugh Joseph Pugh - Joe loved and remembered
Pugh Kelvin & Joan Pugh
Pugh Lilian Pugh - Lil loved and remembered
Pugh Raymond Pugh
Pugh Robert Pugh
Pugh Robert Pugh - Rob
Pugh William Pugh - Bill
Pugh William Pugh - Dad
Pugh William Pugh - Dad,Bill
Pumford Brian Pumford - Loved and missed by Irene
Purcell Joan Purcell
Purcell Joan Purcell
Purcell John & Evelyn Purcell
Pursell John Pursell - Miss You Loads
Pyatt Bill Pyatt


Quantock George & Sheila Quantock
Quinn Alex Quinn - Ali
Quinn Mary & Patrick Quinn
Quinn Tom Quinn
Quint Susan Quint
Quirk Philip Quirk


Radford Linda Radford
Raine Harry, Nora & John Raine - Dad, Mum & Brother
Raisewell Edward & Ester Mary Raisewell - Ted & Dorothy
Ralphs John Ralphs
Ralphs Mary Ralphs - Yar Yar
Randell Doris Randell - Mum
Randle Lillian Randle
Ransom John Ransom - John
Rappitt Elsie Rappitt
Rappitt Len Rappitt
Rashid Margaret Rashid
Ratcliffe Bryan Ratcliffe
Ratcliffe Mary Ann & James Henry Ratcliffe - Polly & Harry
Rate Peter Rate - Husband,Dad,Grandad
Rathbone Henry Norman & Leah Rathbone - Henry & Leah
Ratheram Win & Harold Ratheram
Rawlings Bernard Rawlings - Loving Father & Pampa, never forgotten
Rawlings Derek Rawlings
Rawlings Thelma Rawlings - Loving Mother & Nan never forgotten
Ray Ivy Ray
Ray Ronald Ray - Ron
Raymond Hindley Raymond - Dear Friend
Rea Brenda Rea - Dear Mom & Nan x
Rea Douglas Rea - Doug
Read Ann Read - Sister & Auntie
Read Graham Read - Brother in Law & Uncle
Reade Muriel Reade - Joy
Reade Patrick Reade - Pat
Redden Herbert Redden - Herbie
Redden Phyliss Redden
Redmile Ethel May Redmile - Mom, Nan & Grandma
Reece Paul Reece
Reed Tim Reed
Rees Roger Rees - Podgy
Reeve Barbara Reeve - Loved and greatly missed
Reeves Joseph & Kathleen Reeves - Dad &Mom
Reeves Michelle Reeves - Daughter
Regan Brendan Regan
Regis Graham Regis
Reid Norman Reid
Reilly Linda Reilly
Reilly Margaret Reilly
Reilly Margaret Reilly - Maggie
Reilly Paul Martin Reilly - (Son)
Reilly Paul Reilly
Resoun Win & William Resoun - Mum & Dad
Rex Derek Rex
Reynolds Ayden Mark Reynolds
Reynolds Mark II Reynolds
Reynolds Robert Reynolds - Bob
Reynolds Tony Reynolds
Rhoades Charlie Rhoades - Dad
Rhoades Doris Rhoades - Mom
Rhodes Ann Rhodes
Rhodes Elsie Rhodes - Mom & Nan
Rhodes Gilbert Rhodes - Dad & Grandad
Rhodes John Rhodes - Beloved Husband & Dad. Forever in our hearts
Rhodes Kathleen Rhodes
Rhodes Nicholas Adam Rhodes - Trick, 12¾ Our Special Little Boy
Rhodes Richard Rhodes - Tager
Rhodes Terry Rhodes - Dad Grandad & Great Grandad
Rice Edna Rice
Rice John & Barbara Rice
Richards Alfred & Mary Richards - Dad & Mum
Richards Alfred Richards - Dad
Richards David W.J. Richards
Richards Gordon Richards
Richards Gordon Richards - Husband
Richards Lilian Richards - Bill
Richards Lillian May Richards - Loving Mother
Richards Malveena Richards
Richards Mary Richards - Mum
Richards Samuel Richards
Richards Victor Cyril & Irene Richards - Dad & Mom
Richardson B Richardson - Grandad
Richardson Colin Richardson
Richardson Colin Richardson - Life Member RC of Wellington
Richardson G Richardson - Nana
Richardson Gordon Richardson - Dick
Richardson Harold & Betty Richardson
Richardson John M Richardson - A loving Dad, G'ndad & Brother
Rickers Dennis Rickers - Den
Ricks Katherine Ricks - Kath
Rickus Alice Rickus
Rickus Don Rickus - Dad Always in our Hearts
Rickus Jack Rickus
Ridge Richard Ridge - Loving Husband & Dad
Ridgway Joyce Ridgway
Rigby Harry Rigby - Dad
Rigby Margaret Rigby - Marg, Mum, Nan & Great Nan
Rigby Norah Rigby
Rigby Stuart Rigby
Rigby Stuart Rigby
Riggs Thomas Riggs
Riggs Thomas Riggs
Riley Floss & Tom Riley - Willenhall
Rimington-Dean Joseph Rimington-Dean
Rivers John & Elizabeth Rivers
Rixom Shane Rixom - Rick (Husband)
Roberts Alice Roberts
Roberts Bella Roberts
Roberts Bess Roberts
Roberts Betty Roberts
Roberts Brian Roberts
Roberts David Roberts - Son & Brother
Roberts Dennis Roberts
Roberts Deryk & Dorothy Roberts
Roberts Don Roberts
Roberts Dorothy Roberts - Dot
Roberts Edna Roberts
Roberts Elizabeth & Geoffrey Roberts - Mam & Dad
Roberts Elsie Roberts
Roberts Frank Roberts - The Barber
Roberts Gordon Roberts - Beloved Uncle
Roberts Grace Roberts - Nan
Roberts Heather Roberts
Roberts Hugh Roberts
Roberts Jack & Vera Roberts
Roberts Jack Roberts - Husband,Dad,Pop
Roberts Jazz Roberts
Roberts Jean Roberts - Cheyanne
Roberts John Roberts - Chairman
Roberts Joseph Roberts - Joe
Roberts Kenneth Roberts
Roberts Les & Rita Roberts - Mum & Dad
Roberts Lil Roberts
Roberts Marjorie Roberts - Madge
Roberts Mark Roberts
Roberts Meg Roberts
Roberts Peter Roberts
Roberts Richard Roberts - Dick
Roberts Thomas Henry Roberts - H'
Roberts William Roberts
Roberts Yvonne Roberts - Vonne
Robertson George & Pauline Robertson - Mum & Dad
Robertson Winnie Robertson
Robinson Ken Robinson
Robinson Ken Robinson - Uncle
Robinson Kenneth Robinson - Dear Husband & Father
Robinson Kenneth Robinson - Uncle
Robinson Marjorie Robinson
Robinson Max Robinson - Jaffa
Robinson Michelle Robinson - Daughter & Sister
Robinson Rex Robinson - Sexy Rex
Robinson Rose Robinson - Miss you Mum
Robson Ivan Robson
Rochelle Tom Rochelle
Rock Joseph Rock - Joe
Roden Brenda Roden
Roden Joan Roden
Roden Lilly & Joe Roden - Mom & Dad
Rodgers Harold Rodgers - "H", Love from Rita
Rodgers Harold Rodgers - "H", Love Tana XX
Roe John Roe
Rogan Patricia Rogan - Pat
Rogers Alf Rogers
Rogers Andrea Rogers - Andi
Rogers Arthur Rogers - Dad
Rogers Brenda Rogers
Rogers Dennis Rogers - Husband & Father, Always in our thoughts
Rogers Derek Rogers
Rogers Dorian Rogers - Don
Rogers Iris Rogers - (Baugh)
Rogers Ivan Rogers
Rogers John Rogers
Rogers Lewis Rogers
Rogers Margaret Rogers
Rogers Marjorie Rogers
Rogers Phillip Rogers - Fudge
Rollinson Sue Rollinson - Our beautiful Mother and Grandmother
Rolls Dennis Rolls -  Den
Rolls Ivy Rolls - Mum
Roper Mary Roper
Roper Percy Roper
Roscoe Peter Roscoe
Ross John Ross - John
Rossiter Vincent A Rossiter - Father
Rothwell Sheila Rothwell - Friend
Rothwell Sheila Rothwell - Missing you Mum
Rough Beatrice & Arthur Rough - Mom & Dad
Rough Ivy Rough - Sister
Rough Mom and Dad Rough
Roughton John & Jean Roughton
Round Carl Round
Round Ethel & Philip Round - Nan & Grandad
Round John Round - Cherished Husband
Round John Round - Treasured Dad & Brother
Round Julie Ann Round - Love You Mom Love Donna x
Round Leonard,Dad,Sophia Mum & Tricia Nickless Mum Round
Round Maggie Round - Mom & Nan
Round Stephen Round
Round Stephen Round - Love conquers all
Rowding Leslie Rowding - Les
Rowe Freda Rowe
Rowe George Rowe
Rowe Sylvia Rowe
Rowland Julie Rowland
Rowlands Jackie Rowlands
Rowley Alfred & Violet Rowley
Rowley David Rowley - (Friend)
Rowley David Rowley - Husband
Rowley Edwin Rowley - Ted
Rowley Horace Rowley - Ginge
Rowley Horace Rowley - Husband, Dad,Grandad
Rowley Joyce Rowley
Rowley Mark Rowley - William. Love Mum & Dad
Rowley Susie, Beaut & Pepsi - Beloved Yorkies
Roycroft Pauline Roycroft
Rudd James Rudd - Jim
Ruddlesdean Miriam Ruddlesdean
Ruddy Norah Ruddy
Rudge Gorden Rudge - Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
Rudge Tania Rudge - Lots of Love Carla, Steve, Steph and Lance xx
Rudge Tania Rudge - Xmas Again & Missed More Than Ever Love Mom & Dad
Ruff Albert Ruff - Dad
Ruscoe Geofrey Ruscoe - Jecky
Rushton Bernard Rushton
Rushton Beryl Sonia Rushton
Rushton Beryl Sonia Rushton
Rushton Derek Rushton - Dad
Rushton Graham Rushton - Rocky, Sadly missed
Rushton James Rushton - Alf
Rushton Michael Rushton - Mike
Rushton Nora Rushton - Mom
Rushton Patricia Rushton
Rushton Robert Rushton - Rob
Rushton Thelma Rushton - God Bless You, from Sue & Marianne
Rushton Tracy Jane Rushton - Daughter
Rushton Tracy Rushton - Sister
Russell Arthur Russell - Dad
Russell Norma Betty Russell
Russell Robert Russell - Love you always Carol & Andrew xx
Russell Ronald Russell - Ron
Russell Tim Russell - Dad
Russell Tom Russell - Dad - Fondly Remembered
Ruston Harold Ruston - Hal
Ruston Marion Ruston
Rutter Albert Rutter - Tut
Ryding Alan Ryding
Rye Ted Rye - Dad, Grandpa
Ryman Frances Ryman


Sabben Hilda Sabben
Sabben John Sabben - Jack
Sadavarte G.P. Sadavarte
Sage Dave Sage - My dearest brother,forever in our hearts
Sage Peter Sage - My dearest brother,forever in our hearts
Saleem Julie Saleem - A dear friend
Salmon Stephen Salmon - Forever in our hearts
Salt Thomas Salt - Salty. Missed by wife & family as much as ever
Salt Trudi Salt
Sambrook Bernard Sambrook
Sambrook Ute Sambrook - Nanny Hedgehog
Sams Margaret Sams - Mom, Dearly Loved
Samways Stacey Louise Samways - Missing you always
Sanders Annie Sanders - Nance
Sanders Lilian Sanders
Sanders Phillip Sanders - Phil
Sanders Selwyn Sanders
Sanders Steven Sanders
Sands Victor Sands
Sankey Alice & Bill Sankey
Sankey John Sankey
Sankey Phyllis Sankey
Sans Marion Sans
Sans William Sans
Sarbutt Daisy & Alec Sarbutt
Sargeant Jeremy Sargeant - Jem
Sargent Jayne Sargent
Saunders Eveline Saunders
Saunders Ryan Saunders
Savage Baden Savage - El Sid
Savage Harry & Eira Savage
Savigar Alan Savigar - Ali
Schneid Andreas Schneid
Scholefield Fergus Scholefield - Sending you all our love. xxx
Scholes Peter Scholes
Schutte Ann Patricia Schutte - Wife, mum, nan.
Scott Bob & Anne Scott
Scott Jim & Louisa Scott - Forever in Our Thoughts
Seabrook Veronica Seabrook - Nicky
Seabury Mary Seabury - Miss you every day Mum xx
Seaby Geoffrey Seaby - Geoff
Seager Andrew R. Seager - "Soggy"
Seeley Louise Seeley - Mum
Senior Adrian Senior - Ade
Sercombe Stan Sercombe
Seymour Brian Seymour
Seymour Luke Seymour
Seymour (MEP) Jill Seymour (MEP)
Shadbolt John Shadbolt - Merry Christmas , miss you
Shadbolt Lorraine Shadbolt - Miss you babe Merry Christmas
Shadbolt Tony Shadbolt - Miss you always bro Merry Christmas
Shambley Brett Shambley
Shambley Gilbert Shambley - Gib
Shanks Peter Shanks - Dad,Gramps, Husband
Shannon Michael Shannon
Sharp David Sharp
Sharp Peter Sharp
Sharp Velma Sharp
Sharpe Edith Sharpe
Sharpley Maureen Sharpley
Shaughnessy Keith Shaughnessy
Shaw Barry Shaw - Husband
Shaw Hazel Shaw
Shaw Leslie Shaw - Les, Husband & Father
Shaw William Shaw - Bill
Sheard George Sheard - Dad
Sheperd Elise Sheperd
Sheperd Fred Sheperd
Shepherd Betty Shepherd
Shepherd Doris & Sidney Shepherd
Shepherd Eric Shepherd
Shepherd Georgina & George Shepherd
Shepherd Margaret & Michael Shepherd
Shepherd Mary Shepherd - Nan Shep
Shepherd Phoebe Shepherd - Lovingly missed
Shepherd Reg Shepherd - Shep
Sheppard Henry Sheppard
Sherlock David & Betty Sherlock
Sherratt Percy Sherratt
Sheward Gordon Sheward
Sheward Hilda & Wes Sheward
Sheward Irene Sheward - Rene
Shieber Albert Shieber
Shieber Daphne Shieber
Shieber Jane Shieber
Shilton Charlie & Mary Shilton
Shine Michael Shine - Noddy
Shingler Frank Shingler
Shone David Shone
Shore Deanna Shore
Shore Glenys Shore - Glen, Mom, Nan
Shore Thomas Derek Shore - Derek
Shore William (Bill) & Mary Shore
Shouli Osman Shouli
Shuker Alice Shuker
Shuker Elsie Shuker
Shuker Jack Shuker
Shuker Ken & Ellie Shuker
Sides Ron Sides
Silcock Margorie Silcock - Mom & Nan
Silcock Marina Silcock - Marie
Silcock Sam Silcock - Dad & Grandad
Simcock Dorothy & Samuel Simcock - Mom & Dad
Simms Joan Simms
Simmonds Gerald Simmonds
Simmons Fanny Simmons - Aunty
Simmons Roy Simmons - God Bless, Love from all the family
Simmons Terry Simmons - A Dear Husband
Simmons Terry Simmons - A Dear Husband
Simmons Terry Simmons - Love from Sons & family
Simmons Terry Simmons - Love from Sons & family
Simone Joyce Simone
Simpson Arthur Simpson
Simpson Audrey & Frank Simpson
Simpson Bert Simpson
Simpson Ken Simpson
Simpson Ralph Simpson
Simpson Wilfred (Roy) Simpson - Remembered Sue,children&grandchildren
Sims Lily Sims
Sims Robert Sims
Singleton Joseph Singleton - Dad
Sivill Jim Sivill - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Skelding Vic Skelding - Grandad
Skelton Connie Skelton - Mom
Skelton Constance Skelton - Connie
Skelton Grace & Bill Skelton
Skelton Jayne Skelton - Mum
Skelton Jayne Skelton - Wife
Skelton John R. Skelton
Skelton John Skelton - Brother
Skelton John Skelton - Son
Skelton (Bowcutt) Jayne Skelton (Bowcutt) - Remembered always Daughter, Sister,Auntie
Skerratt Cyril Skerratt - Chinny Chin Chin, miss you Grandad
Skitt George Skitt - Uncle George
Skitt Jade Skitt - Daughter, Sister & Granddaughter
Skitt Vera Mary Skitt
Skitt Vera Skitt
Slack Barbara Joyce Slack - Loving Wife, Mum & Nanna
Slack John Slack - Jack, Dad, Grandad
Slack Rose Slack - Mother, Nan
Sladden John Sladden - Rev Cannon
Sladden Mair Sladden - Nain
Slade Alfred Slade - Grandad
Slade Jean Slade - Grandma
Slateford Alan Slateford - My best friend
Slater Jennifer Slater - Jenny
Sleath Margaret Sleath
Sloan Neil Sloan - Son in Law
Slynn Roger Edwin Slynn - loved and remembered every day
Small Frances Small
Small Rosemary Ann Small - Ann
Smallman Betty Smallman
Smallman Roy Smallman
Smallman Sam Smallman
Smallpiece Michael & Richard Smallpiece - My Brothers
Smart Allan & Bette Smart
Smart Lilian & William Smart - Mum & Dad
Smart Roy Smart - Joseph
Smart Violet & Edgar Smart
Smith Amy Smith
Smith Andrew Smith - Andy
Smith Bob Smith - Love Pat X
Smith Colin Smith - Husband & Dad
Smith Cynthia Charlotte Alice Smith - was Wake
Smith Daisy Smith
Smith David & Ruth Smith - Always in our Hearts
Smith Derek & Evelyn Smith
Smith Douglas Raymond Smith - Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Smith Duncan Smith
Smith Edward Smith - Norman, resting in the arms of Jesus
Smith Elsie & Walter Smith
Smith Eric Evan Smith
Smith Ernest Smith
Smith Eva Smith - Mom
Smith Florence Smith
Smith George William Smith
Smith Gordon Smith - Dad & Grandad
Smith Graham John Smith - Dad
Smith Graham Smith - Son
Smith Harry Smith - Love & miss you always,Nan Franks
Smith Harry Smith - Love & miss you Aunties, Uncles & Cousins
Smith Hazel Smith - Mother
Smith Heather & Linda Smith
Smith Horace Smith - Dad, Grandpa & Great Grandpa
Smith Ida Smith - Mom & Nan
Smith Ida Smith - My friend
Smith Isabella Smith
Smith James Smith
Smith Jim Smith - Always Loved & Remembered
Smith John Anthony Smith - Tony
Smith John Kevin Smith - Son
Smith John Smith
Smith John Smith - Jack, Dad
Smith Kathleen Smith - Kath Loving Mum
Smith Les & Gwen Smith - Pops & Mom
Smith Les Smith - Cherry
Smith Lilian Smith - Lil
Smith Lily Smith - Mum&Nan
Smith Mabel & George Smith
Smith Mary Smith - Mum, Nana
Smith Nigel A Smith - Nigey
Smith Nigel Smith
Smith Paul S Smith - Harry
Smith Peter Smith - Dad&Grandad
Smith Peter Smith
Smith Phillip Smith - Husband
Smith Pip Smith
Smith Ray Smith - Wonderful Grandad
Smith Reg & Brenda Smith
Smith Robert Smith - Keep Right On
Smith Seren Eve Smith
Smith Sylvia Smith - Mum
Smith Thelma Smith
Smith Thomas Smith
Smith Tiffany Smith - Daughter
Smith Tiffany Smith - Grandaughter
Smith Todd Smith
Smith Wesley Smith - Wes, Husband
Smith William Smith - Bill
Smout Carol Smout
Smout Derek Smout - Dad
Smout Ruby Smout - Mom
Snailham Liam Snailham
Snape Alfred Snape - Fred
Snowden Ewart Snowden
Snowden Olwen Snowden
Softley Ernest & Sylvia Softley
Sokolov Ellen & Ernie Sokolov - Forever in our Hearts
Solon Shane Solon
Solon Shane Solon
Somerfield John Somerfield - Dad
Sorsby Harry & Mary Sorsby - Nan & Grandad Strawberry
Southcott Gerald Southcott
Southern Sarah Southern
Southwick Ken Southwick - A wonderful husband
Speed Jean Speed - Miss you still Di, Andy, Jaymes and Danielle xxxx
Speke Ailsa Speke - Always in our thoughts
Speke Alisa & Martin Speke - Always in our thoughts
Speke Martin Speke - Always in our thoughts
Speller Brian Speller - Bri
Spence Andrew Spence - Andy
Spencer Margaret Spencer - A Dear Sister, Wife, Mum , Nan
Spencer Arthur Spencer - Dad
Spencer Gladys Spencer - Mom
Spicer Eric & Jean Spicer - Always in our thoughts
Spragg Alison Spragg - "Ali"
Spragg Bill Spragg - Loving Husband & Dad
Spragg Doreen Spragg - Mayhew
Spragg Mary Spragg - Loved & remembered always
Spragg Steve Spragg - Loved & remembered always
Spragg Stuart Spragg
Sproson Loraine Sproson - (nee Rowley)
Spruce Colin Spruce - Dearly Loved Husband & Pa
Stafford Shirley Stafford - Gone but not forgotten
Stainfield Thomas Stainfield - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Standell Peter Standell - Sponner
Standrin Bert Standrin - Loved by all the family and missed
Staniforth Ralph & Daphne Staniforth
Staniland Jen Staniland
Stanley Alf & Chris Stanley - Dad & Mum
Stanley Ken Stanley
Stanton Margaret & Jack Stanton - Billy Boots
Stanton Peter Stanton
Stanton Tina Stanton - Daughter & Sister
Starbuck George Starbuck - Great Husband & Dad
Stead Lilian Stead - Lil
Stearn Des Stearn - Much loved Husband,Dad,Grandad
Stears Brian Stears
Steele George Steele - Loved and Missed
Steele Isabelle Steele - Biddy
Steele Joan Steele
Steele Raymond Steele - Ray
Steele Reg Steele - Dad
Steele William Steele - Bill
Stening George Stening - Husband
Stephens Barbara Stephens - Jean
Stephens Beatrice Stephens - Beatty
Stephens Horace Stephens
Sterlini Rita Sterlini
Stevens Dan Stevens
Stevens Florence Stevens - Auntie Flo - love and miss you xx
Stevens John Stevens
Stevens Julie Stevens - Jules
Stevens Julie Stevens - Jules, Faulkner family missing you
Stevens Reginald Stevens - Dad
Steventon Albert Steventon
Steventon Evelyn Mary Steventon - Loved & remembered every day
Stewart Brenda Stewart - Dearest Wife, Mother & Nan loved, missed every day
Stewart Dorothea Stewart - Dolly
Stewart Elizabeth & Fred Stewart - Loving Parents&Grandparents
Stewart Morag Stewart - Sister and Auntie
Still Ken Still - Loving Dad & Granddad
Stockdale Peggy Stockdale - Mother
Stockin Doris & Frank Stockin
Stokes Alan Stokes
Stokes Harry & Kathleen Stokes - Always in our hearts.
Stokes Lilian Stokes - Mom
Stokes Roger Oakley Stokes - Loving Dad & Grandad
Stones Andrew Stones
Stones Elsie Stones
Stones Frank Stones
Stones John William Stones
Storey Bett Storey
Stringer Geoff Stringer - Forever missing you Dad
Stringer George Stringer - Dickie
Stringer Lisa Marie Stringer - Forever missing you Daughter
Stringer Sylvia Stringer
Stringfellow John A Stringfellow
Stripes - Beloved Pet Stripes - Beloved Pet - Missing you & your adventures
Stuart Edward & Dorothy Stuart - Dad/Grandad,Mum/Grandma
Stuart Ian Stuart - Brother/Uncle
Stuart Jamie Stuart
Stuart John Stuart
Stuart Joyce Stuart - Always in our hearts
Sturdy Annie Sturdy - Little Nan
Sturrock Fullerton Sturrock - Jock
Suffolk Eric Suffolk - Loved and missed by his family
Sullivan Patrick Sullivan - Kath & Patsy
Sumara Johnny Sumara
Summers June Summers - Mom,Never forgotten
Summers Ray Summers - Dad,Always missed
Summers Raymond Summers - Sums, Beloved Husband
Summers Raymond Summers - Sums, Beloved Husband
Summers Suzanne Summers - Susie
Sumnall Albert & Frances Sumnall - Nobby & Fran
Sumnall Bill Sumnall
Sumnall Doris Sumnall
Sumnall Ernest John Sumnall - Ernie
Sumnall Ernie Sumnall
Sumnall Jim Sumnall - My Special Dad
Sumner George Sumner
Sunerton Philip Sunerton - Forever in our hearts
Sutherland Donnald Sutherland - Jock
Sutherland Neil Alexander Sutherland - Son
Suthon Paul Suthon - Bestie
Sutton David Sutton - Loving Dad and Grandad
Sutton Sheila Sutton
Swain Alan Swain - Chico
Swain Beatrice Swain - Great Nan
Swain Beatrice Swain - Great Nan
Swain Beaty Swain - Nan & Big Nan
Swann Horace B. Swann - Lovely Grandad
Sweeney Joyce & Patrick Sweeney - Loved Mom & Dad
Swift Doll& Ron Swift - Mum,Dad, Grand Parents & Great Grandad Parents
Swift Phylis Swift
Syass Diane & Keith Syass - Friends
Syass Edith Syass - Mother in law
Syass George Syass - Father in law
Sykes Ada & Eddie Sykes - Mum & Dad
Sykes Phillip Sykes - Phil
Sylvester Frank & Margaret Sylvester - Dad & Mum
Sylvester Mary & Albert Sylvester
Sylvester Reg Sylvester
Sylvester Sylvia Sylvester
Szehofner Jozsef (Joe) Szehofner - Dear Dad &Grandad
Szehofner Maria Szehofner - Dear Mum Nan &Greatnan


Tack Vera Tack
Tait James Tait - Jim
Tait Pat Tait - Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad
Tait Patrick Tait - Taity, Husband
Talbot Cynthia Talbot - Cynth
Talbot Cyril Talbot
Talbot Gerald Talbot
Talbot Joseph Talbot - Joe
Talbot Mavis Talbot
Talbott Cecil Talbott
Talbott Marie Talbott
Tallet Andrew Tallet
Tanner Harriet Tanner - Addie
Tanner Jean Tanner
Tanner Robert Tanner - Bob
Tansey Mark Tansey - Marky
Tansley Brian Gordon Tansley - Mr Grimsdale. Always in our hearts
Tansley Brian Tansley - Dad - Grandad, Great Grandad
Tart Doris May Tart
Tart Harold Tart - Algie
Tatman Keith Tatman
Taylor Alfred Taylor - Alf
Taylor Arthur & Helena Taylor
Taylor Barbara Taylor - Love always, Neil
Taylor Barbara Taylor - Love, your daughter Anthea
Taylor Barbara Taylor - My lovely wife for 53 years
Taylor Barbara Taylor - My Loving Mum
Taylor Barbara Taylor - Our Nan
Taylor Berrie Taylor
Taylor Betty Taylor
Taylor Bryan Robert Taylor
Taylor Carol Beverley Taylor
Taylor Chris Taylor - (Dad)
Taylor Chris Taylor - (Grandad)
Taylor Darkie & Dave Taylor - Mum & Dad
Taylor Donalda Taylor - Mum
Taylor Edith Taylor
Taylor Ernie Taylor - Dad & Grandad Ernie
Taylor Flo Taylor - Mum,Nan,Great Nan
Taylor Geoff Taylor - Husband Dad Grandad xx
Taylor Gwen Taylor
Taylor Jack Taylor
Taylor John Taylor
Taylor Joyce Taylor - Mum
Taylor Karen Taylor
Taylor Leslie John Taylor
Taylor Mary Jane Taylor - Granny
Taylor Nancy & Fred Taylor
Taylor Paul Taylor - Dad
Taylor Roy Taylor - Beloved Husband of Celia
Taylor Roy Taylor - Dad & Grandad
Taylor Roy Taylor - Husband
Taylor Sheila & Ron Taylor
Taylor Violet Taylor
Teague Ruth & John Teague - Jack
Teece Brian Teece
Teece Colin Teece - Loving Husband, Father Grandad
Teece George & Nellie Teece
Teece Nev Teece - Grand
Teece Roger Teece - Loved and missed always x
Templar Paul & Wendy Templar - Grandad and Nan
Templeton Alice Templeton
Tench Geff Tench - Dad
Tench Geoff Tench - Dad
Tench Maureen Tench - Mum
Tench Maureen Tench - Mum
Tew Frank & Minnie Tew - Mom & Dad
Thatcher George Thatcher
Thatcher Jim Thatcher
Thomas Arthur Thomas - PP Ironbridge Rotary Club
Thomas Arthur Thomas M.B.E
Thomas Dennis Thomas
Thomas Derek Thomas
Thomas Dorothy Thomas
Thomas Ellen Thomas - Nellie
Thomas Henry Thomas - Jim
Thomas Joyce Thomas
Thomas Marjorie Thomas
Thomas Ron Thomas
Thomas Vi Thomas
Thomas Diana Thomas - Auntie Di
Thomas (Dodd) Valerie Thomas (Dodd) - Mom & Nan
Thompson Alan Thompson - Loved and missed everyday x
Thompson Angela Thompson - Angie
Thompson Brian Thompson
Thompson Celia Thompson
Thompson Henrietta Thompson - Hetty
Thompson Ivor & Doreen Thompson
Thompson John Thompson - Jack
Thompson Keith Thompson - Best Dad
Thompson Len Thompson - Dad
Thompson Maureen Thompson
Thompson Mike Thompson
Thompson Nesta Thompson - Net
Thompson Pamela Margaret Thompson - Sister, deepl missed
Thompson Pamela Thompson - Mother & Nan
Thompson Peter Thompson - Always missed
Thompson Ron Thompson - Dearest loving brother of Floss
Thompson Russell Thompson - Brother & Uncle
Thompson Vincent Thompson - Vince
Thomson Roy Thomson - Dad
Thorner Olive Thorner - Sippy
Thornton Aiden Thornton
Thorpe Harold Thorpe - Lal
Thrift Edna Thrift - Mum
Thrift Ted Thrift - Dad
Tibbetts Ann Tibbetts - Mom, Nanny & special friend
Tibbetts Ann Tibbetts - Mom,Nan, Great Nan
Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh - Mad Mick
Tidmarsh Michael Tidmarsh - Mad Mick
Tilbey Nellie Tilbey - Nell
Tilbury George & Megan Tilbury
Till Barry Till - Love Forever
Till Chloe-Louise Till - Princess
Timmins Betty Timmins
Timmins David George Timmins - Dave
Timmins Donald & Eileen Timmins
Timmins Donald Timmins
Timmins Eileen Timmins
Timmins John Dennis Timmins - J.T
Timmins Joseph & Lily Timmins
Tingle Kimmel Tingle - Kim, 4/1/1952 - 30/7/2014
Tinkler Cyril Tinkler
Tinkler Norman Tinkler
Tinkler Pam Tinkler
Tinsley Christine Tinsley
Tinsley Doreen Tinsley
Tinsley Michael Tinsley
Tiplady Nora Tiplady
Tipping Alan Tipping
Tipping Doug & Gladys Tipping - Dad & Mum
Tipping Ernest Tipping - Ernie, loved and missed by us all
Tisdale Ivy & Bill Tisdale
Titley Albert Titley - Bert
Titley Alice Titley - Winnie
Titley Florrie & Alf Titley
Todd Billy Todd
Todd Derek Todd
Tomkinson George Tomkinson - Dad
Tomkinson George Tomkinson - Dode
Tomkinson Linda Tomkinson
Tonks Ernestine Tonks - Ena
Tonks Harold Tonks
Tonks James Tonks - Jimmy
Tonks Raymond Tonks
Tracz John Tracz - Grandad
Tranter Annie & Fred Tranter
Tranter Arthur and Dorothy Tranter
Tranter Bett Tranter
Tranter Bob & Frances Tranter
Tranter Charles Tranter - Charlie
Tranter Dick Tranter
Tranter Graham Tranter
Tranter Harold Tranter - Miss you Dad Known as 'H'
Tranter Horace Tranter - H
Tranter Ivy Tranter
Tranter Linda Tranter
Tranter Marie Tranter - Miss you Mom
Tranter Mark Tranter - Son
Tranter Melvin Tranter - Brother
Tranter Melvin Tranter - Husband
Travis Steven Travis
Treacy Rachel Treacy - Gert
Tregidga Lynn Tregidga
Treherne Cyril Treherne
Treleaven Michael Treleaven - Mike
Trew Douglas & Marion Trew
Tribble Len & Jean Tribble
Trickett Japheth & Meg Trickett - Dad & Mum
Trim Julie Trim - June,Julie,wife,mum,nan,grandma
Tripp Belen Tripp
Tromans Allan Tromans - Special Grandad & Dad our big man
Troy Tom Troy
Trumper Brenda Trumper
Tuck Allen Tuck - Grandad
Tuck Mary Tuck - Jones
Tucknutt Mathew Alan Tucknutt - Brother
Tucknutt Matthew & Gladys Ena Tucknutt - Dad & Mam
Tuft Raymond Tuft - Dad, Grandad & Grt.Grandad
Tully Andrew Tully - Love Sylvia and family
Tully David Tully - Husband, Dad & Grandad loved & missed Sylvia, Gina & family
Turner Alan Turner
Turner Barbara Carol Turner - Mum, Loved and Missed Always
Turner Barbara Turner - Barb
Turner Berel Turner - Mum
Turner Beryl Turner - Mum & Nanny
Turner Gareth Turner
Turner George Turner - Dad
Turner George Turner - Fondly remembered
Turner Ian Turner - Brother
Turner Irene Turner - Goose
Turner Jacqueline Turner - With all my love from Paul
Turner Jean Turner
Turner John Turner
Turner Julie Turner
Turner Karen Turner - Niece & Cousin
Turner Mabel Turner - Mom
Turner Mary Turner
Turner Richard William Turner
Turner Robert Turner - Bob
Turner Robert Turner - Joe
Turner Wendy Janice Turner
Turner Wendy Turner
Turrell Lawrence Turrell - Lawrie - beloved Husband & Dad
Twinney Cissie Twinney
Tyass Ada Tyass
Tyass Arthur Tyass
Tyler Bill & Polly Tyler
Tymm Roy Tymm
Tyrer Edward Tyrer - Dad (Ted)
Tyrer Elsie Tyrer - Mom (Ada)
Tyrer Ken & Ben Braggins Tyrer
Tyrer Pauline & Bert Tyrer


Ugrinic Ratko Ugrinic
Underwood David Underwood - Beloved Parents & Grandparents
Underwood Don Underwood
Underwood Ivy Underwood - Beloved Parents & Grandparents
Underwood-Whitney David Underwood-Whitney
Underwood-Whitney Tony & Constance Underwood-Whitney
Upton Brenda Upton - Big Bren
Upton Fred Upton
Upton Graham Upton
Upton Graham Upton - Dad & Pa
Upton Margaret & Wilf Upton - Mom & Dad
Upton Olive Upton
Urquhart Elizabeth & John Urquhart
Usher Albert Usher
Usiewicz Dorothy Usiewicz - Dot
Usiewicz Piotr Usiewicz


Van Dyk Gideon Van Dyk - Boy
Van-Cauter Doris Van-Cauter - Mum
Van-Cauter Michelle Van-Cauter - Daughter
Vanderwoning Doris & Bernard Vanderwoning - Beloved Mom & Dad
Vaughan Albert Vaughan
Vaughan Edward Vaughan - Ted
Vaughan Elsie Vaughan - Wife of Ted
Vaughan Gwen & Bert Vaughan - Nanna and Gangy
Vaughan John Vaughan - Loved and missed Husband, Dad and Grandad
Vaughan Marjorie & Leonard Vaughan - Mum & Dad
Vaughan Marjorie &Len Vaughan - Nanny & Grandad
Vaughan Ronald Vaughan - Ron; Husband/Father/Grandfather/Great Grandfather
Venables Jeffrey Venables - Jeff
Venables Leonard Venables - Len
Venables Mary Venables
Venn David Venn - Dave
Verschoor John Verschoor - Dad
Vickers Ernest & Norah Lilian Vickers
Vickers Frank Vickers
Vickers Irene Vickers
Vickers Paul Vickers
Vickers Paul Vickers - Brother
Vickers Paul Vickers - Dear Son
Vickers Paul Vickers - Friend
Vickers Samantha Vickers - Sam
Vincent Ron Vincent - Ron
Vines Jennie Vines - Mom & Grandma
Vines Jennie Vines - Mom & Nan
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Amy & Andy
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Chloe & Ben
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Emma, Claire & Dion
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Hannah & Dave
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Laura & Millie
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Nicky & Rob
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Sally & Trevor
Vow Ev & Bernard Vow - Remembered by Sarah & Glenn
Vowles Joy Vowles - Much Loved Mum & Nan x


Wade Ethel Wade
Wade Len Wade
Wade Robert Wade - Bob
Wade Ronald & Elsie Wade - Dad & Mum
Wagg Harry Wagg
Wagg Sheila Wagg
Wakefield Doris Wakefield - Mom/Nan
Wakeford Joan Wakeford - Pony
Wakeley Edward Wakeley
Wakeley George Wakeley - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Wakeley Graham Wakeley - Husband
Wakeley Margaret & Moses Wakeley - Mom & Dad
Wakeman Benjamin Wakeman - Baby Ben
Waldron Jack Waldron
Wale George Wale
Walford Raymond Walford
Walker Alfred & Cis Walker - Dad & Mum
Walker Derrick Walker - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Walker Jane Walker
Walker John Walker
Walker Kate & Charlie Walker
Walker Kenneth Walker - Ken
Walker Mary Walker
Walker Mary Walker - Much loved & missed everyday mom/grandma
Walker Olive & Alfred Walker
Walker Reginald James Walker
Walker Sam & Clara Walker
Walker Simon Walker - Sam
Walker Simon Walker - To infinity & beyond xxx
Wall Eileen Wall - Nan & Great Nan
Wall Gladys & David Wall
Wall Gladys & Reg Wall
Wall Greg C Wall
Wall Greg Wall - Loved & missed by all
Wall Peter & Louise Wall - Dad & Mum
Wallace David & Edith Wallace
Wallace Edna Wallace
Wallace Elsie Wallace
Wallace Muriel Wallace
Wallace Sean Wallace - Grandson
Wallace Walter Wallace
Wallbanks Peter Wallbanks - Husband, Dad, Grandad
Wallcroft Barrie Wallcroft - Baz
Wallcroft Elizabeth Wallcroft
Wallcroft Ron Wallcroft
Wallington Alan Wallington
Wallsam Dennis and William Wallsam
Walmsley Alan Walmsley
Walmsley Diane Walmsley - Loving Mum,Nan,Daughter,Sister, Missed by all
Walmsley Roy Walmsley - Loving ,Father, Grandad,Brother,Missed by all
Walsh Baby Rosie Ella Walsh - Our tiny baby girl, Always in our hearts xx
Walsh Bernie Walsh - Husband
Walster Colin Walster
Walster Shirley Walster
Walter Walter - My dear friend
Walters Fred Walters
Walters Irene Mary Walters - Rene
Walters Ken Walters - Dad
Walters Marion Walters - Mom
Walters Roy Walters
Walters Sidney Walters - Sid
Walton Bette Walton
Ward Audrey & Frank Ward
Ward Dylis Ward
Ward Gordon Ward
Ward Jessie & Alfred Ward - Mom & Dad
Ward Jessie & Alfred Ward - Mom & Dad
Ward John Richard Ward - Dicky
Ward Marge Ward - Friend
Ward Peter Ward - Pete
Ward Rosemary Ward
Ward Sylvia Ward - Mum - Miss you
Wardle Eileen Wardle
Wardle Kathleen Wardle
Wardle Kim Wardle
Wardle Kim Wardle
Wardrobe Irene Wardrobe
Warner Charlie Warner - Husband, Dad,Grandad
Warnock Robert Warnock
Warren Patricia Warren
Warrender Harry Warrender - "H"
Warrington Steve Warrington - Always in thoughts, forever in our hearts
Wassell Anthony Wassell - Tony, Husband,Dad & Grandad
Waters Margaret Waters
Waters Mary Waters - Nan
Waters William Frank Waters - Bill
Waterson Charles & Ida Waterson
Watkin Mike Watkin - Son, Brother & Uncle
Watkins Brian & Sheila Watkins
Watkins Edward Watkins - Ted
Watkins Jack & Winnie Watkins
Watkins Lily Watkins
Watkins Shane Watkins
Watkins Sydney Watkins - Syd
Watkins Tudor Watkins - Tod
Watkiss Bill Watkiss - Dearest Dad and Crandad
Watkiss Brenda Watkiss - Wonderful Mom,Nan
Watson Agnes & Bert Watson - Mom & Dad
Watt Ian Watt
Watton Alicia Watton - Mum Nan & Great Nan
Watton Howard Watton - Dad,Grandad & Great Grandad
Watton Ray & Pat Watton - Loving Parents & Grandparents
Wear Terry Wear
Weatherhead Ron Weatherhead - A much loved uncle, sadly missed by all the family
Weaver Maureen Weaver - Margaret
Weaver Ray Weaver - Dear Dad & Grandad x
Weaver Rebecca Nicole Weaver
Weaver Rebecca Weaver - Granddaughter
Weaver Tony Weaver
Weaver Warwick Weaver
Weaver Winnie Weaver - A lovely mum
Webb Bernard Webb
Webb Dorothy Webb - Dot
Webb John Webb
Webb Laura Webb
Webb Norman Webb - Grandad
Webberley Wendy Webberley - Squeak
Webster David Paul Webster
Webster Mick Webster
Webster Tom Webster - Dad & Husband
Webster Tom Webster - Grandad
Webster Tom Webster - Great Grandad
Wedge Evelyn Wedge
Wedge Helen E. Wedge - Nellie
Wedge Norman Wedge
Wedge Percy Wedge
Weeks Jean Weeks
Weeks Jean Weeks
Weir Ronald Weir - Love You For All The World
Welch Brenda Welch - Mom & Nan
Welch Graham (Slim) Welch - Dad & Grandad
Welch Hubert & Joan Welch
Welch Janet Welch - Mom
Welch Jason Welch - Jay
Wellings Norman Wellings
Wellsbury Pauline Wellsbury
Welsby Cyril & His Son Ian Welsby
Welson Kevin Welson - Bullet'
West Sam & Mary West
Westbrook Basil Westbrook
Westbrook Clive Westbrook
Westbrook Dorothy, Jack & Clive Westbrook - Dear Friends
Westbrook Jack,Dorothy& Clive Westbrook
Westhorpe David Westhorpe
Westhorpe Jennifer Westhorpe
Westie - Jones Callie & Lexie Westie - Jones - My beautiful girls
Weston Beatrice Weston - Bea
Weston Francis Weston - Frank
Weston Frank Weston - Grandad & Dad
Weston Jean & Duncan Weston
Weston Richard Weston - Dickie
Westwick Terence Westwick - Terry, Missed always
Westwood Barrie Westwood - Husband, Dad & Grandad
Westwood Olive Westwood
Westwood Sidney Westwood
Wharton Annie Wharton
Wharton Walter Wharton - Wal
Wheatley Margaret Wheatley - love Bev
Wheatley Margaret Wheatley - Sister of Anna
Wheaver David Wheaver - Womble
Wheaver John Wheaver - Elvis
Wheaver Lewis Wheaver
Wheeler Gladys & Doug Wheeler
Wheeler Patricia Wheeler
Wheeler Vera & Howard Wheeler
Whellan Molly Whellan - Friend to all
White Bill & Joyce White
White Eugene & Helen White
White Gordon White
White Ian White - "Whitey"
White Joanne White - Forever my lady Starlight, love you Mum
White Malcolm White
White Sally White - Dear sister & loving Aunt
Whitehead Alan Whitehead
Whitehead Alfie Whitehead
Whitehead George Whitehead
Whitehead Nev Whitehead - We miss you Grandad
Whitehead Sydney Whitehead - Syd
Whitehouse Gilbert Whitehouse
Whitehouse John Whitehouse - Dr. Soul
Whitehouse Romaine & Bob Whitehouse - Always loved and fondly remembered
Whiteley Jean Whiteley - Mum
Whitmore Ellen Whitmore
Whitmore Jim Whitmore
Whitmore Natasha Grace Whitmore - Beloved Grandaughter
Whitney Rosalind Whitney
Whitney William Whitney
Whittall Sylvia Whittall - Mum
Whittam Sylvia June Whittam - Sister
Whittingham Ian Graham Whittingham
Whittingham Laura Whittingham
Whittingham Renee Whittingham
Whitton Keith Whitton - Scani
Whitworth Charlotte Whitworth - Granddaughter
Whyle Dorothy Whyle - Dear Friend
Wickson Tony Wickson
Wickstead Les Wickstead
Wigfield Doug Wigfield - Doug
Wigfield Helen Wigfield
Wigfield John Wigfield - 8/10/1936 - 26/9/2004
Wiggins Leithie & Eric Wiggins
Wigham Colin & Joyce Wigham - Loving Parents & Grandparents, always missed.
Wild Derek Wild - Del Boy
Wild John Wild
Wild Sara Jane Wild - Jenny
Wilds Hedley Wilds - Parish Priest
Wilkes Wilkes - Millie & Bill
Wilkes David Wilkes - Dave
Wilkes Enid Wilkes - A Loving Mother
Wilkes Frances & Irene Wilkes
Wilkes Geoff Wilkes
Wilkes George & Alice Wilkes
Wilkes Neville Wilkes - Nip
Wilkes Tracey Wilkes - A Much Missed Loved Daughter & Sister
Wilkes Tracey Wilkes - A Much Missed Loved Daughter & Sister
Wilkins Alex Wilkins
Wilkins Norman Wilkins - A dearly loved brother
Wilkinson Basil & Irene Wilkinson - Dad & Mum
Wilkinson Gary Wilkinson - Beloved Son
Wilkinson Terry Wilkinson - Beloved Husband
Willams David S Willams
Willard Frank Willard - Grandad
Willetts David Willetts - Loving Husband, Father & Grandfather
Willetts Freda Willetts
Willetts Freda Willetts
Willetts Harry Willetts
Willetts Sol Willetts
Willetts Solomon Willetts - Sol
Williams Agnes Williams - Mother, Grandmother
Williams Albert Williams - Dad & Grandad
Williams Alf Williams
Williams Alfred (Alf) & Doris Williams - Loving parents
Williams Alice & Hugh Williams
Williams Andrew Williams - Andy
Williams Arthur & Julie Williams
Williams Barbara Williams
Williams Christopher Williams
Williams Clifford Williams - Dad
Williams Clive Anthony Williams - Husband,Dad,G'ndad missed
Williams Cyril Williams
Williams Darren Williams - Loving Husband
Williams Darren Williams - Loving son&brother
Williams David Williams
Williams David Williams - Dave
Williams David Williams - Dave
Williams Dennis Williams
Williams Don Williams - Dad
Williams Donald Charles Williams - Don
Williams Doreen Williams
Williams Elle Williams - Much loved daughter
Williams Ellie Williams
Williams Emmie Williams
Williams Eric & Sheila Williams - Brother, Dad & Sister
Williams Ethel Williams
Williams Eurwen Williams - Bubbles
Williams George Williams - Dad
Williams Gerry Williams - My lovely Mum
Williams Gladys & Emrys Williams
Williams Grace Williams - Fondly remembered
Williams Gwynfryn Williams - Gwyn
Williams Herta Williams - Mutti
Williams Iris Williams
Williams Ivy Williams
Williams Joyce Williams - Sister
Williams Kathleen Williams - Mary
Williams Ken A Williams
Williams Laurence Arthur Williams - Arthur (3.8.25-8.10.05)
Williams Leonard George Williams - Dad
Williams Lillian Williams - Mom & Nan
Williams Margaret Williams - Think about you everyday, love & miss you
Williams Martin Williams - Dad & Grandad
Williams Mary Williams
Williams Mary Williams
Williams Mel Williams - Loved Deeply
Williams Mildred& Howard Williams - Mum & Dad
Williams Minnie Williams - Mom
Williams Norman Williams - Taf
Williams Peter Williams
Williams Phyl and Ivor Williams - Miss You Mum And Dad
Williams Ron Williams - Loving husband & father
Williams Sally & Joe Williams - Mom & Dad
Williams Sally & Joe Williams - Nan & Grandad
Williams Sybil Williams
Williams Sylva Kathleen Williams - Mum
Williams Theresa (Udakis) Williams
Williams Thomas Leslie Williams - Les
Williams Val Williams - Golden Girl
Williams Violet Williams
Williams Walter Williams - Wat
Williams William (Bill) & Gwladys Williams
Williamson Evelyn Williamson - Beryl
Williamson Jack (Pops) Williamson - Forever in our hearts
Williamson James and Angela Williamson - Jimmie & Ang
Willington Roy Willington -
Willis Florence May Willis - Flo
Willis George Raymond Willis - Ray
Willis Joshua Willis
Willis Marjorie Elizabeth Willis - Betty
Willis Paul Willis - Sadly missed
Willis Terrence Peter Willis - Sam
Willoughby Ann Willoughby - Aunt
Willoughby Libby & Ted Willoughby
Wilson Derek & Betty Wilson - Dad & Grandad, Mom & Nan
Wilson Geoff Wilson - Loved & Missed Every Day x
Wilson Gwen Wilson
Wilson Henrietta Wilson - Rita. Always in my thoughts & prayers - John.
Wilson Ian Wilson - Jack
Wilson John Wilson
Wilson Kath Wilson - Mum
Wilson Simon Wilson - Dearly loved & sadly missed, Nephew & Cousin
Wilson Stan & Audrey Wilson
Wilson Woodrow Wilson - Woody
Wilton Irene Wilton - Sister
Windsor Eric Windsor - Loved always, forever in our thoughts
Winston Elsie & James Winston - Jim
Winter Dave Winter - Forever in our hearts
Winwood John Winwood - Jack, loved always Husband
Winwood Margaret Winwood - Remembering a special Mum
Wise Hilda Wise
Withers Jillian Withers - Jill
Withers Norman Withers
Wood Andrew Wood
Wood Barbara Wood
Wood Elizabeth Wood - Ann
Wood Enock Wood
Wood Eric & Alan Wood
Wood Jean Wood
Wood Jean Wood - Mum
Wood Lillian Wood
Wood Mary Wood - Nanny
Wood Richard Wood
Wood Stephen Wood - Steve
Wood Ted Wood
Wood William & Mary Wood - Grandad & Nan
Woodhall Albert Woodhall - Len, Loving Husband
Woodhall Cecil Woodhall - Cis
Woodhall Mary Woodhall
Woodman Audrey Woodman - Nan/Mum
Woodman Ivy Woodman - Mum
Woodman Pamela Woodman - Pam
Woodman Tom Woodman - Grandad/Dad
Woods Maurie Woods
Woodvine John Woodvine - Jack
Woodvine Joyce Woodvine - Mother
Woodward Brian Woodward
Wooldridge Deborah Wooldridge
Woolford Andrew Woolford
Woolford Meirion Woolford
Woolford Meirion Woolford - Wellington Inner Wheel
Woolley Carl Woolley
Woolley Edna May Woolley - Aunty Edna. Thinking of you always
Woolley Geoff Woolley
Woolley John Levi Woolley - Uncle Jack. Thinking of you always
Woolley Mary & John Woolley
Wootton William Wootton - Bill
Workman Chloe-Louise Workman
Workman Edna & Fred Workman
Workman Marjorie Ann Workman - Sister
Workman Norma Valerie Workman
Workman Norma-Valerie Workman - Janet
Worrall Francis James Worrall - Jim
Worrall Jack Worrall
Worrall Patricia Worrall - Pat
Wragg Liam Ashley Wragg - Grandson, Son
Wright Alan Wright
Wright Bill Wright
Wright Dot Wright
Wright Frank Wright - Dad
Wright Frank Wright - Grandad
Wright Joan Wright
Wright John Wright - Grandad
Wright Julian & Rachel Wright - Popa & Nanny
Wright Lorna Wright
Wright Mary Wright - Dragon
Wright Muriel Wright - Mu.Always in my thoughts sister
Wright Peter. D Wright - Pidge
Wright Ray Wright - "Pops"
Wright Ray Wright - Pops
Wust Richard Wust - Missed everyday by his family&friends
Wyatt Kenneth Wyatt - Ken
Wycherley Jack, Nellie & Ron Wycherley - Mum & Dad, Brother
Wycherley Rex Webb Wycherley
Wyld Christine Wyld - Mother, Missed
Wylie Clifford Wylie - Cliff
Wyneberg Rachel & Paul Wyneberg
Wynn Doug Wynn
Wynn George Wynn - William
Wyton Albert Wyton - Elvis


Yaman Semih Yaman - Husband,Dad, Uncle, Brother, Friend
Yapp Bill & Mabel Yapp
Yapp Jack Yapp
Yapp John Yapp - Jack
Yardley Philip Yardley - Husband
Yarnold John Yarnold
Yates Anthony Yates - Tony
Yates Ellen Yates - Nan
Yates Les Yates
Yates Michael Yates - Mike, Husband
Yeomans George H. & Muriel M. Yeomans
Yeomans Kathleen Yeomans - Remembered with Love
Yeomans Reginald Yeomans - Remembered with Love
Yeomans Roger A. Yeomans
Yorke Colin Yorke
Young Alfred Young - Alf-God Bless
Young Craig Young - Beloved Son
Young Gaynor Young - Beloved Wife
Young John W. & Elizabeth Young - Dad & Mum, Gran & Papa
Young Mom, Dad & Brother George Young
Young Reg Young - From Susan and Kids xx
Young Reg Young - Loved and missed everyday x
Young Tyler Young - Our Angel
Young Victoria Rose & Victor Young - Mum & Dad
Young Winifred Young - Win - God Bless


Ziegenhagen Phyllis & Werner Ziegenhagen